Kyle McCulloch

Kyle McCulloch (born February 2, 1961 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) is a writer for the TV cartoon South Park, and is largely responsible for the show's Canadian culture themes. He will also occasionally provide the voice for one-time use characters, such as one of the Mormon characters in "All About Mormons". ... more on Wikipedia

Kyle McCulloch Filmography

tv movie 2010 Comic-Con 2010 Live as Himself
video movie 2008 South Park: Imaginationland
movie 2006 Electric Apricot as Drew Shackleford
tv movie 2004 Sweetwater Tides
video movie 2003 Up a Tree with Jonathan Richman & Tommy Larkins
video movie 2002 A Day in the Life of Nancy M. Pimental as Rod
tv movie 2001 2001 MTV Movie Awards
movie 2000 Full Blast as Jake
movie 2000 Mr. Wong
movie 1998 Maldoror: Tygers as Delmas
movie 1994 Sea Beggars as Sea Beggar
movie 1992 Careful as Grigorss
movie 1991 Archangel as Lt. John Boles
movie 1991 Smoked Lizard Lips
tv movie 1991 True Confections as Martin
movie 1989 Mauve Decade as Wilton
movie 1989 Tales from the Gimli Hospital as Einar the Lonely

Kyle McCulloch on Youtube

This is a movie trailer type thing that i had to make for school.

We caught up with Kyle McCulloch at Comic-Con 2010 to talk about the first season of Neighbors from Hell. For more TV videos, TV episodes, TV reviews, celebr ...

Kyle McCulloch, the Compositing Supervisor for Framestore, talks about his experiances working on Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

1990 Guy Maddin, Kyle McCulloch.