Milton Sills

Milton Sills (January 12, 1882 ? September 15, 1930) was a highly successful American stage and film actor of the early twentieth century. ... more on Wikipedia

Milton Sills Filmography

video movie 1961 The Legend of Rudolph Valentino as Himself
movie 1938 Personality Parade as Himself
movie 1934 Movie Memories as Himself
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself, film clip
movie 1930 Man Trouble as Mac
movie 1930 The Sea Wolf as 'Wolf' Larsen
movie 1929 His Captive Woman as Officer Thomas McCarthy
movie 1929 Love and the Devil as Lord Dryan
movie 1928 Burning Daylight as Elam 'Burning Daylight' Harnish
movie 1928 The Barker as Nifty Miller
movie 1928 The Crash as Jim Flannagan
movie 1928 The Hawk's Nest as The Hawk
movie 1927 A Trip Through the Paramount Studio as Himself
movie 1927 Framed as Etienne Hilaire
movie 1927 Hard-Boiled Haggerty as Hard-Boiled Haggerty
movie 1927 The Sea Tiger as Justin Ramos
movie 1927 The Valley of the Giants as Bryce Cardigan
movie 1926 Men of Steel as Jan Bokak
movie 1926 Paradise as Tony
movie 1926 Puppets as Nicki
movie 1926 The Silent Lover as Count Pierre Tornal
movie 1925 As Man Desires as Major John Craig
movie 1925 I Want My Man as Gulian Eyre
movie 1925 The Knockout as Sandy Donlin
movie 1925 The Making of O'Malley as O'Malley
movie 1925 The Unguarded Hour as Andrea
movie 1925 A Lover's Oath
movie 1924 A Lady of Quality as Gerald Mertoun, Duke of Osmonde
movie 1924 Flowing Gold as Calvin Gray
movie 1924 Madonna of the Streets as Reverend John Morton
movie 1924 Single Wives as Perry Jordan
movie 1924 The Heart Bandit as John Rand
movie 1924 The Sea Hawk as Sir Oliver Tressilian
movie 1923 Adam's Rib as Michael Ramsay
movie 1923 Flaming Youth as Cary Scott
movie 1923 Legally Dead as Will Campbell
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 21
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Himself - Celebrity Actor
movie 1923 The Isle of Lost Ships as Frank Howard
movie 1923 The Last Hour as Steve Cline
movie 1923 The Spoilers as Roy Glennister
movie 1923 What a Wife Learned as Rudolph Martin
movie 1923 Why Women Remarry as Dan Hannon
movie 1922 A Trip to Paramountown as Himself
movie 1922 Borderland as James Wayne
movie 1922 Burning Sands as Daniel Lane
movie 1922 Environment as Steve MacLaren
movie 1922 One Clear Call as Dr. Alan Hamilton
movie 1922 Seeing Stars as Himself
movie 1922 Skin Deep as Bud Doyle
movie 1922 The Forgotten Law as Richard Jarnette
movie 1922 The Marriage Chance as William Bradley
movie 1922 The Woman Who Walked Alone as Clement Gaunt
movie 1921 At the End of the World
movie 1921 Miss Lulu Bett as Neil Cornish
movie 1921 Salvage as Fred Martin
movie 1921 The Faith Healer as Michaelis
movie 1921 The Great Moment as Bayard Delaval
movie 1921 The Little Fool as Dick
movie 1920 Behold My Wife as Frank Armour
movie 1920 Dangerous to Men as Sandy Verrall
movie 1920 Sweet Lavender as Horace Weather Burn
movie 1920 The Furnace as Keene Mordaunt
movie 1920 The Inferior Sex as Knox Randall
movie 1920 The Street Called Straight as Peter Devenant
movie 1920 The Week-End as Arthur Tavenor
movie 1919 Eyes of Youth as Louis Anthony
movie 1919 Satan Junior as Paul Worden
movie 1919 Shadows as Judson Barnes
movie 1919 The Fear Woman as Robert Craig
movie 1919 The Hushed Hour as Luke Appleton
movie 1919 The Stronger Vow as Juan Estudillo
movie 1919 The Woman Thou Gavest Me as Conrad
movie 1919 What Every Woman Learns as Walter Melrose
movie 1918 The Bonds That Tie
movie 1918 The Claw as Major Anthony Kinsella
movie 1918 The Hell Cat as Sheriff Jack Webb
movie 1918 The Mysterious Client as Harry Nelson
movie 1918 The Other Woman as Mr. Harrington
movie 1918 The Reason Why as Lord Tancred
movie 1918 The Savage Woman as Jean Lerier
movie 1918 The Struggle Everlasting as Mind, aka Bruce
movie 1918 The Yellow Ticket as Julian Rolfe
movie 1917 Diamonds and Pearls as RobertVan Ellstrom
movie 1917 Married in Name Only as Robert Worthing
movie 1917 Patria as Capt. Donald Parr
movie 1917 Souls Adrift as Micah Steele
movie 1917 The Fringe of Society as Martin Drake
movie 1917 The Honor System as Joseph Stanton
movie 1915 The Arrival of Perpetua as Thaddeus Curzon
movie 1915 The Deep Purple as William Lake
movie 1915 The Rack as Tom Gordon
movie 1915 The Taming of Mary as Harry Benton
movie 1915 The Woman Who Lied as Jack Stanley
movie 1915 Under Southern Skies as Burleigh Mavor
movie 1914 The Pit as Corthell

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