Mike Ranger

Mike Ranger Filmography

video movie 2004 Asian Sluts in the 70's
video movie 1994 Blue Vanities 176
video movie 1993 Loads of Fun 4
video movie 1990 Fuck Me, Suck Me, Eat Me
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 42
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 47
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 48
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 61
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 67
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 69
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 95
video movie 1988 Classic Seka as Carl
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Breasts as Bill Simms
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 1
video movie 1987 Blue Vanities 16
video movie 1987 Girls Who Love to Suck
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1986 Classic Swedish Erotica 2
movie 1986 Taboo III as Paul Scott
movie 1985 Animal Impulse
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
video movie 1985 Free and Foxy
video movie 1985 Physical II as Guy in Beer Commercial
movie 1984 Erotic Interludes as Mike
movie 1984 Hong Kong Hookers
video movie 1984 Hot Ones
movie 1984 Radio K-KUM
movie 1984 Remember Connie
video movie 1984 Sensuous Delights
video movie 1983 Blue Confessions as Robbie
video movie 1983 Cumshot Revue 1
movie 1983 Erotic Fantasies 2
video movie 1983 Flight Sensations
movie 1983 Loving Lesbos
movie 1983 Plato's Retreat West as Himself
video movie 1983 Private Fantasies #1 as Eddie
movie 1983 Snow Honeys
movie 1983 The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes as Himself
movie 1983 Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me as Third Male Sex Performer
movie 1983 Young Doctors in Lust as Second Doctor with Barbara
movie 1983 Yummy Youngies as Mike Steph
video movie 1982 Collection Volume 2
movie 1982 Erotica Collection 1
movie 1981 Anytime Anyplace as Skinner
movie 1981 Aunt Peg's Fulfillment as Mike
movie 1981 Bad Girls as Society Brother
video movie 1981 Best of Seka as Mike
movie 1981 Black Garters
movie 1981 Couples in Love
video movie 1981 Inside Hollywood as Errol Flint
movie 1981 Ladies Three
movie 1981 Las Vegas Lady as John
movie 1981 Love Goddesses as Mike Ranger
movie 1981 Naughty Network as Ronnie the Patient
movie 1981 Never So Deep as Sam Strong
movie 1981 Physical as Band Member in Blue Shirt
video movie 1981 Report Card as Ted
movie 1981 Same Time Every Year as Michael
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 13
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 14
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 2
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 20
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 21
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 22
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 27
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 31
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 32
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 33 as Strip Club's Owner
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 34
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 35
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 5 as John's Friend
movie 1981 The Little French Maid as Mike
video movie 1981 The Seduction of Seka as Mike
video movie 1981 Wet Shots
movie 1980 Aunt Peg as Michael Ranger
movie 1980 Ballgame as The Dicks
movie 1980 Balling for Dollar$ as Paul
movie 1980 Body Candy as Guy with Lisa and Girl
movie 1980 Danish Erotica 2
movie 1980 Diamond Collection 5
movie 1980 Goodbye My Love as Tom
movie 1980 Half the Action as Marvin Lee
movie 1980 Insatiable as Fantasy Lover
movie 1980 Kiss and Tell as Yolanda's Hairdresser
movie 1980 Love Story as Carl, Carol's Husband
movie 1980 Night Flight
movie 1980 Plato's: The Movie as Burt
movie 1980 Rockin' with Seka or... Seka's Cruise as Michael
movie 1980 Sexboat as Sam
movie 1980 Starship Eros as Venus' Servant
movie 1980 Sweet Cheeks as Boat Guy with Moustache
movie 1980 Taboo as Paul Scott
movie 1980 Tinseltown as Curtis
movie 1980 Ultra Flesh as Third Male Sex Performer
movie 1980 Wet Dreams
movie 1979 Football Widow as Bob
movie 1979 Getting Off as Guy in Two Different 3-ways
movie 1979 Gift of Love
movie 1979 Heavenly Desire as Bill
movie 1979 Hot Rackets as Bill Simms
movie 1979 In Too Deep as Kidnapper Driving Car
movie 1979 Kate & the Indians as Bill
movie 1979 Lights! Camera! Orgy!
movie 1979 Moonchild and Flames
movie 1979 Nanci Blue as Rod
movie 1979 Nasty & Sweet as Tom
movie 1979 Pro-Ball Cheerleaders as Chuck Paprocki - Halfback
movie 1979 Shoppe of Temptations as Jim
movie 1979 Star Virgin as Roger Starstruck
movie 1979 Superware Party as Mike Jeffries aka Super Man
movie 1979 Tangerine as Steele
movie 1979 Taxi Girls as Teddy
movie 1979 That's Erotic as Guy with Champagne Girl
movie 1979 That's Porno as Wild Scene Guy Minus Moustache
movie 1979 The Goodbye Girls
movie 1979 The Treasure Box as Pizza Delivery Guy
movie 1979 The Young and the Foolish as Tom Adams
movie 1978 A Taste of Sugar as Larry Lawson
movie 1978 Disco Lady as Tony
movie 1978 Dracula Sucks as Dr. Peter Bradley
movie 1978 Little Orphan Dusty as Biker
movie 1978 Lust Flight 2000
movie 1978 Sensual Encounters of Every Kind as Billy the Gardener
movie 1978 Service Entrance
movie 1978 Sugar in the Raw as Steve Brandon
movie 1978 Teenage Desire as Cowboy
movie 1978 Telefantasy as Mark Huddle
movie 1977 Experiments in Love as Max Weltanschlang
movie 1977 Fantasm Comes Again as Rapist
movie 1977 Hot Skin as Chick
movie 1976 Sex Rink as Skater
movie 1976 The Velvet Edge as Sergio
movie 1975 Dreams Are Forever
movie 1975 Pleasure Fair
movie 1975 Teenage Playmates
movie 1975 The Rites of Uranus as Uranusite with Blond Novice
movie 1974 Almost Anything Goes
movie 1974 The Hardly Married as Guy Wanting Script

Mike Ranger on Youtube

Mike's Ranger and Tom's Jeep smashing into a camper at the sand pit. Check out our other videos for more action!!!!

Mike's Ranger and Tom's Jeep smashing into a camper at the sand pit. Check out our other videos for more action!!!!

The Merry Pranksters at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Cry To Me - August 17, 2014 Skip Murphy - Harmonica, Vocals, Raconteur Dave Liddy - Piano, Vocals ...

The Merry Pranksters at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Stuff You Gotta Watch - August 17, 2014 Skip Murphy - Harmonica, Vocals, Raconteur Dave Liddy - Piano, ...