Ahi Sanyal

Ahi Sanyal Filmography

movie 1948 Anirban
movie 1948 Shesh Nibedan
movie 1947 Abhijog
movie 1946 Pratima
movie 1941 Mayer Pran
movie 1941 Shakuntala as Fisherman
movie 1941 Sree Radha
movie 1940 Nimai Sanyasi as Madhai
movie 1939 Bardidi as Ahi
movie 1939 Sapurey as Guttey
movie 1938 Desher Mati
movie 1938 Street Singer
movie 1937 Bidyapati as Pitamber
movie 1937 Mukti
movie 1936 Grihadah
movie 1936 Manzil
movie 1936 Maya
movie 1935 Abasheshe
movie 1935 Bhagya Chakra as Bad singer
movie 1935 Devdas
movie 1935 Dhoop Chhaon as Bad singer
movie 1934 Chandidas as Shiromani
movie 1933 Sreegouranga
movie 1927 Shankaracharya

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Devdas (Saigal/Barua), son of a zamindar, and Parvati (aka Paro) (Jamuna), his poor neighbours daughter, are childhood sweethearts. Status and caste differen ...

The first playback clip of India, according to somein Asia.Film is Dhoop Chhayon-1935. The bengali version Bhagyachakra also had this sequence with the song ...

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