Aja Filmography

video movie 2005 Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2
video movie 2003 Oral Sensations 7
video movie 2003 Timeless
video movie 2001 Seized & Controlled
video movie 2001 Sensual Obsessions
video movie 2001 Splatterhouse #16
video movie 2000 Cock Smokers 17
video movie 2000 Creme de la Face 46: Juice and Goo Bar
video movie 2000 Hot Rod Chicks as Cherry
video movie 2000 Lover's Spell
video movie 1999 Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers 3
movie 1999 Whatever Floats Your Boat
video movie 1998 Habits of the Heart
video movie 1998 Taste of Evil
video movie 1997 Battle of Millenia
video movie 1997 Black Climax, Volume 19
video movie 1997 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 35
video movie 1997 Surveillance
video movie 1997 Tails of Perversity 3
video movie 1994 American Dream Girls
movie 1994 Big-Titted Tarts
video movie 1994 Natural Pleasure
movie 1993 Bizarre Mistress Series: Sharon Mitchell
video movie 1993 More Than a Handful
video movie 1992 Blue Angel as Venus
video movie 1992 Blue Angel: Part II as Venus
video movie 1992 Breast Worx 33
video movie 1992 Bubble Butts 10
video movie 1992 Foxes
video movie 1992 Head Again as Ann
video movie 1992 Hot Flesh, Cold Chains
video movie 1992 Kiss & Tell
video movie 1992 Ladies Loving Ladies Loving Ladies Part 2
video movie 1992 Layin' Down the Law
video movie 1992 Laying Down the Law 2
video movie 1992 Legends of Porn III
video movie 1992 Lick Bush
video movie 1992 Nookie Court
video movie 1992 Office Girls as Holly Woods
video movie 1992 Oriental Treatment 4: The Demon Lover
video movie 1992 Oriental Treatment: Part II (The Lost Empress)
video movie 1992 Puppy Love as Fifi
video movie 1992 Quickies
video movie 1992 Seymore Butts & the Honeymooners
movie 1992 Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack as Aja
video movie 1992 Silver Seduction
video movie 1992 Temptations as Phyllis
video movie 1992 The Dungeon Master
video movie 1992 The Goddaughter: Part 3
video movie 1992 The Goddaughter: Part IV
video movie 1992 Tinsel Town Wives
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video as Woman
movie 1992 Victoria and Company
video movie 1992 Where the Girls Play
video movie 1991 Chicks: No Dicks
movie 1991 Club Head 2
video movie 1991 Gazongas 3
video movie 1991 Hunchback of the Notre Dame
video movie 1991 Lingerie Busters
video movie 1991 Lost in Paradise
video movie 1991 Most Wanted
video movie 1991 Stars Who Do Deep Throat
video movie 1991 The Bondage Society
video movie 1991 The Book
video movie 1991 The Only Game in Town?
movie 1991 This Dick for Hire
movie 1991 Two Girls for Every Guy
video movie 1991 X-Rated Bloppers II
video movie 1991 Outback Assignment
movie 1991 Sexual Healer
video movie 1990 A Taste of Trinity Loren
video movie 1990 Anal Angels 2
movie 1990 Aussie Maid in America
video movie 1990 Backfield in Motion
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 2
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 3
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 4
video movie 1990 Big Melons 31
movie 1990 Call Girl Academy
movie 1990 Depraved
video movie 1990 DeRenzy Tapes
video movie 1990 Desktop Dolls
movie 1990 Dial a Sailor
movie 1990 Dirty Books
video movie 1990 Erotic Explosions 2
movie 1990 From Japan with Love
movie 1990 Hollywood Hustle 2
movie 1990 Jungle Beaver
movie 1990 King Tung: Bustin' the Royal Heinies
movie 1990 Madame X
movie 1990 Power Play
movie 1990 Riding Miss Daisy
movie 1990 Seduction
movie 1990 Sex Crazy
movie 1990 Singles Holiday
movie 1990 Stairway to Paradise as Windstorm
movie 1990 The Maltese Phallus
movie 1990 Wanda Does Transylvania
video movie 1990 Aussie Exchange Girls
video movie 1989 4-F Dating Service
video movie 1989 A Fistfull of Bimbos!
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 32
movie 1989 Anal Intruder 3
movie 1989 Angel of the Island
movie 1989 Army Brat 2
movie 1989 At the Pornies
movie 1989 Bi Mistake as Manager of dating service
video movie 1989 Black Beauty
video movie 1989 Brat Force
movie 1989 Chills as Reminiscing wife
video movie 1989 Coming on America
video movie 1989 Deep Throat III as Laura
movie 1989 Dirty Diane
movie 1989 Dreams Bi-Night
movie 1989 Dresden Diary 3
movie 1989 Dresden Diary 4
movie 1989 Family Thighs
movie 1989 Feel the Heat
video movie 1989 Flame as Doris McKenzie
movie 1989 Getting Off on Broadway
video movie 1989 Girls of the Double D 4
video movie 1989 Girls of the Double D 9 as Client
video movie 1989 Heather
movie 1989 Hometown Honeys 3
video movie 1989 Illicit Affairs as Wendy
movie 1989 Innocence Lost
video movie 1989 Innocent Bi-Standers as Delilah
video movie 1989 Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell! as #1 Slut
video movie 1989 Legal Tender
movie 1989 Life Is Butt a Dream
movie 1989 Mad Love as Woman
video movie 1989 Matters in Hand
movie 1989 Midnight Baller
video movie 1989 Missy Impossible as Missy Impossible
video movie 1989 More Than Friends
video movie 1989 My Bare Lady as Mrs. Fierce
movie 1989 Mystery of the Golden Lotus
video movie 1989 Naughty Neighbors
video movie 1989 No Man's Land 3
video movie 1989 Open House
video movie 1989 Outrageous Orgies 5
video movie 1989 Paris Burnning as Valerie
movie 1989 Phantom X as Nina
video movie 1989 Rain Woman as Carrol
movie 1989 Risque Business
movie 1989 Sextectives
video movie 1989 Sexual Fantasies
movie 1989 She-Male Encounters 19: Toga Party
video movie 1989 Simply Irresistible as Jill
video movie 1989 Snatched as Ellen Smits
video movie 1989 Splash Shots as Bridget
movie 1989 Stand-in Studs
video movie 1989 Stolen Kisses
video movie 1989 Suzie Superstar Part - III as Tera
movie 1989 Swedish Erotica Featurettes 1
movie 1989 Taylor Made
movie 1989 The Big Pink as Saigon
movie 1989 The Last Temptation as Kathy
movie 1989 The Naked Stranger
movie 1989 The Oversexual Tourist
video movie 1989 The Roll-X Girls
movie 1989 Too Hot to Stop
video movie 1989 UninhiBIted
movie 1989 Westside Tori
movie 1989 Wet Pink
movie 1989 Wetness for the Prosecution as Undercover cop 1
video movie 1989 Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?: Part Two
movie 1989 Who Shaved Aja?
movie 1989 Wildfire
video movie 1989 With a Wiggle in Her Walk as Mindy
movie 1989 For Your Lips Only
movie 1988 69 Pump Street
movie 1988 A Woman's Touch
movie 1988 Aja
movie 1988 All American Girl
movie 1988 All for One
movie 1988 Angel Rising
movie 1988 Black Rage
video movie 1988 Black Widow as Brenda
movie 1988 Broadway Brat
video movie 1988 Coming in America
movie 1988 Fast Girls 2
movie 1988 Filet-o-Breast
video movie 1988 Girls Girls Girls
video movie 1988 Good Morning Saigon
movie 1988 Just Between Friends
video movie 1988 Kascha & Friends
movie 1988 Lays of Our Lives
video movie 1988 Moonstroked
movie 1988 Playing with a Full Dick
movie 1988 Prom Girls
video movie 1988 Pumping Ethel as Tammy Sue
movie 1988 Rachel Ryan Exposed
video movie 1988 Romeo and Juliet Part II as Elena
movie 1988 Still the Brat
movie 1988 Sucker as Contestant competing for new car engine
movie 1988 Surfside Sex as Sandy
movie 1988 Take Me
video movie 1988 The Case of the Sensuous Sinners as Fawn Angel
movie 1988 The Ebony Garden
movie 1988 The Erotic Adventures of Chi-Chi Chan
video movie 1988 The Ghostess with the Mostess
video movie 1988 The Last Temptations of Kristi
video movie 1988 The Pillowman as Karen
movie 1988 Wild in the Woods
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 50 as Herself

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MAK IRIT adalah seseorang yang terkenal di seluruh masyarakat Indonesia dan mempunyai kelebihan selain bisa membesarkan sesuatu, dia juga juga bisa ...

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