Peter Kent

Peter Kent Filmography

movie 2011 Little Johnny the Movie as Little Mary's Dad
movie 2007 The Condemned as El Salvador Scout
movie 2004 Rapid Fear as James Storer
tv movie 2003 The Turner Affair as Detective
movie 2001 Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles as Carl
movie 1999 Little White Lies as Fisk
tv movie 1998 Gargantua as Jace
tv movie 1997 Heart of Fire as Chet Manko
movie 1997 Joey as U.S. Marine
movie 1995 Blackwater Trail as Attendant
tv movie 1995 In Pursuit of Honor as Corporal at roadblock
tv movie 1993 Irresistible Force as Computer Punk
tv movie 1993 Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 as Enthusiastic Man
tv series 1985 A Thousand Skies as ANA director

Peter Kent on Youtube

Schwarzenegger stuntman Peter was in town to talk about his VFF Industry Seminar.

Peter Kent 50 years old, very famous director, he works both in cinema and in theatre. He was married to actress Meredith Tate, when he met young Kath Peter .

Johanna luna chats with Arnold Schwarzenegger former stuntsman. Kent talks about about how he got his start in the stunt business. Peter Kent's School of Har.

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