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In Your Mind (2016)
Director: Carol M. Cardenas  
La Ecuación de Dios (2017)
Actors: Julieta Cardinali   Jazmín Stuart   Diego Ramos  
Orphans (2016)
Director: Mikkel Egelund  
Vietnam (2016)
Director: Ken Burns  
Astrid Silverlock (2017)

Astrid Silverlock is a CG animated-adventure set in the world of Scandinavian mythology. When Astrid Silverlock's father...

Director: Robert Rhodin  
Aniken 47 (2017)
Director: Anik Khan  
A Beautiful Suicide (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Avatar 3 (2017)
Director: James Cameron  
Actors: Stephen Lang   Sam Worthington   Zoe Saldana  
Bad Results (2017)
Actors: Shaun Daley  
Coyotes (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Bulls in Space 3D II (2017)
Director: Gregory Oke  
Blue Silence (2017)
Actors: Francis Cooper   Dee Martin   Danika Berlin  
Cidade dos Mortos: A Extinção (2017)
Director: Wesley Bittencourt  
Actors: Leonardo Alcântara   Leandro Andrade   Wesley Bittencourt  
Flexx: Redemption (2017)
Director: Jeannine Sturtevant  
Despicable Me 3 (2017)
Actors: Pierre Coffin   Pierre Coffin   Pierre Coffin  
Green Fields (2017)

A fiction film based on the acclaimed documentary feature film: "Yiddish Theater: A Love Story" telling the story of a m...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2017)
Director: Peter Candeland  
High Rise (2017)
Director: Ashley Pardey  
In Hope of Resurrection (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Ivan the Fool (2017)

Ivan finds himself the constant object of ridicule, bullied by all those around him. Though various twists of fate, Ivan...

Actors: Michael Henbury Ballan   Graham Hughes   Leila Gray  
Justice League (2017)
Actors: Gal Gadot   Gal Gadot  
Mars Eternity (2017)
Director: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre  
Operation: Revival (2017)
Director: Rick McLeod  
Marty X (2017)
Director: John A. Gallagher  
Metahumanity (2017)
Director: Chris Ferreira  
My Last Duchess (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
October Sunset (2017)

Suffering from a curse that has lasted at least four centuries, Philippe Riopel, 17, is suffering from this curse. Day a...

Director: Olivier Lafond-Martel  
Actors: Olivier Lafond-Martel   Nick Desjardins   Jessica Charlebois  
Rosenborg 2017 (2017)
Director: Finn Walther  
Poetry of Witness (2017)
Director: Anthony Cirilo   Billy Tooma  
Actors: Mario Susko   Duncan Wu   Carolyn Forché  
Port Robinson Road (2017)
Director: Dave McRae  
Robocops (2017)
Director: Ford Austin  
The Bally Girl (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
The Ballad of Les Darcy (2017)

Born in to a poor Irish family in rural Australia, Les Darcy soon rises to be the greatest boxer in the world. Yet, once...

Actors: Zachary Garred  
The Amazons (2017)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
The Croods 2 (2017)
Director: Kirk De Micco   Chris Sanders  
Actors: Joey Bragg  
The Perfect Mistress III (2017)
Director: Magdolna Cecília Eröss  
Actors: Ileana Toma   Andrea Ivett Eröss   László Székely-Benczédi  
The Witch of Funtinel (2017)
Actors: Jozef Kolinsky   Emil Zoltán Kállay   Nils Oliveto  
The Hangman (2017)
Director: Mark R. Lillig  
Actors: Mesindo Pompa  
The Story of Ferdinand (2017)

Ferdinand, a little bull, prefers sitting quietly under a cork tree just smelling the flowers versus jumping around, sno...

Director: Carlos Saldanha  
Weapons of God (2017)
Actors: Kate Nauta