Stephen Leeder

Stephen Leeder Filmography

movie 2013 Depths as Luigi
movie 2010 Crystal Jam as Hal
movie 2009 Just Desserts as The Man
movie 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine as General Munson
tv movie 2008 Infamous Victory: Ben Chifley's Battle for Coal as Justice Reed
movie 2008 Monarch as Mengele
movie 2007 Fallers as Mike McCaffrey
tv movie 2004 Fireflies as Bryce
movie 2001 The Bank as Billy
movie 2000 A Wreck, a Tangle as Pianist
movie 2000 Risk as 100 Percent Man
movie 1998 The Boys as Commissioner
tv movie 1997 Heart of Fire as Brian Henderson
movie 1997 Square One as Taxi driver
tv movie 1995 Blue Murder as Ron Stephenson
movie 1994 Mary as Father Horan
movie 1994 Resistance as Col. Webber
movie 1994 Tran the Man as Uncle Jack
tv movie 1993 Joh's Jury as Bailiff
movie 1991 Fatal Bond as Anthony Boon
tv series 1991 Brides of Christ as Brother Thomas
tv series 1990 The Lancaster Miller Affair as Vernon Hawthorne
movie 1987 The Edge of Power as Dietrich Steiner
tv movie 1987 Two Friends as Jim
movie 1986 The Surfer as Slaney
movie 1983 Serious Undertakings
movie 1982 A Dangerous Summer as Construction Foreman
movie 1982 The Pirate Movie as Policeman

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