Edward L. Montoro

Edward L. Montoro (b. 1928) was an American film producer and distributor known for releasing exploitation films and B-movies during the 1970s and 1980s through his company Film Ventures International. Montoro became notorious for producing and promoting films such as Beyond the Door (1974) and Grizzly (1976) which were highly derivative of the 1970's blockbuster hits The Exorcist and Jaws. ... more on Wikipedia

Edward L. Montoro Filmography

movie 1993 Venerdì nero
movie 1985 Torchlight
movie 1984 Alley Cat
movie 1984 Night Shadows
movie 1984 The Act
movie 1984 The Power
movie 1983 Hundra
movie 1983 Los nuevos extraterrestres
movie 1983 Mortuary
movie 1983 Vigilante
movie 1982 Mil gritos tiene la noche
movie 1981 Kill and Kill Again
movie 1981 L'ultimo squalo
movie 1981 Texas Lightning
movie 1980 Anthropophagus
movie 1980 Cardiac Arrest
movie 1979 Don't Go in the House
movie 1979 Hometown U.S.A.
movie 1979 Search and Destroy
movie 1979 Stridulum
movie 1979 The Dark
movie 1978 The Fifth Floor
movie 1978 The Force Beyond
movie 1977 Day of the Animals
movie 1976 Secrets of the Gods as Narrator
movie 1976 Grizzly
movie 1976 Kill or Be Killed
movie 1974 Chi sei?
movie 1973 Ricco
movie 1971 Il merlo maschio
movie 1970 Getting Into Heaven
movie 1969 La collina degli stivali
movie 1968 The Losers

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Produced by Dick Clark,Edward L. Montoro Directed by John 'Bud' Cardos (Tobe Hooper ; uncredited replaced by John Cardos) William Devane Cathy Lee ...

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