Adolph Milar

Adolph Milar Filmography

movie 1945 Hotel Berlin as Hotel Guest
movie 1944 The Hitler Gang as Heinrich Hoffman
movie 1942 Reunion in France as Gestapo Agent
movie 1942 The Lady Has Plans as German Official
movie 1941 Man Hunt as German Pigeon Man
movie 1941 Paris Calling as Gestapo Agent
movie 1941 So Ends Our Night as Black Pig Proprietor
movie 1940 Escape as Salesman
movie 1940 The Great Profile as Herman
movie 1939 Barricade as German on Train
movie 1939 Bridal Suite as Hotel Runner at Train Station
movie 1939 Everything Happens at Night as First Sled Driver
movie 1939 Idiot's Delight as Fellara
movie 1939 Man About Town as Musselman
movie 1939 Pack Up Your Troubles as Ambulance Driver
movie 1938 Gateway as Immigrant
movie 1938 Happy Landing as Constanble
movie 1938 I'll Give a Million as Gendarme
movie 1937 It Could Happen to You! as Minor Role
movie 1937 Lancer Spy as Ship's Officer
movie 1937 Sudden Bill Dorn as Tony
movie 1937 Thin Ice as Fifth Porter
movie 1936 Come and Get It as Lumberjack
movie 1936 Revolt of the Zombies as Gen. von Schelling
movie 1935 East of Java as Boer Trader
movie 1935 Escape from Devil's Island as Guard
movie 1935 The Great Impersonation as German
movie 1935 Thunder in the Night as Servant
movie 1934 Bolero as Beer Garden Manager
movie 1934 Sons of Steel as Stanislaus
movie 1934 Whom the Gods Destroy as Newfoundland Husband
movie 1933 Perils of Pauline as Captain Drake [Chs. 2-3]
movie 1933 The Circus Queen Murder as Krumpz, Animal Trainer
movie 1932 Hypnotized as Ship Officer
movie 1932 The Savage Girl as Erich Vernuth aka Alec Bernouth
movie 1931 Dämon des Meeres
movie 1931 Honeymoon Lane as Paulino
movie 1931 Platinum Blonde as Doorman
movie 1930 Call of the Flesh as Police Officer
movie 1930 Isle of Escape as Dutch Planter
movie 1930 Rain or Shine as Foltz - the Lion Tamer
movie 1930 The Medicine Man as Peter
movie 1929 Bulldog Drummond as Marcovitch
movie 1928 Clothes Make the Woman as Bolshevik Leader
movie 1928 The Devil's Skipper as Mate Cornish
movie 1928 The Gateway of the Moon as Rudolf Gottman
movie 1928 The Michigan Kid as Shorty
movie 1927 Back to God's Country as Frenchie Leblanc
movie 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Mr. Haley
movie 1926 Wandering Papas as The hermit
movie 1925 Marriage in Transit as Haynes
movie 1924 Love's Wilderness as Captain Moreau
movie 1923 Backbone as The Mailer
movie 1923 Enemies of Women as Terrorist
movie 1923 Fury as Yuka
movie 1922 My Friend the Devil as Dryden's Stepfather
movie 1921 The Girl from Porcupine as Red McTavish
movie 1920 Something Different as Spy
movie 1920 The Road of Ambition as Ole Olson
movie 1920 The Silent Barrier as Stampa

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