Adolphe Menjou

Adolphe Jean Menjou (February 18, 1890 ? October 29, 1963) was an American actor. His career spanned both silent films and talkies, appearing in such films as The Sheik, A Woman of Paris, Morroco, and A Star is Born. He was nominated for an Academy Award for The Front Page in 1931. ... more on Wikipedia

Adolphe Menjou Filmography

movie 2007 Trumbo as Himself
tv movie 1998 Classified X as Himself
movie 1997 Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life as Himself - Before HUAC
tv movie 1993 Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America as Col. Carleton Carroway
tv movie 1992 Citizen Cohn as Himself
movie 1983 Zelig as Himself
movie 1976 Hollywood on Trial as Himself
tv movie 1969 Hollywood: The Selznick Years as Himself, film clip from 'Star Is Born'
movie 1965 The Love Goddesses as Himself
movie 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up as Himself
movie 1960 Pollyanna as Mr. Pendergast
movie 1958 I Married a Woman as Frederick W. Sutton
movie 1957 Paths of Glory as Gen. George Broulard
movie 1957 The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown as Arthur Martin
movie 1956 Bundle of Joy as J.B. Merlin
movie 1956 The Ambassador's Daughter as Senator Jonathan Cartwright
movie 1955 Timberjack as 'Sweetwater' Tilton
movie 1953 Man on a Tightrope as Fesker
movie 1952 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Mr. Movies as Himself
movie 1952 The Sniper as Police Lt. Frank Kafka
movie 1951 Across the Wide Missouri as Pierre
movie 1951 The Tall Target as Colonel Caleb Jeffers
movie 1950 To Please a Lady as Gregg
movie 1949 Dancing in the Dark as Melville Crossman
movie 1949 My Dream Is Yours as Thomas Hutchins
movie 1948 State of the Union as Jim Conover
movie 1947 I'll Be Yours as J. Conrad Nelson
movie 1947 Mr. District Attorney as Craig Warren
movie 1947 The Hucksters as Mr. Kimberly
movie 1946 Heartbeat as Ambassador
movie 1946 The Bachelor's Daughters as Alexander Moody
movie 1945 Man Alive as Kismet
movie 1944 Step Lively as Wagner
movie 1943 Hi Diddle Diddle as Col. Hector Phyffe
movie 1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady as Tom Moran
movie 1942 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 6 as Himself
movie 1942 Roxie Hart as Billy Flynn
movie 1942 Syncopation as George Latimer
movie 1942 You Were Never Lovelier as Eduardo Acuña
movie 1941 Father Takes a Wife as Frederic 'Freddie' Osborne Senior
movie 1941 Road Show as Col. Carleton Carroway
movie 1940 A Bill of Divorcement as Hilary Fairfield
movie 1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood as Himself - Rose Bowl Parade Spectator
movie 1940 Turnabout as Phil Manning
movie 1939 Golden Boy as Tom Moody
movie 1939 King of the Turf as Jim Mason
movie 1939 That's Right - You're Wrong as Stacey Delmore
movie 1939 The Housekeeper's Daughter as Deakon Maxwell
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as John Mannering
movie 1938 Thanks for Everything as J. B. Harcourt
movie 1938 The Goldwyn Follies as Oliver Merlin
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as Oliver Niles
movie 1937 Café Metropole as Monsieur Victor
movie 1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl as John Cardwell
movie 1937 Stage Door as Anthony Powell
movie 1936 One in a Million as Tad Spencer
movie 1936 Sing, Baby, Sing as Bruce Farraday
movie 1936 The Milky Way as Gabby Sloan
movie 1936 Wives Never Know as J. Hugh Ramsey
movie 1935 Broadway Gondolier as Professor Eduardo de Vinci
movie 1935 Gold Diggers of 1935 as Nicoleff
movie 1934 Easy to Love as John
movie 1934 Journal of a Crime as Paul
movie 1934 Little Miss Marker as Sorrowful Jones
movie 1934 The Great Flirtation as Stephan Karpath
movie 1934 The Human Side as Gregory Sheldon
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Bailey Walsh
movie 1934 The Trumpet Blows as Pancho Montes
movie 1933 Convention City as T.R. Kent
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-13 as Himself
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 as Himself
movie 1933 Morning Glory as Louis Easton
movie 1933 The Circus Queen Murder as Thatcher Colt
movie 1933 The Worst Woman in Paris? as Adolphe Ballou
movie 1932 A Farewell to Arms as Maj. Rinaldi
movie 1932 Bachelor's Affairs as Andrew Hoyt
movie 1932 Diamond Cut Diamond as Dan McQueen
movie 1932 Forbidden as Bob
movie 1932 Prestige as Capt. Remy Bandoin
movie 1932 The Night Club Lady as Police Commissioner Thatcher Colt
movie 1932 Two White Arms as Maj. Carey Liston
movie 1931 Friends and Lovers as Captain Geoffrey Roberts
movie 1931 Men Call It Love as Tony
movie 1931 The Easiest Way as William Brockton
movie 1931 The Front Page as Walter Burns
movie 1931 The Great Lover as Paurel
movie 1931 The Parisian as Jérome Rocheville
movie 1931 Wir schalten um auf Hollywood as Himself
movie 1930 Amor audaz as Albert d'Arlons
movie 1930 L'énigmatique Monsieur Parkes as Courtenay Parkes
movie 1930 Mon gosse de père as Jérome
movie 1930 Morocco as Monsieur La Bessiere
movie 1930 New Moon as Governor Boris Brusiloff
movie 1930 Soyons gais as Bob Brown
movie 1929 Fashions in Love as Paul de Remy
movie 1929 Marquis Preferred as Marquis d'Argenville
movie 1928 A Night of Mystery as Captain Ferreol
movie 1928 His Private Life as Georges St. Germain
movie 1928 His Tiger Wife as Henri
movie 1927 A Gentleman of Paris as Marquis de Marignan
movie 1927 Blonde or Brunette as Henri Martel
movie 1927 Evening Clothes as Lucien d'Artois
movie 1927 Serenade as Franz Rossi
movie 1927 Service for Ladies as Albert Leroux
movie 1926 A Social Celebrity as Max Haber
movie 1926 Fascinating Youth as Himself - Adolphe Menjou
movie 1926 The Ace of Cads as Chappel Maturin
movie 1926 The Grand Duchess and the Waiter as Albert Durant
movie 1926 The Sorrows of Satan as Prince Lucio de Rimanez
movie 1925 A Kiss in the Dark as Walter Grenham
movie 1925 Are Parents People? as Mr. Hazlitt
movie 1925 Lost: A Wife as Tony Hamilton
movie 1925 The King on Main Street as King Serge IV of Molvania
movie 1925 The Swan as Albert von Kersten-Rodenfels
movie 1924 Broadway After Dark as Ralph Norton
movie 1924 Broken Barriers as Tommy Kemp
movie 1924 For Sale as Joseph Hudley
movie 1924 Forbidden Paradise as Chancellor
movie 1924 Open All Night as Edmund Durverne
movie 1924 Shadows of Paris as Georges de Croy, His Secretary
movie 1924 Sinners in Silk as Arthur Merrill
movie 1924 The Fast Set as Ernest Steel
movie 1924 The Marriage Cheat as Bob Canfield
movie 1924 The Marriage Circle as Professor Josef Stock
movie 1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate as Pierre Revel
movie 1923 Bella Donna as Mr. Chepstow
movie 1923 Rupert of Hentzau as Count Rischenheim
movie 1923 The Spanish Dancer as Don Salluste
movie 1923 The World's Applause as Robert Townsend
movie 1922 Arabian Love as Captain Fortine
movie 1922 Clarence as Hubert Stein
movie 1922 Head Over Heels as Sterling
movie 1922 Is Matrimony a Failure? as Dudley King
movie 1922 Pink Gods as Louis Barney
movie 1922 Singed Wings as Bliss Gordon
movie 1922 The Eternal Flame as Duc de Langeais
movie 1922 The Fast Mail as Cal Baldwin
movie 1921 Courage as Bruce Ferguson
movie 1921 Queenie as Count Michael
movie 1921 The Faith Healer as Dr. Littlefield
movie 1921 The Sheik as Dr. Raoul de St. Hubert
movie 1921 The Three Musketeers as Louis XIII
movie 1921 Through the Back Door as James Brewster
movie 1920 What Happened to Rosa as Reporter Friend of Dr. Drew
movie 1917 An Even Break as Bit Part
movie 1917 The Amazons
movie 1917 The Moth as The Husband
movie 1917 The Valentine Girl as Joe Winder
movie 1917 Wild and Woolly
movie 1916 A Parisian Romance as Julianai
movie 1916 Manhattan Madness as Bit Part
movie 1916 Nearly a King as Baron
movie 1916 The Blue Envelope Mystery as Bit Part
movie 1916 The Crucial Test as Count Nicolai
movie 1916 The Devil at His Elbow as Wilfred Carleton
movie 1916 The Habit of Happiness as Society Man
movie 1916 The Kiss as Pennington
movie 1916 The Price of Happiness as Howard Neal
movie 1916 The Reward of Patience as Paul Dunstan
movie 1916 The Scarlet Runner as Bit Part
movie 1914 The Acid Test as Extra
movie 1914 The Man Behind the Door as Ringmaster

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