Al Hart

Al Hart Filmography

movie 1938 Tom Sawyer, Detective as Bit
movie 1935 Home on the Range as Undertaker
movie 1934 You're Telling Me! as Third Lounger
movie 1933 Big Executive as Reverend Oates
movie 1931 An American Tragedy as Titus Alden
movie 1931 Dishonored as Monk
movie 1931 I Take This Woman as Jake Mallory
movie 1930 Sweet Kitty Bellairs as Innkeeper
movie 1929 45 Calibre War as Reverend Mr. Simpson
movie 1929 Making the Grade as Lawyer
movie 1929 The Diamond Master as Randolph Latham
movie 1928 Honor Bound as Cid Ames
movie 1928 The Ballyhoo Buster as Medicine show proprietor
movie 1928 The Boss of Rustler's Roost as Henry Everman
movie 1927 Blake of Scotland Yard as The Spider
movie 1927 The Devil's Twin as Uriah Hodge
movie 1927 The Fire Fighters
movie 1927 The Long Loop on the Pecos as Vining
movie 1927 The Man from Hard Pan as Sheriff
movie 1927 The Mysterious Rider as Sheriff
movie 1927 The Ridin' Rowdy as Mose Gibson
movie 1926 Forlorn River as Sheriff Stroble
movie 1926 The Bar-C Mystery
movie 1926 The Blind Trail as William Skinner
movie 1926 The Outlaw Express as Carl Larson
movie 1925 The Man Without a Country as President Jefferson
movie 1925 The Pony Express as Senator Glen
movie 1924 Excitement as Abner Smith
movie 1924 The Breathless Moment as Dan Cassidy
movie 1923 Can a Woman Love Twice? as Abner Grant
movie 1923 Crooked Alley as Kaintuck
movie 1923 It Happened Out West
movie 1923 Kindled Courage as Overland Pete
movie 1923 Shadows of the North as Hemingway
movie 1923 Spawn of the Desert as Sam Le Saint
movie 1923 The Phantom Fortune as The Flame
movie 1923 The Sunshine Trail as Col. Duckworth
movie 1922 Angel Citizens as London Edwards
movie 1922 Cross Roads as The Yaqui
movie 1922 Gold Grabbers
movie 1922 So This Is Arizona as Buck Saunders
movie 1922 The Girl Who Ran Wild as Preacher
movie 1922 The Hidden Woman as Bill Donovan
movie 1922 Trail's End as Stanley
movie 1921 Cotton and Cattle as Bill Carson
movie 1921 Diane of Star Hollow as Hanscom
movie 1921 Doubling for Romeo as Big Alec
movie 1921 Flowing Gold
movie 1921 Out of the Clouds
movie 1921 Rustlers of the Night
movie 1921 The Cowboy Ace as Pete Filson
movie 1921 The Range Pirate
movie 1921 The White Masks as Jim Dougherty
movie 1921 Trail to Red Dog
movie 1920 The Dead Line as Lem Harlan
movie 1920 Why Women Sin as Horton
movie 1919 Love in a Hurry as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 Miss Crusoe as Curly Kidd
movie 1919 The Challenge of Chance as Charles Burr
movie 1919 The Little Intruder as Bob McCarthy
movie 1919 The Oakdale Affair as The Sky Pilot
movie 1919 The Quickening Flame as Harlon
movie 1919 The Rough Neck as Ryan
movie 1918 A Woman of Redemption as Boss McDaniels
movie 1918 Joan of the Woods as Paul
movie 1918 The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds as Thomas Jefferson
movie 1918 The Cross Bearer as Colonel Krause
movie 1918 The Grouch as Captain of Okfees
movie 1918 The Man Hunt as Bigfoot Ben
movie 1918 The Power and the Glory as Pros Passmore
movie 1918 The Road to France as One-eyed Man
movie 1917 The Brand of Satan as Manuel Le Grange
movie 1917 The Page Mystery as Saul Potter
movie 1917 The Secret of the Storm Country as Sandy Letts
movie 1917 The Slave Market as Firebrand
movie 1916 Human Driftwood as Lief Bergson
movie 1916 Tangled Fates as Big Tom
movie 1915 Sunday as Davy
movie 1915 The Siren's Song as Montgomery Blake

Al Hart on Youtube

Bobby Manc, Joe Hart, Vincent Kompany and James Milner, have all recorded matchday announcements to feature on the Metrolink's new east Manchester line.

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