Turk Lyon

Turk Lyon Filmography

video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 79
video movie 1988 The Best of Titfucking
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1987 Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirty as Rocky
video movie 1985 Big Busty 10
movie 1983 Best of Alex deRenzy
video movie 1983 Flight Sensations
movie 1983 Hot Pink: Best of Alex deRenzy 2
movie 1983 Snow Honeys
movie 1983 Sweet Alice as Actor in Adult Film
video movie 1983 Triple Play
movie 1982 Dirty Looks
movie 1981 Hot Dallas Nights as Robby Brewin
movie 1981 My Sister Seka as George
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 21
video movie 1981 The Best of Gail Palmer
video movie 1980 'Limited Edition' Volume Four as Painter
video movie 1980 Limited Edition 3
movie 1980 Sexboat as The Stowaways
movie 1980 Taboo as Chris Scott
movie 1979 Candy Goes to Hollywood as Samuel Goldicker
movie 1979 Frat House as Sutton
movie 1979 Hot Rackets as Carl
movie 1979 Pro-Ball Cheerleaders as Clay Potts - Quarterback
movie 1979 The Ecstasy Girls as Party Guy in Blue Shirt
movie 1978 7 Into Snowy as Guy at Orgy
movie 1978 Bad Company as Police Det. Tom Rizzo
movie 1978 Chain Letter as Tony
movie 1978 Erotic Adventures of Candy as Dr. Hy Kollonic
movie 1978 Hot Lunch as Pimp on Phone
movie 1978 Is the Doctor In? as Kelly's Friend
movie 1978 Little Girls Blue as Fantasy #1 Man
movie 1978 Little Orphan Dusty as Biker Gang Leader
movie 1978 Lust Flight 2000
movie 1978 Pretty Peaches as Swinger - Dark Moustache
movie 1978 Sensual Encounters of Every Kind as Senator O'Brien
movie 1977 Babyface as Orgy Guy - Blue Jeans
movie 1977 Desires Within Young Girls as Charles Dancer III
movie 1977 Midnight Hustle as Nick
movie 1977 My Wife, the Hooker as Al
movie 1977 Reflections as Party Guy - Caveman Outfit
movie 1976 Ceremony... The Ritual of Love as Adrian's Friend
movie 1976 Cherry Truckers as Roy
movie 1976 Cry for Cindy as Arnold
movie 1976 Dixie as Jogger
movie 1976 Easy Alice as Bob
movie 1976 Femmes de Sade as Engine room guy
movie 1976 Hardgore as Dr. George's Assistant
movie 1976 Judgement Day as Carl Bryant III
movie 1976 Lollipop Palace as Sailor with Bonnie
movie 1976 Love Lips as Jerry Taylor
movie 1976 Love Slaves as First Kidnapper
movie 1976 Naked Afternoon as Roger Smith
movie 1976 Night Pleasures as Biff
movie 1976 One of a Kind as Bob
movie 1976 Paranoia
movie 1976 The Journey of O as Howard
movie 1976 The Velvet Edge
movie 1976 Thunderbuns
movie 1975 Blackmail for Daddy as Frank
movie 1975 Carnal Haven as Bob
movie 1975 Deep Stroke as Hal Fisher
movie 1975 Fantasy in Blue
movie 1975 The Erotic Fortune Cookies as Hip Tourist
movie 1975 The Most Valuable Pussy as Stagehand

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