James Barton

James Barton Filmography

movie 1961 The Misfits as Fletcher's Grandfather
movie 1957 Quantez as Minstrel
movie 1956 The Naked Hills as Jimmo McCann
movie 1951 Golden Girl as John Crabtree
movie 1951 Here Comes the Groom as William 'Pa' Jones
movie 1951 The Scarf as Ezra Thompson
movie 1950 The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady as Dennis O'Grady
movie 1950 Wabash Avenue as Harrigan
movie 1948 The Time of Your Life as Kit Carson
movie 1948 Yellow Sky as Grandpa
movie 1941 The Shepherd of the Hills as Old Matt
movie 1936 Back to Nature as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1936 Hideaway Girl as Motorcycle cop
movie 1935 Captain Hurricane as Capt. Zenas Henry Brewster
movie 1935 Helldorado as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 His Family Tree as Patrick 'Bosun' Murphy
movie 1934 The Whole Show as James Barton
movie 1929 After Seben
movie 1929 It Happened to Him
movie 1929 Moonshine
movie 1929 Pals Is Pals
movie 1923 Why Women Remarry as Don Compton

James Barton on Youtube

Backstage interview with James Barton founder of Creamfields festival and crowd interviews.

A teaser trailer for my short film The Date starring Donal Cox, James Barton and Anna Clarance.

A teaser trailer for my short film - the Alfred Hitchcock inspired - Mr Miller starring James Barton and Stephanie Briggs.