Adam Boyer

Adam Boyer Filmography

movie 2014 Crimes and Mister Meanors as Lance
movie 2014 Solace as SWAT Team Captain
movie 2014 Trouble in the Plate as Clyde Mullins
movie 2014 Warrior Road as Alan's Dad
movie 2013 A Christmas Blessing as Police Officer
movie 2013 Blood of Man as Hank
movie 2013 Columbus as Robert
movie 2013 John Henry and the Railroad as Buford
movie 2012 Jack and the Dustbowl as Tom
movie 2012 Looper as Tye
movie 2011 C.I.G.A.R. as Blue
tv movie 2011 My Future Boyfriend as Agent Kurt Redding
movie 2011 The Change-Up as Tattoo Artist
tv movie 2011 The Effect as Evil Boss
movie 2010 Highland Fling as Ewan McGregor
movie 2010 Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure as Jim Shaw
movie 2010 The Beekeepers as Rudy
movie 2009 Halloween II as Bruce Cabot
movie 2009 Mandie and the Secret Tunnel as Jim Shaw
movie 2009 Sparkle and Tooter as Cousin Webb
movie 2009 The Hero of Time as Ganon
movie 2007 Blood Ties as Isf 1
movie 2007 Passion Play as John The Baptist
movie 2006 ATL as Bartender
movie 2006 Blame Falls as Ira Goldstein
movie 2006 Return of the Jackalope as Lenox Scott
movie 2006 The Last Adam as Umpire #2
movie 2005 Battaglia as Capt. James B. Cox, Jr.
movie 2005 Hell's End as Trench Soldier
movie 2005 Rorschach as Dr. Rorschach Edelstein
video movie 2005 Sugar Creek Gang: Revival Villains as John Till
movie 2005 The Unseen as Roger
tv movie 2004 Now I Just Run as Miles Armstrong
movie 2004 Once Upon a Jedi as Mr.Anderson
movie 2004 Success Is Mine
video movie 2004 Sugar Creek Gang: Swamp Robber as John Till
movie 2001 We Three Kings as Connery Elvis
movie 1998 In the Flesh as Dexter
movie 1998 The Real Reason (Men Commit Crimes) as Burton

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Eaddy co-stars with Adam Boyer in this romantic comedy about a fun-loving Scotsman and a straight-laced Southern Belle who are forced together in the making ...

Written and directed by Patrick Romero Dicaprio: Nich Malsom Tech: Sean McCallister Boss: Adam Boyer Client: John Weidman Sound design: garret ...

What happens when something mysterious shows up in the collection plate? That's what Rev. Robert (Bob) Kaplan finds out when a shadowy figure shows up at ...