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#707 (2014)

Armed with Gandhi quotes, flashcards, and enough snacks to feed a hundred, Sarah readies herself to host her first Volun...

Director: Emily Jira  
Actors: Ruth Jonasson   Emily Jira  
#BCarefulWhatUWish4 (2014)
Director: Nancy McKeon  
Actors: Luke Healy   Suanne Spoke  
#Stuck (2014)

A hot one-night stand turns into an awkward morning after when GUY and HOLLY get STUCK in a dead-stopped traffic jam. As...

Director: Stuart Acher  
Actors: Logan Agayan  
#howtohideadeadbody (2014)
Director: James Wray  
Actors: Josh Gammon   Kasey Weir   Joe Dougherty  
1 Hour in the Life of Mike the Groom (2014)

Rookie Trixie is a burlesque performer on her last warning. Mike is getting married for the second time and having a big...

Director: Julia Effertz  
Actors: Christine Lenz   Julia Effertz  
1 Man's Junk (2014)
Director: Nate Lyles  
Actors: Danny Lamego   Edward William Wasser   Scott Lehman  
1 Paper 1 Spark (2014)
Director: Evan Bluestein  
Actors: Ray Curtis   Lory Fuchs  
1%ERS (2014)

A famous actress Olivia, and her co-star Tatiana break away from their Hollywood bubble and head to a locals dive bar in...

Director: Francesca de Sola  
Actors: Bang Bang   Brando   Cameron Cash  
10 000 timmar (2014)

Eric, an ordinary man in his mid 30's with an ordinary job wins a large sum of money playing the lottery. Despite his to...

Director: Joachim Hedén  
Actors: Peter Magnusson   Karin Lithman   Özz Nûjen  
10 Things I Hate About Life (2014)
Director: Gil Junger  
Actors: Adam David Thompson   Tom Schanley  
10 pravidel (2014)
Director: Karel Janák  
Actors: Petr Buchta   Jan Dolanský   Miroslav Donutil  
108 Stitches (2014)

With baseball being the last thing on these player's minds, and dealing with one of the longest losing streaks in colleg...

Director: David Rountree  
Actors: Bruce Davison   Erin Cahill   Kate Vernon  
18 Wheel Butterfly (2014)

A colorful, wildly original road movie. An adorable gear-grindin' female trucker is accused of a crime that she did not ...

Director: Michael Polish  
Actors: Evan Rachel Wood  
1987 (2014)
Director: Ricardo Trogi  
Actors: Jean-Carl Boucher  
2 Birds and a Wrench (2014)
Director: Tom Edmunds  
Actors: Adz Hunter   Kyle Hunter   Simon-Anthony Rhoden  
20 Regeln für Sylvie (2014)

Adalbert, a paranoid, overprotective single dad imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter Sylvie before she leaves the s...

Director: Jacques à Bâle  
Actors: Carlos Leal   Viola von Scarpatetti   Bettina Dieterle  
20 Rules! (2014)

Adalbert, a paranoid, overprotective single dad imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter Sylvie before she leaves the s...

Director: Giacun Caduff  
Actors: Carlos Leal   Viola von Scarpatetti  
21st Century Romance (2014)
Director: Ralph Tropf  
Actors: Michael Aho   Frank Elmore   Charles Fredricks  
22 Jump Street (2014)

After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko...

Director: Phil Lord   Christopher Miller  
Actors: Jonah Hill   Channing Tatum   Peter Stormare  
25 (2014)

IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT... "25" will confirm your suspicions; The President, his Cabinet, Members of Con...

Director: Kendal Sinn  
Actors: Sean Carmichael   Martin Klebba   Alexander Merrill  
28 Minute Epic (2014)

28 Minute Epic is about two aimless Jersey boy best friends, who are fired from their cushy porn-shop jobs and decide to...

Director: GianCarlo Fernandez  
Actors: Steve Boghossian   Steve Boghossian   Patrick Lithgow  
3's a Couple (2014)

Jimmy and Steven are best friends. They are complete opposites. They share everything, a house, bills, friends, and even...

Director: Shedrack Anderson III  
Actors: Robin Andre   Dante Basco   Dion Basco  
4 (2014)

An experiment in storytelling - four alternate realities follow one young man as he faces various conflicts in which som...

Director: Mike Chantaj   Sydney Cowper   Rj Kemp   Cameron Veitch  
Actors: Nick Grimshaw   Scott Law   Polly Phokeev  
4 ½ Minutes (2014)
Director: Renée Zellweger  
Actors: Ed Harris   Johnny Knoxville   Renée Zellweger  
482-Love (2014)
Director: Jacob David Stein  
Actors: Jason Haagensen   Jeffrey Murias   Mani Nasry  
4th Floor of Singapore (2014)
Director: Jim Peakman  
Actors: George McCluskey   Kenton Hall   Carsum Din  
5 to 7 (2014)
Director: Victor Levin  
Actors: Francesco D'Onofrio   Joe D'Onofrio   Frank Langella  
50% or More (2014)
Director: J. Mark Teminsky  
Actors: Lucas Lehmann   J. Mark Teminsky  
7 Days as a Kingpin (2014)
Director: Paul Bunch  
Actors: Joel David Moore  
A 100 Pounds and a Hemorrhoid (2014)

This documentary explores the 50+ years of friendship between Dickie Popp and Phil Goodenough. They discuss their meetin...

Director: Lou Smith  
Actors: Phil Goodenough   Dickie Popp   Lou Smith  
A Bear Lands on Earth (2014)
Director: Hiroo Takaoka   Rob Yang  
Actors: Michael O'Toole  
A Bet's a Bet (2014)

A Bet's A Bet tells the story of Vince, New England's most successful divorce attorney. To Vince, life is one big compet...

Director: Jennifer Finnigan   Jonathan Silverman  
Actors: Saintura Badeau   Darren O'Brien  
A Better You (2014)
Director: Matt Walsh  
Actors: Zach Black   Owen Burke   Parvesh Cheena  
A Brand New You (2014)

Thirty-year old Santiago Morales doesn't deal well with mess. And nothing could be messier than the unexpected death of ...

Director: Kathryn Palmateer   Shawn Whitney  
Actors: Charles Burton   William Christopher Ellis   Scott McCullouch  
A Change of Heart (2014)
Director: Kenny Ortega  
Actors: Harvey Atkin   James Belushi   Larry Joe Campell  
A Choice to Yield (2014)

Angela develops a life in Atlanta. She seeks acceptance and searches for male companions. During Angela's search, her be...

Director: Bobby Peoples   Renee S. Warren Peoples  
Actors: Mary W. Cecil   Jennifer Van Leigh   Andrea Kantargis  
A Convenient Truth (2014)
Director: Dominick Bagnato  
Actors: Kelsey Schepise   Kelsey Lynn Schepise  
A Day in the Life of Pepe Amador (2014)
Actors: Jack Bank   Cassius   Serafin Falcon  
A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I (2014)
Director: Bavand Karim  
Actors: Al Alexander   Chris Bishop   Chris Bishop  
A Day of Havoc (2014)

A Day of Havoc is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a...

Director: Clarence Ma  
Actors: Albert Kong   François Chau   Tom McLaren  
A Deal's a Deal (2014)

When Jamie loses a bet, her best friend makes her go on a date with a male escort. Things take an interesting turn when ...

Director: Melisa D. Monts  
Actors: Janice Lee   Brody Hessin   Angelica Amor  
A Decade with an Unsigned Rock Band (2014)

This is the story of the hardest working rock band you've never heard of, gigging non-stop from 1999-2012. They are call...

Director: Criss Cheatham  
Actors: Corey Boise   Criss Cheatham   Joel Edwards  
A Dungeon Master's Guide to Life (2014)

About a group of adult friends who play Dungeons and Dragons together. When a romantic relationship sparks between two m...

Director: Chris Bruemmer  
Actors: Jason Breummer   Chris Bruemmer   Aaron Halbower  
A Esperança é a Última que Morre (2014)
Director: Calvito Leal  
Actors: Dani Calabresa   Danton Mello   Rodrigo Sant'anna  
A Free Bird (2014)
Director: Gregg Russell  
Actors: Russell Durham Comegys   Karen-Eileen Gordon   George Faughnan  
A Grim Becoming (2014)

A Grim Becoming follows Raphael, a young and bitter executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar archit...

Director: Adam R. Steigert  
Actors: Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton  
A Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday: A Short Film with a Long Name (2014)
Director: George David Reagh  
Actors: Don McLeod   Zak Sayer   Tristan Shire  
A Haunted House 2 (2014)

After losing his beloved Kisha in a car accident, Malcolm starts anew, by remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things...

Director: Michael Tiddes  
Actors: Scott Burn   Cedric the Entertainer   Affion Crockett  
A Hope Without Walls (2014)
Director: Paul Schneider  
Actors: Richard 'Rick' Bobier   Ryan-Iver Klann   Lawrence W. Leach  
A Killer Conversation (2014)
Director: David V.G. Davies  
Actors: Ryan Hunter   Melanie Denholme   Rudy Barrow  
A Little Problem (2014)

A Single Mom's 9 Year old daughter (Chantal Stevens) and 15 year old son (Kenneth Stevens) are rebellious against the id...

Director: Richard Givens  
Actors: Darnell J. Cates   Alysah Pizarro   Charyse Monet  
A Long Way Down (2014)
Director: Pascal Chaumeil  
Actors: Mohammed Ali   Lewis Asquith   Jono Breen  
A Maldição do Sanguanel (2014)
Director: Eliseu Demari   Ricardo Ghiorzi   Rafael Giovanella   Felipe M. Guerra  
Actors: Oldina Cerutti Do Monte   Eliseu Demari   Rodrigo Guerra  
A Man Will Rise (2014)

A local gangster terrorizes a town. When a young local man stands up to the gangster the villain brings in a group of fo...

Director: Tony Jaa   Vitidnan Rojanapanich  
Actors: Tony Jaa   Dolph Lundgren  
A Many Splintered Thing (2014)
Director: Justin Reardon  
Actors: Brenda Schmid  
A Mile in These Hooves (2014)

Tom and Mark set out on a mission to break the world record for the furthest journey in a two-person costume. They will ...

Director: James Brylowski  
Actors: Aaron Rothermund  
A Million Miles Away (2014)

An adult woman (the conductor) on the edge of failing and a pack of teenage girls (the choir) simultaneously experience ...

Director: Jennifer Reeder  
Actors: Ultra-Violet Archer   Kelsey Ashby-Middleton   Kasey Busiel  
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)
Director: Seth MacFarlane  
Actors: Evan Jones   Ivan Brutsche   Johnny Bautista  
A New Yorker @Paris (2014)
Director: Ileana D. Vasquez  
Actors: Fabrice Colson   Colin Gravois   Jim Haynes  
A Puppet's Life (2014)
Director: Thomas D. Moser  
Actors: Michael Blum   Matt McVay   James Medeiros  
A Reunion (2014)
Director: Hernando Bansuelo  
Actors: Michael Lovan   Josh Watson  
A Romantic Comedy (2014)
Director: Tony Aaron II  
Actors: Sharon Gardner   Bobby Reed   Vince Major  
A Route Less Traveled (2014)
Director: Lori Martini   Maria Rusolo  
Actors: Cameron Ocasio   Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb   Justin Guarini  
A Schizophrenic Love Story (2014)
Director: Dylan Thomas Ellis   Glenn D. Levy  
Actors: Andrew Pozza   Jamie Teer   Derek Lee Nixon  
A Slight Lack of Oxygen (2014)
Director: Richard Lees  
Actors: Carl Wharton  
A Story About Wendy 2 (2014)
Director: Sean Hodgkinson  
Actors: Heidi Walcott   Catherine Emmanuel   Marcia Henville  
A Tale of Two Sillies (2014)

For good friends Fulbert and Gulzar, it was supposed to be just another topsy-turvy 1990's sunny Los Angeles day at El S...

Director: Brandon Esten  
Actors: Dolores Nimon   Dolores Nimon  
A Total Thug Up (2014)
Director: Steve Call  
Actors: John Barrett   Terry Barron Turner   Dave Belton  
A Town Called Salvedge (2014)

A failed town in Northern Wisconsin. A corrupt mayor. A bumbling sheriff. A failed childhood actor. A drunk Amish guy, a...

Director: Ronald Alm  
Actors: Ronald Alm   Pat Anderson   Leon Burkett  
A Tremendous Heist (2014)

When three close friends discover they're stuck in ruts, they do what any twenty-something would do... 'A Tremendous Hei...

Director: Robinder Uppal  
Actors: James Kot   Amitai Marmorstein   Colby Wilson  
A Very Special Date (2014)
Director: Susan Earl  
Actors: Susan Earl  
A Wonderful Christmas Time (2014)
Director: Jamie Adams  
Actors: Dylan Edwards   Gary Knowles   Oliver Maltman  
A Zombie Next Door (2014)

Best described as "Christopher Guest meets George Romero," the film takes place after the zombie apocalypse has ended, a...

Director: Frank Dietz   Trish Geiger  
Actors: Noah Applebaum   Matt Cable   John Goodwin  
A l'envers (2014)

Sunday in Paris. Laura is having a party all by herself. She laughs, she smokes, she drifts far away from her sofa. A su...

Director: Leon Griseri  
Actors: Benjamin Castaneda   Sylvain Chevet   Thierry Ragueneau  
A vida do fósforo não é bolinho, gatinho (2014)
Director: Sergio Silva  
Actors: Eduardo Gomes   Caetano Gotardo   Dan Nakagawa  
A.S.T.A.R. (2014)

Matthew Midas, a successful micro-chip inventor, arrives in Los Angeles to unveil the latest upgrade for the Star naviga...

Director: Zac Stoltz  
Actors: Josh Covitt   Mike Mahaffey   Josh Mann  
AS:VS Back in Business (2014)
Director: Jim Weter  
Actors: David Hammons   Joshua Brunson   Duane P. Craig  
Aagadu (2014)
Director: Sreenu Vaitla  
Actors: Mahesh Babu   Tamannaah Bhatia  
Aaha Kalyanam (2014)
Director: Gokul Krishna  
Actors: Nani   Vaani Kapoor   Sriram  
Aaron Palermo's Game On: Time to Pull the Strings (2014)
Director: Aaron Palermo  
Actors: Jay Neville   Billy Buck   Jai Day  
Abe Makes a Movie (2014)
Director: Ryan Turri  
Actors: Matt Peterson   Lauren Myers   Alaina Warren Zachary  
Abou Al Oureef (2014)
Director: Mohamad Magdy   Ayman Saqar   Nihad Shalabi  
Actors: Soleiman Eid   Magdy Kamel   Sabry Abdel Moniem  
About Last Night (2014)
Director: Steve Pink  
Actors: Kevin Hart   Michael Ealy   Regina Hall  
About Me (2014)
Director: Patrick Gibbs   Paul Gibbs  
Actors: Patrick Gibbs   Deven Skye   Arianne Benson  
Accidental Incest (2014)
Director: Richard Griffin  
Actors: Aaron Andrade   Sean Carufel   Ryan Hanley  
Act/Or (2014)
Director: Janka Berentz   Kitty Mészáros  
Actors: Kumud Pant  
Acting 101 (2014)
Director: Rene Rhi  
Actors: J. Francisco Rodriguez   Agnes Olech   Rob Lindo  
Actor's Apocalypse (2014)
Director: Dan Eady  
Actors: David Albury   Tony Brockman   Leon Cain  
Addicts (2014)
Director: Tonie Marshall  
Actors: Patrick Bruel   Nicolas Carpentier   Eric Larcin  
Adjust-A-Dream (2014)
Director: Jonathan Wysocki  
Actors: Tom DeTrinis   Doug Tompos  
Adopting Trouble (2014)
Director: Lee Gardner  
Actors: Ryan Templeman   Heather Murdock   Ariana Escalante  
Advanced Home Security (2014)

James and Richard read the news to find that rates of burglary have increased. James being the science fiction fan, drea...

Director: Vincent Chan  
Actors: Jamie Chan   Vincent Chan  
Adventures of Sweet Yellow (2014)
Director: Ash Christian  
Actors: Max Bornstein   Michael Emery   Brock Harris  
Afinn (The Grandad) (2014)
Director: Bjarni Thorsson  
Actors: Þorsteinn Bachmann   Sigurður Sigurjónsson   Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir  
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