Adam Ambruso

Adam Ambruso Filmography

tv series 2013 TeleviSean as Jet
video movie 2011 Taming the Wang as Bartender
movie 2009 99 Cent Bond as Dr. Manhattan
video movie 2008 Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club as Undercover Narcotics Cop
movie 2006 Best Protection
movie 2005 Circadian Rhythm as Brooks Brother #2
movie 2004 Fist of Iron Chef as President Smith
video movie 2002 Killer Cop as Elliot, undercover cop

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James Bond dei Poveri - - - - COMEDY / PARODY (2009 US - 8 min) Parodia sulla spia piĆ¹ famosa del mondo, con intrusione di personaggi da altre storie...

Teaser Episode - Jake, Wang's agent, scrambles to divert Wang from his sister. -- More on the Cast & Crew -- Actor McKay Stewart:

Silverthorn was tasked with creating an image piece for a mid-sized bio tech firm that showcased the company's products, people, and research initiatives. 7 ...