Phyllis Stengel

Phyllis Stengel Filmography

video movie 1995 Take It Out in Trade: The Outtakes as Prostitute
movie 1972 Wild Honey as Lesbian Cult Member
movie 1971 Big Beaver Splits the Scene as Suzie
movie 1971 Keep Them Happy at Home as Blonde Housewife
movie 1971 Skin Flick Madness as Blonde Lesbian
movie 1971 Wow, It's Cindy as Cindy
movie 1970 A Fairy Tale for Adults
movie 1970 A Taste of Honey as Rosemary
movie 1970 Delicato as Blonde Lesbian
movie 1970 Getting Into Heaven as Karen
movie 1970 In for Life as Blonde Inmate
movie 1970 Lusty Neighbors as Marcy
movie 1970 Miss Nymphet's Zap-In as Audrey
movie 1970 Mrs. Stone's Thing as The Hostess
movie 1970 Soul Lover
movie 1970 Take It Out in Trade
movie 1970 The Model Hunters as Pam
movie 1969 Dr. Masher
movie 1969 Henry's Night In as Dottie
movie 1969 The Ecstasies of Women as Nightclub Patron
movie 1969 The Screentest Girls as Barbara
movie 1969 The Stewardesses