Lee LeMay

Lee LeMay Filmography

video movie 1985 Physical II as Previous Contestant
video movie 1984 Hot Close Ups
movie 1984 Oriental Sexpress
movie 1984 Playmate #1
video movie 1984 Prettygirls
video movie 1983 Triple Play
movie 1981 Physical as Connie's Partner with Moustache
movie 1981 Vista Valley PTA
movie 1980 Body Candy as Workman Without Beard
movie 1980 Garage Girls as Pool Hall
movie 1980 Serena: An Adult Fairytale as Client with Blond Prostitute
movie 1980 Taboo as Charlie
movie 1979 Chopstix as Last Guy with Angel
movie 1979 Daisy May as Papy Lickum
movie 1979 Fantasyworld as Male Sex Performer
movie 1979 The Live Show as Ralph Tinkle
movie 1978 Deep Passage as Guy in Blue Sweater
movie 1978 I Am Always Ready as Married Actor
movie 1978 Lusty Princess
movie 1973 Sons of Satan

Lee LeMay on Youtube

ay Parker and Juliet Anderson in Taboo 1980 http://www.shanagrant.com/donate Barbara's (Kay Parker) husband leaves her after he is disappointed with her.

Nina Klemm Female 13-17 Juniors Korean WKA World Championship 2009.

Simon Bernier 12 and Under Freestyle Forms WKA World Championship 2009.

Joann Poliston Female 13-17 Juniors Korean WKA World Championship 2009.