A. Edward Sutherland

A. Edward Sutherland (January 5, 1895 - December 31, 1973) was a film director and actor. Born in London, he was from a theatrical family. His father, Al Sutherland, was a theatre manager and producer and his mother, Julie Ring, was a vaudeville performer. He was a nephew of both Blanche Ring and Thomas Meighan. Sutherland acted in 37 known films early in his career, beginning as a Keystone Cop in Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914), which starred Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, and Marie Dress ... more on Wikipedia

A. Edward Sutherland Filmography

movie 1968 Dick und Doof, die Unzertrennlichen
movie 1966 The Invisible Woman
movie 1956 Bermuda Affair
movie 1956 Gun the Man Down
movie 1947 So You Want to Hold Your Wife
movie 1946 Abie's Irish Rose
movie 1945 Having Wonderful Crime
movie 1944 Follow the Boys
movie 1944 Secret Command
movie 1943 Dixie
movie 1942 Army Surgeon
movie 1942 Sing Your Worries Away
movie 1942 Star Spangled Rhythm
movie 1942 The Navy Comes Through
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough
movie 1941 Steel Against the Sky
movie 1940 Beyond Tomorrow
movie 1940 One Night in the Tropics
movie 1940 The Boys from Syracuse
movie 1940 The Invisible Woman
movie 1939 Zenobia
movie 1939 The Flying Deuces
movie 1937 Champagne Waltz
movie 1937 Every Day's a Holiday
movie 1936 Poppy
movie 1935 Diamond Jim
movie 1935 Mississippi
movie 1933 International House
movie 1933 Murders in the Zoo
movie 1933 Too Much Harmony
movie 1932 Sky Devils
movie 1932 Mr. Robinson Crusoe
movie 1932 Secrets of the French Police
movie 1931 The Gang Buster as Masher
movie 1931 Palmy Days
movie 1931 June Moon
movie 1931 Up Pops the Devil
movie 1930 Burning Up
movie 1930 Galas de la Paramount
movie 1930 Paramount on Parade
movie 1930 The Sap from Syracuse
movie 1930 The Social Lion
movie 1929 The Dance of Life as Theater Attendant
movie 1929 Close Harmony
movie 1929 Fast Company
movie 1929 Pointed Heels
movie 1929 The Saturday Night Kid
movie 1928 The Baby Cyclone
movie 1928 Tillie's Punctured Romance
movie 1928 What a Night!
movie 1927 Figures Don't Lie
movie 1927 Fireman, Save My Child
movie 1927 Love's Greatest Mistake
movie 1926 Behind the Front
movie 1926 It's the Old Army Game
movie 1926 We're in the Navy Now
movie 1925 A Regular Fellow
movie 1925 Coming Through
movie 1925 Wild, Wild Susan
movie 1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln as William Scott
movie 1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate as Cook
movie 1923 Girl from the West
movie 1922 Elope If You Must as Jazz Hennessy
movie 1922 Nancy from Nowhere as Jack Halliday
movie 1922 Second Hand Rose as Nat Rosestein
movie 1922 The Loaded Door as Joe Grainger
movie 1922 The Ordeal as Victim
movie 1922 The Woman He Loved as Jimmy Danvers
movie 1921 Everything for Sale as Donald Scott
movie 1921 Just Outside the Door as Ned Pickton
movie 1921 The Dollar-a-Year Man as The Prince
movie 1921 The Light in the Clearing as Barton Baynes
movie 1921 The Witching Hour as Clay Whipple
movie 1920 All of a Sudden Peggy as Jack Menzies
movie 1920 Conrad in Quest of His Youth as Conrad
movie 1920 The Paliser Case as JackMenzies
movie 1920 The Sea Wolf as George Leach, the Cabin Boy
movie 1919 A Girl Named Mary as Mr. Peavy
movie 1919 Love Insurance as Jack Paddock
movie 1919 The Veiled Adventure as Fred Barker
movie 1918 Which Woman? as Jimmy Nevin
movie 1917 A Dog's Own Tale
movie 1917 A Fallen Star
movie 1917 A Modern Sherlock
movie 1917 A Toy of Fate
movie 1917 Caught in the End as The Pal
movie 1917 Dad's Downfall
movie 1917 Heart Strategy
movie 1917 His Cool Nerve
movie 1917 His Foothill Folly
movie 1917 His Saving Grace
movie 1917 Innocent Sinners
movie 1917 Love Under Cover
movie 1917 The Girl and the Ring as Muscle Bound Murphy
movie 1917 The Telephone Belle
movie 1917 Won by a Foot
movie 1916 His Last Laugh as The Wealthy Maiden's Suitor
movie 1916 The Danger Girl as Last Season's Suitor
movie 1915 The Girl and the Game
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen

A. Edward Sutherland on Youtube

International House Trailer 1933 Director: A. Edward Sutherland Starring: Cab Calloway, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Rudy Vallee, W.C. ...

This is the original trailer for Sky Devils, a 1932 movie starring Spencer Tracy as a draft dodger who blunders into a war zone. The film was partly written ...

One Night in the Tropics Trailer - Directed by A. Edward Sutherland and starring Allan Jones, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Robert Cummings, William Frawley. The.

Trailer du film ├ętats-unien "Every Day's a Holiday" d'A. Edward Sutherland avec Mae West (1937). Pour voir le film au complet : http://www.youtube.com/watch?...