A.V. Bramble

A.V. Bramble Filmography

movie 1951 Outcast of the Islands as Badavi
movie 1933 Mrs. Dane's Defence
movie 1933 The Veteran of Waterloo
movie 1932 A Lucky Sweep
movie 1928 The Rolling Road as John Christobel
movie 1928 Chick
movie 1928 Shooting Stars
movie 1928 The Man Who Changed His Name
movie 1926 Bodiam Castle and Eric the Slender
movie 1924 Zeebrugge
movie 1923 Becket as Henry II
movie 1922 Shirley
movie 1922 The Card
movie 1922 The Little Mother
movie 1921 The Bachelor's Club
movie 1921 The Old Country
movie 1921 The Prince and the Beggarmaid
movie 1921 The Rotters
movie 1921 The Will
movie 1920 Her Benny
movie 1920 Mr. Gilfil's Love Story
movie 1920 Torn Sails
movie 1920 Wuthering Heights
movie 1919 A Non-conformist Parson
movie 1919 A Smart Set
movie 1919 Her Cross
movie 1919 The Single Man
movie 1918 The Hanging Judge as The Prosecution
movie 1918 The Message
movie 1918 The Touch of a Child
movie 1918 Towards the Light as Convict
movie 1918 Bonnie Mary
movie 1917 Broken Threads as Pierre
movie 1917 Nearer My God to Thee as Jim Boden
movie 1917 The Cost of a Kiss
movie 1917 The Laughing Cavalier as Diogenes
movie 1917 When Paris Sleeps
movie 1917 Profit and the Loss
movie 1916 A Soldier and a Man as Hubert Walpole
movie 1916 Fatal Fingers as Rollo Lambton, M.P.
movie 1916 Jimmy as John Denberg
movie 1916 The Blind Man of Verdun
movie 1915 Another Man's Wife as The Husband
movie 1915 At the Torrent's Mercy
movie 1915 Florence Nightingale as Sydney Herbert
movie 1915 From Shopgirl to Duchess as Gilbert Spate
movie 1915 Grip as Anton le Rocque
movie 1915 Her Nameless Child as Lord Harry Woodville
movie 1915 Home as Dan
movie 1915 Honeymoon for Three as Duke of Monte Casa
movie 1915 London's Yellow Peril as Negro
movie 1915 Midshipman Easy as Mesty
movie 1915 Motherhood as Sir Thomas Cadby
movie 1915 Shadows as Sir William Morris
movie 1915 Strategy as Detective
movie 1915 The Mystery of a Hansom Cab as Moreland
movie 1915 The World's Desire as George Cleaver
movie 1915 There's Good in Everyone as Marquis
movie 1915 Wild Oats
movie 1915 Yvonne as The Count
movie 1915 Hearts That Are Human
movie 1914 Beautiful Jim as Lt. Tommy Earle
movie 1914 Her Luck in London as Hon. Gerald O'Connor
movie 1914 In the Days of Trafalgar as Hatchett
movie 1914 It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary as Mike Maloney
movie 1914 The Bells of Rheims as Uhlan
movie 1914 The Courage of a Coward as The Burglar
movie 1914 The Idol of Paris as Prince Serbius
movie 1914 The Loss of the Birkenhead
movie 1914 The Sound of Her Voice as Henry Morne
movie 1914 The Suicide Club
movie 1914 The Boy and the Cheese