Aileen Manning

Aileen Manning Filmography

movie 1931 Huckleberry Finn as Abigail Martin
movie 1931 Range Law as Ruth's attendant
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as Mrs. Craig - Orphanage Matron
movie 1929 A Single Man as Mrs. Farley
movie 1929 Sweetie as Miss Twill
movie 1929 Wedding Rings as Ester Quinn
movie 1928 Heart to Heart as Aunt Meta
movie 1928 Home, James as Mrs. Elliot
movie 1928 The Olympic Hero as Physical Instructress
movie 1928 The Virgin Queen as Lady in Waiting
movie 1928 Vacation Waves as Eddie's Mother-in-law
movie 1927 Man, Woman and Sin
movie 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Aunt Ophelia
movie 1926 The Boy Friend
movie 1926 The Whole Town's Talking as Mrs. Van Loon
movie 1925 Enticement as The Old Maid
movie 1925 Stella Maris as Mary Heaton
movie 1925 Thank You as Hannah
movie 1925 The Bridge of Sighs as Mrs. Smithers
movie 1925 Under the Rouge as Mrs. Fleck
movie 1924 Her Marriage Vow as Spinster
movie 1924 Lovers' Lane as Miss Mealy
movie 1924 The House of Youth as Aunt Maggie Endicott
movie 1924 The Snob as Lottie
movie 1923 Main Street as Mrs. Stowbody
movie 1923 Nobody's Money as Prue Kimball
movie 1922 A Tailor-Made Man as Miss Shayn
movie 1922 Beauty's Worth as Aunt Cynthia Whitney
movie 1922 Mixed Faces as Mrs. Molly Crutcher
movie 1922 Rags to Riches as Purist League member
movie 1922 The Power of Love as Ysabel Almeda
movie 1921 Home Stuff as Mrs. 'Pat'
movie 1920 Everybody's Sweetheart as Mrs. Willing
movie 1920 Heart of Twenty as Aunt Lucy
movie 1920 Her Husband's Friend as Dr. Henrietta Carter
movie 1920 The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come as Cousin Lucy
movie 1919 A Regular Fellow as Mrs. JHoratio Grimm

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