Esben Storm

Esben Storm (born 1950 in Denmark) is an Australian actor, television producer and director, well known for his work with Australian children's program Round the Twist. He was working to adapt John Marsden's Tomorrow series but lost the rights to the film. ... more on Wikipedia

Esben Storm Filmography

video movie 2012 Aspects of a Life: Working with Indigenous Australians
tv series 2007 Kick
movie 2006 The Bridge at Midnight Trembles
movie 2005 Girl in a Mirror as Himself
movie 2004 The Tasty Bust Reunion
movie 2003 Subterano
tv movie 1997 Good Guys Bad Guys: Only the Young Die Good as Jerry
tv series 1994 Sky Trackers
movie 1992 de Vil's tas Mania
movie 1991 Deadly
tv movie 1990 More Winners: The Big Wish as The Waiter
movie 1990 The Crossing
movie 1988 Young Einstein as Wilbur Wright
tv movie 1988 Touch the Sun: Devil's Hill
tv movie 1987 Hard Knuckle as Vince
movie 1987 Les Patterson Saves the World as Russian Scientist
movie 1987 Pandemonium as E.B. De Woolf
tv movie 1987 Room to Move as Tom
tv movie 1987 The Riddle of the Stinson
tv movie 1986 A Single Life as Paul
tv series 1986 Alice to Nowhere as Frog Gardiner
movie 1985 I Live with Me Dad as Blindman
movie 1985 The Coca-Cola Kid as Country Hotel Manager
movie 1985 Wrong World as Lawrence
movie 1984 Stanley: Every Home Should Have One as Menswear Attendant
movie 1983 Going Down as Michael
movie 1982 Last Breakfast in Paradise
movie 1982 Monkey Grip as Record producer
movie 1982 With Prejudice
movie 1978 The Making of Anna as Himself
movie 1978 In Search of Anna
movie 1975 Grace Crowley
movie 1975 Floating
movie 1974 27A
movie 1974 A Handful of Dust
movie 1973 A Motion Picture
movie 1972 In His Prime
movie 1972 Flashpoint
movie 1972 Gentle Strangers
movie 1969 Doors

Esben Storm on Youtube

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Un film de Esben Storm avec Alex Dimitriades, Tasma Walton.

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