Al Christie

Al Christie (October 23, 1881 ? April 14, 1951) was a Canadian-born motion picture director, producer and screenwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

Al Christie Filmography

tv series 2001 Slaphappy as Himself
movie 1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter as Himself
movie 1947 It Pays to Be Funny
movie 1944 The Birth of a Star
movie 1942 Bob's Busy Day
movie 1942 The Framing of the Shrew
movie 1941 Hands of Destiny
movie 1940 Half a Sinner
movie 1939 Three Magic Words
movie 1938 Air Parade
movie 1938 All's Fair
movie 1938 Beautiful, But Dummies
movie 1938 Cactus Caballeros
movie 1938 Cupid Takes a Holiday
movie 1938 Cute Crime
movie 1938 Getting an Eyeful
movie 1938 Hi-Ho Hollywood
movie 1938 Jitterbugs
movie 1938 Love and Onions
movie 1938 Love Goes West
movie 1938 Money on Your Life
movie 1938 Pardon My Accident
movie 1938 Sing for Sweetie
movie 1938 The Miss They Missed
movie 1938 Uncle Sol Solves It
movie 1938 Wanna Be a Model?
movie 1938 Winner Lose All
movie 1938 Birth of a Baby
movie 1937 Ask Uncle Sol
movie 1937 Bashful Ballerina
movie 1937 Calling All Crooners
movie 1937 Comic Artist's Home Life
movie 1937 Dates and Nuts
movie 1937 Dental Follies
movie 1937 Dime a Dance
movie 1937 Freshies
movie 1937 Fun's Fun
movie 1937 Girls Ahoy
movie 1937 Going, Going, Gone!
movie 1937 Hamlet and Eggs
movie 1937 Heir Today
movie 1937 Her Accidental Hero
movie 1937 Hi-Ya Doc!
movie 1937 High-C Honeymoon
movie 1937 His Pest Girl
movie 1937 Hold It!
movie 1937 Holding the Bag
movie 1937 How to Dance the Shag
movie 1937 Hurray for Hooligan
movie 1937 Koo Koo Korrespondance Skool
movie 1937 Love in Arms
movie 1937 Man to Man
movie 1937 Meet the Bride
movie 1937 Melody Girl
movie 1937 Montague the Magnificent
movie 1937 Off the Horses
movie 1937 Pixilated
movie 1937 Play! Girls
movie 1937 Playboy Number One
movie 1937 Practically Perfect
movie 1937 Ready to Serve
movie 1937 Rhythm Saves the Day
movie 1937 See Uncle Sol
movie 1937 Silly Night
movie 1937 Sweeties
movie 1937 That's the Spirit
movie 1937 The Affairs of Pierre
movie 1937 The Bashful Buckaroo
movie 1937 The Big Apple
movie 1937 The Big Courtship
movie 1937 The Smart Way
movie 1937 The Timid Ghost
movie 1937 Who's Crazy?
movie 1937 Who's Who
movie 1937 Will You Stop!
movie 1937 Slacks Appeal
movie 1936 Alpine Rendezvous
movie 1936 Amuse Yourself
movie 1936 Any Old Port
movie 1936 Bashful Buddies
movie 1936 Beware of Blondes
movie 1936 Blue Blazes
movie 1936 Boy, Oh Boy
movie 1936 Fresh from the Fleet
movie 1936 Gags and Gals
movie 1936 Gifts in Rhythm
movie 1936 Giv'im Air
movie 1936 Going Native
movie 1936 Gold Bricks
movie 1936 Happy Heels
movie 1936 Home on the Range
movie 1936 It Happened All Right
movie 1936 Just Plain Folks
movie 1936 Just the Type
movie 1936 Krazi-Inventions
movie 1936 Love in September
movie 1936 Mixed Policies
movie 1936 Modern Home
movie 1936 Parked in Paree
movie 1936 Peaceful Relations
movie 1936 Pink Lemonade
movie 1936 Rah! Rah! Rhythm
movie 1936 Rail Birds
movie 1936 Sleepless Hollow
movie 1936 Spooks
movie 1936 Spring Is Here
movie 1936 Strike! You're Out!
movie 1936 Thanks, Mr. Cupid
movie 1936 The Brain Busters
movie 1936 The Chemist
movie 1936 The Queen's Birthday
movie 1936 The Ring Goes 'Round
movie 1936 The Screen Test
movie 1936 The Wacky Family
movie 1936 The White Hope
movie 1936 Transatlantic Love
movie 1936 Triple Trouble
movie 1936 Way Down Yonder
movie 1936 Where Is Wall Street
movie 1936 Whose Baby Are You?
movie 1935 A Nose for News
movie 1935 All for One
movie 1935 An Ear for Music
movie 1935 College Capers
movie 1935 Dame Shy
movie 1935 Dumb Luck
movie 1935 Easy Money
movie 1935 Easy Pickin's
movie 1935 Fireman's Day Off
movie 1935 Friendly Spirits
movie 1935 Gay Old Days
movie 1935 Grooms in Gloom
movie 1935 He's a Prince
movie 1935 Hillbilly Love
movie 1935 How Am I Doing
movie 1935 Hurray for Rhythm
movie 1935 Ladies Love Hats
movie 1935 Love in a Hurry
movie 1935 Moon Over Manhattan
movie 1935 Moonlight and Melody
movie 1935 Mr. Widget
movie 1935 Object Not Matrimony
movie 1935 One Big Happy Family
movie 1935 Only the Brave
movie 1935 Penny Wise
movie 1935 Perfect Thirty-Sixes
movie 1935 Personality and the Pen
movie 1935 Radio Rascals
movie 1935 Rhythm of Paree
movie 1935 Rodeo Day
movie 1935 Seeing Nellie Home
movie 1935 Sorority Blues
movie 1935 Stylish Stouts
movie 1935 The Amateur Husband
movie 1935 The Life of the Party
movie 1935 The Light Fantastic
movie 1935 The Magic Word
movie 1935 The Old Camp Ground
movie 1935 The Song Plugger
movie 1935 Time Out
movie 1935 Way Out West
movie 1935 Kiss the Bride
movie 1934 Dog-gone Babies
movie 1934 Domestic Bliss-ters
movie 1934 Gentlemen of the Bar
movie 1934 Going Spanish
movie 1934 Good Luck - Best Wishes
movie 1934 Hotel Anchovy
movie 1934 Mountain Melody
movie 1934 Nifty Nurses
movie 1934 Rural Romeos
movie 1934 Second Hand Husband
movie 1934 She's My Lilly, I'm Her Willie
movie 1934 Super Stupid
movie 1934 The Girl from Paradise
movie 1934 The Inventors
movie 1934 Three Cheers for Love
movie 1934 The Wrong Bottle
movie 1933 Air Maniacs
movie 1933 Keyhole Katie
movie 1933 Static
movie 1933 Techno-Crazy
movie 1933 The Big Squeal
movie 1932 He's a Honey
movie 1932 Hollywood Runaround
movie 1932 Honeymoon Beach
movie 1932 Keep Laughing
movie 1932 Mother's Holiday
movie 1932 Ship A Hooey!
movie 1932 That Rascal
movie 1931 A College Racket
movie 1931 A Happy Little Honeymoon
movie 1931 Come to Papa
movie 1931 Don't Divorce Him
movie 1931 For the Love of Fanny
movie 1931 Girls Will Be Boys
movie 1931 Meet the Wife
movie 1931 Smart Work
movie 1931 The Foolish Forties
movie 1931 The Freshman's Finish
movie 1931 The Girl Rush
movie 1931 What a Head!
movie 1930 Charley's Aunt
movie 1930 College Cuties
movie 1930 Don't Believe It
movie 1930 Don't Give Up
movie 1930 Don't Leave Home
movie 1930 Down with Husbands
movie 1930 Expensive Kisses
movie 1930 For Love or Money
movie 1930 His Honor the Mayor
movie 1930 Johnny's Week End
movie 1930 Let Me Explain
movie 1930 Love Your Neighbor
movie 1930 Our Nagging Wives
movie 1930 Scrappily Married
movie 1930 So This Is Paris Green
movie 1930 Sweethearts on Parade
movie 1930 The Bearded Lady
movie 1930 The Duke of Dublin
movie 1930 The Freshman's Goat
movie 1930 The Stronger Sex
movie 1929 A Bird in the Hand
movie 1929 A Hint to Brides
movie 1929 Adam's Eve
movie 1929 Are Scotchmen Tight?
movie 1929 Brown Gravy
movie 1929 Confessions of a Chorus Girl
movie 1929 Crazy Doings
movie 1929 Dangerous Females
movie 1929 Dear Vivian
movie 1929 Divorce Made Easy
movie 1929 Faro Nell
movie 1929 Footlight Fanny
movie 1929 Footloose Wimmen
movie 1929 Happy Heels
movie 1929 He Did His Best
movie 1929 He Loved the Ladies
movie 1929 Her Husband's Women
movie 1929 His Angel Child
movie 1929 Hot Lemonade
movie 1929 Jed's Vacation
movie 1929 Ladies' Choice
movie 1929 Love Spats
movie 1929 Lovers' Delight
movie 1929 Marching to Georgie
movie 1929 Meet the Missus
movie 1929 Melancholy Dame
movie 1929 Music Hath Harms
movie 1929 Off the Deck
movie 1929 Oft in the Silly Night
movie 1929 Papa Spank
movie 1929 Post Mortem
movie 1929 Prince Gabby
movie 1929 Reckless Rosie
movie 1929 Rough Dried
movie 1929 Sappy Service
movie 1929 Single Bliss
movie 1929 Stage Struck Susie
movie 1929 That Red-Headed Hussy
movie 1929 The Carnation Kid
movie 1929 The Dancing Gob
movie 1929 The Fatal Forceps
movie 1929 The Framing of the Shrew
movie 1929 The Lady Fare
movie 1929 The Sleeping Porch
movie 1929 The Widow's Bite
movie 1929 Tight Places
movie 1929 Turn Him Loose
movie 1929 Weak But Willing
movie 1929 When Caesar Ran a Newspaper
movie 1929 Why Gorillas Leave Home
movie 1928 A Gallant Gob
movie 1928 A She Going Sailor
movie 1928 Believe It or Not
movie 1928 Bugs, My Dear!
movie 1928 Campus Cuties
movie 1928 Fighting Fannie
movie 1928 Gobs of Love
movie 1928 Goofy Ghosts
movie 1928 Half-Back Hannah
movie 1928 Hold 'Er Cowboy
movie 1928 Holy Mackerel
movie 1928 Hot Scotch
movie 1928 Hot Sparks
movie 1928 Just the Type
movie 1928 Lay On, MacDuff
movie 1928 Long Hose
movie 1928 Loose Change
movie 1928 Love Shy
movie 1928 Love's Young Scream
movie 1928 Nifty Numbers
movie 1928 Oriental Hugs
movie 1928 Picture My Astonishment
movie 1928 Save the Pieces
movie 1928 Say Uncle
movie 1928 Sea Food
movie 1928 Should Scotchmen Marry?
movie 1928 Skating Home
movie 1928 Slick Slickers
movie 1928 Slippery Heels
movie 1928 Stop Kidding
movie 1928 Sweeties
movie 1928 The Dizzy Diver
movie 1928 The Sock Exchange
movie 1928 Tillie's Punctured Romance
movie 1928 Water Bugs
movie 1927 A Moony Mariner
movie 1927 Break Away
movie 1927 Cash and Carry
movie 1927 Chicken Feathers
movie 1927 Crazy to Fly
movie 1927 Dead Easy
movie 1927 Dizzy Sights
movie 1927 Dr. Quack
movie 1927 Duck Out
movie 1927 Dumb Belles
movie 1927 Easy Curves
movie 1927 French Fried
movie 1927 Giddy Gobblers
movie 1927 Here Comes Precious
movie 1927 Hot Papa
movie 1927 Jail Birdies
movie 1927 Mad Scrambles
movie 1927 Meet the Folks
movie 1927 Nifty Nags
movie 1927 No Sparking
movie 1927 Ocean Blues
movie 1927 Oh, Mummy!
movie 1927 Queer Ducks
movie 1927 Row, Sailor, Row
movie 1927 Sailor Beware
movie 1927 Scared Pink
movie 1927 Short Socks
movie 1927 Splash Yourself
movie 1927 Swiss Movements
movie 1927 Tie That Bull
movie 1927 Wedding Wows
movie 1927 Wild and Woozy
movie 1927 Wild Wallops
movie 1926 A Briny Boob
movie 1926 A Dippy Tar
movie 1926 A Salty Sap
movie 1926 A Wireless Lizzie
movie 1926 Beauty à la Mud
movie 1926 Broken China
movie 1926 Chase Yourself
movie 1926 Cool Off!
movie 1926 Dancing Daddy
movie 1926 Dodging Trouble
movie 1926 Don't Fire
movie 1926 Dummy Love
movie 1926 For Sadie's Sake
movie 1926 Fresh Faces
movie 1926 Gimmie Strength
movie 1926 Have Courage
movie 1926 Hitchin' Up
movie 1926 Hold Still
movie 1926 Hoot Mon!
movie 1926 Mister Wife
movie 1926 My Stars
movie 1926 Page Me
movie 1926 Papa's Pest
movie 1926 Run Tin Can
movie 1926 Shell Socked
movie 1926 Shore Shy
movie 1926 Stork Mad
movie 1926 The Daffy Dill
movie 1926 The Nervous Wreck
movie 1926 Till We Eat Again
movie 1926 Up in Mabel's Room
movie 1926 Uppercuts
movie 1926 Weak, But Willing
movie 1926 Whoa, Emma!
movie 1926 Wife Shy
movie 1925 A Goofy Gob
movie 1925 A Misfit Sailor
movie 1925 A Rarin' Romeo
movie 1925 Air Tight
movie 1925 Be Careful
movie 1925 Call a Cop
movie 1925 Charley's Aunt
movie 1925 Don't Pinch
movie 1925 Eat-a-Bite-a-Pie
movie 1925 Fair But Foolish
movie 1925 French Pastry
movie 1925 Good Spirits
movie 1925 Great Guns
movie 1925 Hot Doggie
movie 1925 Love Goofy
movie 1925 Madame Behave
movie 1925 My Swedie
movie 1925 Off His Beat
movie 1925 Oh, Bridget!
movie 1925 Sea Legs
movie 1925 Seven Days
movie 1925 Sit Tight
movie 1925 Slippery Feet
movie 1925 Soup to Nuts
movie 1925 Step Fast
movie 1925 Stop Flirting
movie 1925 Tender Feet
movie 1925 Watch Out
movie 1925 Why Hesitate?
movie 1925 Yes, Yes, Babette
movie 1924 A Fat Chance
movie 1924 Aggravatin' Papa
movie 1924 Bright Lights
movie 1924 Busy Buddies
movie 1924 Cornfed
movie 1924 Court Plaster
movie 1924 Dandy Lions
movie 1924 Easy Pickin's
movie 1924 Getting Gertie's Goat
movie 1924 Grandpa's Girl
movie 1924 High Gear
movie 1924 Hold Your Breath
movie 1924 Nerve Tonic
movie 1924 Reckless Romance
movie 1924 Reno or Bust
movie 1924 Ride 'Em Cowboy
movie 1924 Safe and Sane
movie 1924 Savage Love
movie 1924 Short Change
movie 1924 Stay Single
movie 1924 Tootsie Wootsie
movie 1924 Why Hurry?
movie 1923 A Hula Honeymoon
movie 1923 A Perfect 36
movie 1923 Babies Welcome
movie 1923 Back to the Woods
movie 1923 Be Yourself
movie 1923 Black and Blue
movie 1923 Call the Wagon
movie 1923 Done in Oil
movie 1923 Fool Proof
movie 1923 Green as Grass
movie 1923 Hazel from Hollywood
movie 1923 Hold Everything
movie 1923 Hot Water
movie 1923 Kidding Katie
movie 1923 Navy Blues
movie 1923 Plumb Crazy
movie 1923 Roll Along
movie 1923 Second Childhood
movie 1923 Take Your Choice
movie 1923 Winter Has Come
movie 1922 'Tis the Bull
movie 1922 'Twas Ever Thus
movie 1922 A Barnyard Cavalier
movie 1922 A Hickory Hick
movie 1922 A Rambling Romeo
movie 1922 Any Old Port
movie 1922 Bucking Broadway
movie 1922 Choose Your Weapons
movie 1922 Chop Suey
movie 1922 Cold Feet
movie 1922 Fair Enough
movie 1922 Hokus Pokus
movie 1922 In Dutch
movie 1922 Let 'Er Run
movie 1922 Mile-a-Minute Mary
movie 1922 Ocean Swells
movie 1922 Oh, Promise Me
movie 1922 One Stormy Knight
movie 1922 Pardon My Glove
movie 1922 The Chased Bride
movie 1922 The Son of Sheik
movie 1921 A Handy Husband
movie 1921 A Pair of Sexes
movie 1921 Afraid of His Wife
movie 1921 Assault and Flattery
movie 1921 Blondes
movie 1921 Chicken Hearted
movie 1921 Dead Easy
movie 1921 Dummy Love
movie 1921 Eat and Be Happy
movie 1921 Exit Quietly
movie 1921 Falling for Fanny
movie 1921 Fresh from the Farm
movie 1921 Hero Pro Tem
movie 1921 Hey, Rube!
movie 1921 His Bitter Half
movie 1921 His Four Fathers
movie 1921 How She Lied
movie 1921 Hubby Behave
movie 1921 In for Life
movie 1921 It's Your Move
movie 1921 Kiss and Make Up
movie 1921 Let Me Explain
movie 1921 Man vs. Woman
movie 1921 Mind Your Business
movie 1921 Mixed Bedrooms
movie 1921 Money Talks
movie 1921 Movie Mad
movie 1921 Naughty Mary Brown
movie 1921 Ninety Days or Life
movie 1921 No Parking
movie 1921 Nobody's Wife
movie 1921 Nothing Like It
movie 1921 Oh Buddy!
movie 1921 Oh, Brother!
movie 1921 Ouija Did It!
movie 1921 Paying Patients
movie 1921 Pure and Simple
movie 1921 Red Hot Love
movie 1921 Rest in Peace
movie 1921 Rocking the Boat
movie 1921 Saving Sister Susie
movie 1921 Say Uncle
movie 1921 Scrappily Married
movie 1921 See My Lawyer
movie 1921 Short and Snappy
movie 1921 Sneakers
movie 1921 Southern Exposure
movie 1921 Spiking the Spooks
movie 1921 Spooners
movie 1921 Standing Pat
movie 1921 Sweet Revenge
movie 1921 Take Your Time
movie 1921 The Reckless Sex
movie 1921 Three Jokers
movie 1921 Turkey Dressing
movie 1921 Wild and Willie
movie 1921 Zero Love
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 9 as Himself
movie 1920 813
movie 1920 A Bashful Bigamist
movie 1920 A Home Made Hero
movie 1920 A Home Spun Hero
movie 1920 A Husband in Haste
movie 1920 A Looney Honeymoon
movie 1920 A Saphead's Sacrifice
movie 1920 A Seaside Siren
movie 1920 Ain't Love Grand?
movie 1920 All Jazzed Up
movie 1920 Are Brides Happy?
movie 1920 Back from the Front
movie 1920 Beaned on the Border
movie 1920 Biff Bang Bomb
movie 1920 Bounced
movie 1920 Dining Room, Kitchen and Sink
movie 1920 Don't Blame the Stork
movie 1920 Dry and Thirsty
movie 1920 Ducks
movie 1920 Fair But False
movie 1920 Fit to Fight
movie 1920 Fore and After
movie 1920 Goin' Thro' the Rye
movie 1920 Good Morning, Nurse
movie 1920 Her Bridal Night-Mare
movie 1920 Hip Hip Hypnotism
movie 1920 His Breach of Promise
movie 1920 Home, James
movie 1920 Hot Stuff
movie 1920 It Takes a Crook
movie 1920 Jiggs and the Social Lion
movie 1920 Jiggs in Society
movie 1920 Kidnapping Caroline
movie 1920 Kids and Kidlets
movie 1920 Kiss Me, Caroline
movie 1920 Kissed in a Harem
movie 1920 Ladies Must Dance
movie 1920 License Applied For
movie 1920 Marry Me
movie 1920 Mary's Nightmare
movie 1920 Monkey Shines
movie 1920 Mr. Fatima
movie 1920 Nearly Newlyweds
movie 1920 Out for the Night
movie 1920 Parked in the Park
movie 1920 Petticoats and Pants
movie 1920 Queens Are Trumps
movie 1920 Rough on Rubes
movie 1920 Ruined by Love
movie 1920 Sand Witches
movie 1920 Save Me, Sadie
movie 1920 Settled Out of Court
movie 1920 Seven Bald Pates
movie 1920 Should a Husband Tell?
movie 1920 Should a Wife Come Back?
movie 1920 Should Husbands Dance
movie 1920 Shuffle the Queens
movie 1920 Silk Stockings
movie 1920 So Long Letty
movie 1920 Striking Models
movie 1920 Tea for Two
movie 1920 The Fatal Wallop
movie 1920 Twin Bedlam
movie 1920 Two Pairs and a Peach
movie 1920 Watch Your Step, Mother
movie 1920 Wedding Blues
movie 1920 Why Cooks Go Cuckoo
movie 1920 Why Wild Men Go Wild
movie 1920 Without a Wife
movie 1919 A Cheerful Liar
movie 1919 A Flirt There Was
movie 1919 A Full House
movie 1919 A Roman Scandal
movie 1919 A Rustic Romeo
movie 1919 Anybody's Widow
movie 1919 Apartment 23
movie 1919 Are Flirts Foolish?
movie 1919 Are Floorwalkers Fickle?
movie 1919 Bobby Comes Marching Home
movie 1919 Bobby's Baby
movie 1919 Bride and Gloomy
movie 1919 Brides for Two
movie 1919 Calling His Bluff
movie 1919 Can Wives Be Trusted?
movie 1919 Cupid's Hold-Up
movie 1919 Cursed by His Cleverness
movie 1919 Dangerous Nan McGrew
movie 1919 Dark and Cloudy
movie 1919 Dropped Into Scandal
movie 1919 Fireman, Save My Gal!
movie 1919 Five Hundred or Bust
movie 1919 Four of a Kind
movie 1919 Go West, Young Woman
movie 1919 Good Gracious, Bobby
movie 1919 Hard Luck
movie 1919 He Married His Wife
movie 1919 He Who Hesitates
movie 1919 Her Bear Escape
movie 1919 His Fatal Bite
movie 1919 His Master's Voice
movie 1919 Hits and Misses
movie 1919 Home Brew
movie 1919 Kiss the Bride
movie 1919 Lobster Dressing
movie 1919 Lost: A Bridegroom
movie 1919 Love in a Hurry
movie 1919 Lovesick at Sea
movie 1919 Marrying Molly
movie 1919 Mary Moves In
movie 1919 Oh, Baby!
movie 1919 Oh, My Dear!
movie 1919 Oh, Susie, Be Careful
movie 1919 Oh, What a Night!
movie 1919 Reno: All Change!
movie 1919 Rowdy Ann
movie 1919 Sally's Blighted Career
movie 1919 Salvation Sue
movie 1919 Sea Sirens
movie 1919 Shades of Shakespeare
movie 1919 Stop, Look and Listen
movie 1919 Tell Your Wife Everything
movie 1919 There Goes the Groom
movie 1919 Thirty Days
movie 1919 Too Many Wives
movie 1919 Two A.M.
movie 1919 Welcome Home
movie 1919 Wild and Western
movie 1919 You Couldn't Blame Her
movie 1918 A Regular Patsy
movie 1918 All Dressed Up
movie 1918 All Mixed Up
movie 1918 Are Second Marriages Happy?
movie 1918 Betty's Adventure
movie 1918 By Orange Aid
movie 1918 Circumstantial Evidence
movie 1918 Does Your Sweetheart Flirt?
movie 1918 Don't Believe Everything
movie 1918 Efficiency
movie 1918 Five to Five
movie 1918 Her Slumbering Hero
movie 1918 Here Comes the Groom
movie 1918 In and Out
movie 1918 In the Dark
movie 1918 Johnnie, Go Get 'Em
movie 1918 Just Like Dad
movie 1918 Just Plain Folks
movie 1918 Kids
movie 1918 Know Thy Wife
movie 1918 Know Your Neighbor
movie 1918 Look Who's Here
movie 1918 Love and a Gold Brick
movie 1918 Many a Slip
movie 1918 Marriage by Proxy
movie 1918 Mum's the Word
movie 1918 Never Surprise Your Wife
movie 1918 Oh, Bobby! How Could You!
movie 1918 Pearls and a Peach
movie 1918 Peggy Mixes In
movie 1918 Petticoats
movie 1918 Red Crossed
movie 1918 Some Cave Man
movie 1918 Some Romeo
movie 1918 Somebody's Baby
movie 1918 The House That Jack Built
movie 1918 The Night of His Life
movie 1918 Their Breezy Affair
movie 1918 Their Honeymoon Baby
movie 1918 This Way Out
movie 1918 Three Hours Late
movie 1918 Two's Company
movie 1918 War Gardens
movie 1918 Where Is Your Husband?
movie 1918 Whose Wife?
movie 1918 Why Get a Divorce?
movie 1918 Why Husbands Flirt
movie 1918 Busted Hearts and Buttermilk
movie 1917 A Bold, Bad Knight
movie 1917 A Gay Deceiver
movie 1917 A Lucky Slip
movie 1917 A Smoky Love Affair
movie 1917 A Two-Cylinder Courtship
movie 1917 Almost a Bigamist
movie 1917 Almost a Scandal
movie 1917 Almost Divorced
movie 1917 And in Walked Uncle
movie 1917 As Luck Would Have It
movie 1917 Betty Wakes Up
movie 1917 Betty's Big Idea
movie 1917 Black Hands and Soapsuds
movie 1917 Bride and Gloom
movie 1917 Clothes and the Man
movie 1917 Crazy by Proxy
movie 1917 Cupid's Camouflage
movie 1917 Down by the Sea
movie 1917 Father Was Right
movie 1917 Father's Bright Idea
movie 1917 Five Little Widows
movie 1917 Green Eyes and Bullets
movie 1917 He Fell on the Beach
movie 1917 Hearts and Clubs
movie 1917 Help! Help! Police!
movie 1917 Her Crooked Career
movie 1917 Her Friend, the Chauffeur
movie 1917 Her Hero
movie 1917 Her Merry Mix-Up
movie 1917 His Flirting Ways
movie 1917 His Last Pill
movie 1917 His Model Wife
movie 1917 Hubby's Night Out
movie 1917 Kidding Sister
movie 1917 Local Color
movie 1917 Love and Locksmiths
movie 1917 More Haste, Less Speed
movie 1917 Nearly a Papa
movie 1917 Oh, for a Wife!
movie 1917 One Good Turn
movie 1917 Out for the Coin
movie 1917 Practice What You Preach
movie 1917 Sauce for the Goose
movie 1917 Skirts
movie 1917 Small Change
movie 1917 Stepping Out
movie 1917 Suspended Sentence
movie 1917 The Fourteenth Man
movie 1917 The Honeymooners
movie 1917 The Magic Maid
movie 1917 The Milky Way
movie 1917 Their Seaside Tangle
movie 1917 Thirty Days
movie 1917 Those Wedding Bells
movie 1917 Twice in the Same Place
movie 1917 Who's Looney Now?
movie 1917 With the Mummies' Help
movie 1917 Won in a Cabaret
movie 1917 In Again, Out Again
movie 1916 A Brass-Buttoned Romance
movie 1916 Across the Hall
movie 1916 By the Sad Sea Waves
movie 1916 Cupid's Uppercut
movie 1916 He Loved the Ladies
movie 1916 His Baby
movie 1916 His Friend, the Elephant
movie 1916 His Wedding Night
movie 1916 Hist! At Six O'Clock
movie 1916 Miss Billie Buttons
movie 1916 Never Lie to Your Wife
movie 1916 Sea Nymphs
movie 1916 Seminary Scandal
movie 1916 Some Kid
movie 1916 The Making Over of Mother
movie 1916 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
movie 1916 A Friend, But a Star Boarder
movie 1916 A Leap Year Tangle
movie 1916 A Quiet Supper for Four
movie 1916 Almost a Widow
movie 1916 Cupid Trims His Lordship
movie 1916 Eddie's Night Out
movie 1916 Foiled
movie 1916 Good Night, Nurse
movie 1916 He Almost Eloped
movie 1916 He Wouldn't Tip
movie 1916 He's a Devil
movie 1916 Her Celluloid Hero
movie 1916 Her Friend, the Doctor
movie 1916 Her Hero Maid
movie 1916 Her Husband's Wife
movie 1916 Her Steady Carfare
movie 1916 Her Sun-Kissed Hero
movie 1916 His Neighbor's Wife
movie 1916 His Wooden Leg
movie 1916 How Times Do Change
movie 1916 Inoculating Hubby
movie 1916 Jed's Trip to the Fair
movie 1916 Lem's College Career
movie 1916 Love and Brass Buttons
movie 1916 Mingling Spirits
movie 1916 Mixed Kids
movie 1916 Never Again Eddie!
movie 1916 Putting Her Foot in It
movie 1916 Some Honeymoon
movie 1916 That Doggone Baby
movie 1916 The Boy the Girl and the Auto
movie 1916 The Browns See the Fair
movie 1916 The Deacon's Waterloo
movie 1916 The Disappearing Groom
movie 1916 The Janitor's Busy Day
movie 1916 The Lion's Breath
movie 1916 The Newlyweds' Mix-Up
movie 1916 The Wooing of Aunt Jemima
movie 1916 Their Awful Predicament
movie 1916 Those Primitive Days
movie 1916 Twixt Love and the Iceman
movie 1916 Wanted: A Husband
movie 1916 What Could the Poor Girl Do?
movie 1916 When Aunt Matilda Fell
movie 1916 When Clubs Were Trumps
movie 1916 When Lizzie Disappeared
movie 1916 When the Losers Won
movie 1916 All Over a Stocking
movie 1916 Double Crossing the Dean
movie 1916 Henry's Little Kid
movie 1916 Love and Vaccination
movie 1916 Potts Bungles Again
movie 1915 Behind the Screen as Himself
movie 1915 All in the Same Boat
movie 1915 Mrs. Plum's Pudding
movie 1915 A Looney Love Affair
movie 1915 A Maid and a Man
movie 1915 A Maid by Proxy
movie 1915 A Mix-up at Maxim's
movie 1915 A Mixed Up Elopement
movie 1915 A One Cylinder Courtship
movie 1915 A Peach and a Pair
movie 1915 Almost a King
movie 1915 An Heiress for Two
movie 1915 And the Best Man Won
movie 1915 Circumstantial Scandal
movie 1915 Down on the Farm
movie 1915 Eddie's Awful Predicament
movie 1915 Eddie's Little Love Affair
movie 1915 Eddie's Little Nightmare
movie 1915 Father's Helping Hand
movie 1915 Father's Lucky Escape
movie 1915 He Fell in a Cabaret
movie 1915 He Fell in the Park
movie 1915 Her Friend, the Milkman
movie 1915 Her Speedy Affair
movie 1915 His Egyptian Affinity
movie 1915 His Only Pants
movie 1915 In a Jackpot
movie 1915 It Almost Happened
movie 1915 Keeping It Dark
movie 1915 Kids and Corsets
movie 1915 Lizzie and the Beauty Contest
movie 1915 Lizzie Breaks Into the Harem
movie 1915 Love and a Savage
movie 1915 Molly's Malady
movie 1915 On His Wedding Day
movie 1915 Operating on Cupid
movie 1915 Saved by a Skirt
movie 1915 Snatched from the Altar
movie 1915 Some Chaperone
movie 1915 Some Fixer
movie 1915 The Frame-Up on Dad
movie 1915 The Rise and Fall of Officer 13
movie 1915 Their Friend, the Burglar
movie 1915 Their Happy Honeymoon
movie 1915 Their Quiet Honeymoon
movie 1915 They Were Heroes
movie 1915 They Were on Their Honeymoon
movie 1915 Those Kids and Cupid
movie 1915 Tony, the Wop
movie 1915 Too Many Crooks
movie 1915 Too Many Smiths
movie 1915 Two Hearts and a Ship
movie 1915 Wanted: A Leading Lady
movie 1915 When Cupid Caught a Thief
movie 1915 When Cupid Crossed the Bay
movie 1915 When Eddie Took a Bath
movie 1915 When Father Had the Gout
movie 1915 When He Proposed
movie 1915 When His Lordship Proposed
movie 1915 When Hubby Grew Jealous
movie 1915 When Lizzie Went to Sea
movie 1915 When the Mummy Cried for Help
movie 1915 When the Spirits Moved
movie 1915 When Their Dads Fell Out
movie 1915 When They Were Co-Eds
movie 1915 When Three Is a Crowd
movie 1915 Where the Heather Blooms
movie 1915 With Father's Help
movie 1915 A Romance of Hawaii
movie 1915 All Aboard
movie 1915 Almost a Knockout
movie 1915 Caught by a Thread
movie 1915 Following Father's Footsteps
movie 1915 For the Good of the Cause
movie 1915 Her Rustic Hero
movie 1915 His Nobs the Duke
movie 1915 His Wife's Husband
movie 1915 How Doctor Cupid Won Out
movie 1915 It Happened on Friday
movie 1915 It Might Have Been Serious
movie 1915 Jed's Little Elopement
movie 1915 Little Egypt Malone
movie 1915 Lost: Three Teeth
movie 1915 The Baby's Fault
movie 1915 The Downfall of Potts
movie 1915 When Her Idol Fell
movie 1915 When the Deacon Swore
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 A Lucky Deception
movie 1914 Feeding the Kitty
movie 1914 On Rugged Shores
movie 1914 When the Girls Joined the Force
movie 1914 A Baby Did It
movie 1914 A Troublesome Wink
movie 1914 All at Sea
movie 1914 And the Villain Still Pursued Her
movie 1914 Captain Bill's Warm Reception
movie 1914 Could You Blame Her
movie 1914 Cupid Pulls a Tooth
movie 1914 Cupid's Close Shave
movie 1914 Detective Dan Cupid
movie 1914 He Never Said a Word
movie 1914 Her Moonshine Lover
movie 1914 His Royal Pants
movie 1914 His Strenuous Honeymoon
movie 1914 In Taxi 23
movie 1914 One of the Finest
movie 1914 Scooped by a Hencoop
movie 1914 She Was Only a Working Girl
movie 1914 Snobbery
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #1
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #2
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #3
movie 1914 Sophie of the Films #4
movie 1914 Such a Villain
movie 1914 The Way of Life
movie 1914 The Wrong Miss Wright
movie 1914 Their Honeymoon
movie 1914 Their Ups and Downs
movie 1914 Those College Days
movie 1914 Those Persistent Old Maids
movie 1914 Those Were the Happy Days
movie 1914 Twixt Love and Flour
movie 1914 Way of Life
movie 1914 What a Baby Did
movie 1914 When Bess Got in Wrong
movie 1914 When Eddie Went to the Front
movie 1914 When Lizzie Got Her Polish
movie 1914 When the Girls Were Shanghaied
movie 1914 When Their Brides Got Mixed
movie 1914 Who Stole the Bridegroom?
movie 1913 A Man of the People
movie 1913 A Mix-Up in Bandits
movie 1913 A Tale of the West
movie 1913 A Woman's Way
movie 1913 Almost a Rescue
movie 1913 An Elephant on His Hands
movie 1913 Cupid's Assistants
movie 1913 Cupid's Bad Aim
movie 1913 Curses! Said the Villain
movie 1913 Four Queens and a Jack
movie 1913 Hawkeye to the Rescue
movie 1913 Hawkeye's Great Capture
movie 1913 He and Himself
movie 1913 Her Friend, the Butler
movie 1913 Her Hero's Predicament
movie 1913 His Crazy Job
movie 1913 His Friend, the Undertaker
movie 1913 His Wife's Burglar
movie 1913 Locked Out at Twelve
movie 1913 Love, Luck and a Paint Brush
movie 1913 On Cupid's Highway
movie 1913 Professional Jealousy
movie 1913 Some Runner
movie 1913 Teaching Dad a Lesson
movie 1913 The Battle of Bull Con
movie 1913 The Country Cousin
movie 1913 The Girl Ranchers
movie 1913 The Girls and Dad
movie 1913 The Golden Princess Mine
movie 1913 The Knight of Her Dreams
movie 1913 The Tale of a Hat
movie 1913 The Trail of the Serpent
movie 1913 Their Lucky Day
movie 1913 Their Two Kids
movie 1913 To the Brave Belong the Fair
movie 1913 Under Western Skies
movie 1913 Weighed in the Balance
movie 1913 Western Hearts
movie 1913 What the Wild Waves Did
movie 1913 When a Man Marries
movie 1913 When Cupid Won
movie 1913 When Father Was Kidnapped
movie 1913 When He Lost to Win
movie 1913 When His Courage Failed
movie 1913 Won by a Skirt
movie 1912 A Matinee Mix-Up
movie 1912 At Rolling Forks
movie 1912 Inbad, the Count
movie 1912 Settled Out of Court
movie 1912 The Double Trail
movie 1912 The Lost Address
movie 1912 A Stubborn Cupid
movie 1912 Across the Sierras
movie 1912 Beneath Western Skies
movie 1912 Hearts and Skirts
movie 1912 Her Friend, the Doctor
movie 1912 Her Indian Hero
movie 1912 Lottery Ticket Number 13
movie 1912 Love and a Lemon
movie 1912 Making a Man of Her
movie 1912 Percy, the Bandit
movie 1912 Sharps and Chaps
movie 1912 The Flower of the Forest
movie 1912 The Girl and the Sheriff
movie 1912 The Girls and the Chaperone
movie 1912 The Lady Barber of Roaring Gulch
movie 1912 The Miner's Widow
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Choice
movie 1912 The Ranchman's Remedy
movie 1912 The Renegade
movie 1912 The Shanghaied Cowboys
movie 1912 The Sheriff Outwitted
movie 1912 Those Lovesick Cowboys
movie 1912 When Hearts Are Trumps
movie 1912 When the Heart Calls
movie 1912 Young Wild West Leading a Raid
movie 1912 Young Wild West on the Border
movie 1912 Young Wild West Trapping a Tricky Rustler
movie 1912 Young Wild West Washing Out Gold
movie 1912 Young Wild West's Mexican Mix-Up
movie 1912 Young Wild West's Prairie Pursuit

Al Christie on Youtube

George Ovey and Al Haynes play rivals vying for the affections of the daughter of the fire chief, whose house is set ablaze in the process. Musical score by ...

A South American festival brings slapstick love trouble to Bob Hope. Director: Al Christie Writers: Arthur L. Jarrett (story), William Watson (story) Stars: ...

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