Adele Lane

Adele Lane Filmography

movie 1915 A Modern Enoch Arden as Janet Fotheringay
movie 1915 A Second Beginning as Edna Granville
movie 1915 Across the Footlights as Adele
movie 1915 Ethel's Burglar as Ethel's Aunt
movie 1915 Her Own Blood as Jane
movie 1915 In the Heart of the Hills
movie 1915 Out of the Flames as Elaine Justice - Adam's Daughter
movie 1915 The Advisor
movie 1915 The Burden Bearer
movie 1915 The Markswoman as Mary Hall
movie 1915 The Millionaire Cabby as Doris Wilson
movie 1915 The Old Doctor
movie 1915 The Old Grouch as Mrs. John Agnew
movie 1915 The Opening Night as Nina Vaughan
movie 1915 The Valley of Regeneration as Rita Jordon
movie 1915 Where Happiness Dwells as Grace Manning
movie 1914 At Cross Purposes as Jane Binns
movie 1914 At Last We Are Alone as Dorothy Rider
movie 1914 Conscience and the Temptress as Vera Violetta - the Temptress
movie 1914 For Love of Him
movie 1914 On the Minute as Marion Biddle
movie 1914 Pawn Ticket '913'
movie 1914 Second Childhood
movie 1914 Somebody's Sister as Edna
movie 1914 Teaching Father a Lesson as Bess Jenks - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Better Way as Anna Wilson Ogden
movie 1914 The Captain's Chair as Little Tim Malone
movie 1914 The Champion Bear Slayer as Edith - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Decision of Jim O'Farrell
movie 1914 The Fatal Note as Mrs. Tisdale
movie 1914 The Lion Hunter as Wilhelmina Fredericka
movie 1914 The Loyalty of Jumbo as Paul's Wife
movie 1914 The Man Hater as Betty - Flora's Niece
movie 1914 The Missing Page
movie 1914 The Old vs. the New as Marion Foster
movie 1914 The Right to Happiness as Kate Morris - the Sister
movie 1914 The Skull and the Crown
movie 1914 The Story of Cupid as Psyche
movie 1914 The Story of Diana as A Sea Nymph
movie 1914 The Story of Venus as Venus
movie 1914 The Substitute Heir
movie 1914 Their Lesson as Molly Holden
movie 1914 Thou Shalt Not Kill as Esther Hale
movie 1914 Two Girls
movie 1914 Willie's Haircut
movie 1913 As a Father Spareth His Son as Young May's Wife
movie 1913 Dorothy's Adoption as Mrs. Lean
movie 1913 Father's Day as Hilda
movie 1913 Good for Evil as Grace Brooks - Burt Mason's Wife
movie 1913 Granddaddy's Boy as Bess - Eaton's Granddaughter
movie 1913 In God We Trust
movie 1913 John Bousall of the U.S. Secret Service as Alice Gordon - Ben's Daughter
movie 1913 The Acid Test
movie 1913 The Beaded Buckskin Bag as Annette
movie 1913 The Cipher Message as Muriel Kent
movie 1913 The Fighting Lieutenant
movie 1913 The Open Door as Prudence Yarnell - David's Wife
movie 1913 The Quality of Mercy as Emma Leighton
movie 1913 The Redemption of Railroad Jack as The Station Agent's Daughter
movie 1913 The Trail of Cards as Constance
movie 1913 The Woodfire at Martin's as Reita - the Singer
movie 1913 When May Weds December as Mrs. Force's Daughter
movie 1913 When Men Forget
movie 1912 A Western Courtship as Mary Wills - the Nurse
movie 1912 An Indian's Gratitude as Mary Cullen
movie 1912 The Detective's Conscience as Nell Carter - Rod's Sister
movie 1912 The Ingrate
movie 1912 The Ranger's Reward as Bonita
movie 1912 The Salted Mine
movie 1912 The Sand Storm as Edna Fox

Adele Lane on Youtube The boys are using softbaits. Bucko finaly craked it. Got his first snapper using his son's (Boston) rod. Steve was do...