Richard Loo

Bessie Loo (1929-1960); divorce ... more on Wikipedia

Richard Loo Filmography

tv movie 2002 The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller as Sgt. Tanaka
tv movie 1999 The James Bond Story as Himself
tv movie 1986 Kung Fu: The Movie as Master Sun
tv movie 1976 Collision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur as Chiang-Kai-Shek
movie 1974 The Man with the Golden Gun as Hai Fat
movie 1971 Chandler as Leo
movie 1971 One More Train to Rob as Mr. Chang
movie 1970 One More Time
movie 1970 Which Way to the Front? as Japanese Naval Officer
movie 1966 The Sand Pebbles as Major Chin
movie 1963 Diamond Head as Yamagata
movie 1962 A Girl Named Tamiko as Otani
movie 1962 Confessions of an Opium Eater as George Wah
movie 1961 Espionage: Far East
movie 1961 Seven Women from Hell as Sgt. Takahashi
movie 1959 The Scavengers
movie 1958 Hong Kong Affair as Li Noon
movie 1958 The Quiet American as Mr. Heng
movie 1957 Battle Hymn as Gen. Kim
movie 1956 Around the World in Eighty Days as Hong Kong Saloon Manager
movie 1956 The Conqueror as Captain of Wang's guard
movie 1955 House of Bamboo as Inspector Kito's Voice
movie 1955 Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing as Robert Hung
movie 1955 Soldier of Fortune as General Po Lin
movie 1954 Hell and High Water as Hakada Fujimori
movie 1954 Living It Up as Dr. Lee
movie 1954 The Bamboo Prison as Commandant Hsai Tung
movie 1954 The Shanghai Story as Junior Officer
movie 1953 China Venture as Chang Sung
movie 1953 Destination Gobi as Commanding Officer, Japanese POW Camp
movie 1953 Target Hong Kong as Fu Chao
movie 1952 5 Fingers as Japanese Ambassador
movie 1951 Chinatown Chump as Chinese Counterfeiter
movie 1951 I Was an American Spy as Col. Masamato
movie 1951 Operation Pacific as Japanese Fighter Pilot
movie 1951 The Steel Helmet as Sgt. Tanaka
movie 1949 Malaya as Colonel Genichi Tomura
movie 1949 State Department: File 649 as Marshal Yun Usu
movie 1949 The Clay Pigeon as Ken Tokoyama aka The Weasel
movie 1948 Half Past Midnight as Lee Gow
movie 1948 Rogues' Regiment as Kao Pang
movie 1948 The Cobra Strikes as Hyder Ali
movie 1948 The Golden Eye as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1948 To the Ends of the Earth as Commissioner Lu
movie 1948 Women in the Night as Col. Noyama
movie 1947 Beyond Our Own
movie 1947 Seven Were Saved as Colonel Yamura
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End as Japanese Officer
movie 1947 Web of Danger as Wing
movie 1946 Tokyo Rose as Colonel Suzuki
movie 1945 Back to Bataan as Maj. Hasko
movie 1945 Betrayal from the East as Lt. Cmdr. Miyazaki, alias Tani
movie 1945 China Sky as Col. Yasuda
movie 1945 China's Little Devils as Colonel Huraji
movie 1945 First Yank Into Tokyo as Col. Hideko Okanura
movie 1945 God Is My Co-Pilot as Tokyo Joe
movie 1945 Prison Ship as Capt. Osikawa
movie 1944 The Keys of the Kingdom as Lt. Shon
movie 1944 The Purple Heart as General Ito Mitsubi
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as Chinese Doctor on Train
movie 1943 Behind the Rising Sun as Japanese Officer Dispensing Opium
movie 1943 China as Lin Yun
movie 1943 City Without Men as Japanese Spy
movie 1943 Destroyer as Japanese Submarine Commander
movie 1943 Flight for Freedom as Mr. Yokahata
movie 1943 Jack London as Japanese Ambassador
movie 1943 Rookies in Burma as Colonel Matsuda
movie 1943 So Proudly We Hail! as Japanese Radio Announcer
movie 1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday as General Chan
movie 1943 The Falcon Strikes Back as Jerry
movie 1943 Yanks Ahoy as Japanese Submarine Officer
movie 1942 A Yank on the Burma Road as Commandant
movie 1942 Across the Pacific as First Officer Miyuma
movie 1942 Bombs Over Burma as Col. Kim
movie 1942 Flying Tigers as Dr. Tsing
movie 1942 Little Tokyo, U.S.A. as Oshima
movie 1942 Manila Calling as Filipino
movie 1942 Remember Pearl Harbor as Mandolin-Playing Japanese Radioman
movie 1942 Road to Morocco as Chinese Announcer
movie 1942 Star Spangled Rhythm as Emperor Hirohito - 'Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang' Number
movie 1942 Submarine Raider as Chauffeur Suji
movie 1942 Wake Island as Mr. Saburo Kurusu
movie 1941 Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery as Henchman
movie 1941 Secrets of the Wasteland as Quan - Wo Tai Chen Co.
movie 1941 They Met in Bombay as Japanese Officer
movie 1940 Doomed to Die as Tong Leader
movie 1940 The Fatal Hour as Jeweler
movie 1939 Barricade as Colonel Commander of Rescue Party
movie 1939 Daughter of the Tong as Wong, Hotel Clerk
movie 1939 Island of Lost Men as Gen. Ahn Ling
movie 1939 Lady of the Tropics as Delaroch's Chauffeur
movie 1939 Miracles for Sale as Chinese Soldier in Demo
movie 1939 Mr. Wong in Chinatown as Tong Chief
movie 1939 North of Shanghai as Jed's Pilot
movie 1939 Panama Patrol as Tommy Young
movie 1938 Blondes at Work as Sam Wong
movie 1938 Shadows Over Shanghai as Fong
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as Charlie
movie 1937 Lost Horizon as Shanghai Airport Official
movie 1937 Outlaws of the Orient as The General
movie 1937 Thank You, Mr. Moto as Cop at Shooting Site
movie 1937 That Certain Woman as Elevator Operator
movie 1937 The Good Earth as Chinese Farmer
movie 1937 The Singing Marine as Shanghai Hotel Official
movie 1937 The Soldier and the Lady as Tartar
movie 1937 West of Shanghai as Mr. Cheng
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Lichee Club Headwaiter
movie 1936 Mad Holiday as Li Yat
movie 1936 Roaming Lady as Chinese Man
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Loo, Chinese Man on Street [Chs. 5-7]
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Chinese Man on Street
movie 1936 Stowaway as Chinese Merchant
movie 1935 Captured in Chinatown as Ling Hatchet Man
movie 1935 China Seas as Chinese inspector at gangplank
movie 1935 Shadows of the Orient as Yung Yow - Chinese Henchman
movie 1935 Stranded as Chinese Groom
movie 1934 Now and Forever as Hotel Clerk
movie 1934 Student Tour as Geisha's Customer
movie 1934 The Mysterious Mr. Wong as Bystander Outside Store
movie 1934 The Painted Veil as Chinese Peasant
movie 1933 The Bitter Tea of General Yen as Capt. Li
movie 1932 The Secrets of Wu Sin as Charlie San
movie 1932 War Correspondent as Bandit

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In this scene from the film "The Purple Heart", General Matsubi (Richard Loo) has an ideological debate with Capt. Harvey Ross (Dana Andrews), highlighted by.

1967 commercial for Scope mouthwash, featuring archetypal "enemy villain" of dozens of World War II movies, Richard Loo. Subscribe to Captain Bijou's ...

A television spot for the 1971 crime thriller directed by Paul Magwood and starring Warren Oates, Leslie Caron, Mitchell Ryan, Gordon Pinsent, Gloria Grahame.