Al Thompson

Al Thompson (September 21, 1884 ? March 1, 1960) was an American film actor. He appeared in 176 films between 1916 and 1958. ... more on Wikipedia

Al Thompson Filmography

movie 1960 Stop! Look! and Laugh! as Professor
movie 1958 Fifi Blows Her Top as Sleeping Man in Restaurant
movie 1958 Pies and Guys as Party Guest
movie 1957 The Phantom Stagecoach as Murphy
movie 1957 The Three Faces of Eve as Man at Funeral
movie 1956 Pardon My Nightshirt
movie 1956 Scheming Schemers as Party Guest
movie 1955 Blunder Boys as Hotel Clerk
movie 1955 Bring Your Smile Along as Burlesque Audience Member
movie 1955 Gypped in the Penthouse as Club Guest
movie 1954 A Star Is Born as Vagrant #1
movie 1954 Musty Musketeers as King's Aide
movie 1954 The Fire Chaser as Reception Waiter
movie 1954 Two April Fools as Short Bank Guard
movie 1953 The Caddy as Mr. Phillips - Man on Ladder
movie 1952 Belles on Their Toes as Porter
movie 1952 Lure of the Wilderness as Shep Rigby
movie 1952 The Stooge as Audience Member
movie 1952 We're Not Married! as Minister
movie 1951 Merry Mavericks as Bartender
movie 1951 Pest Man Wins as Party Guest
movie 1951 Rich, Young and Pretty as French Reporter
movie 1950 A Blunderful Time
movie 1950 Father Is a Bachelor as Court Clerk
movie 1950 Kill the Umpire as Minor Role
movie 1950 Marinated Mariner as Al, restaurant patron
movie 1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone as Janitor
movie 1950 The Tougher They Come as Tom
movie 1949 All the King's Men as Man in Cheap Bar
movie 1949 Blondie Hits the Jackpot as Delivery Man
movie 1949 Riders of the Whistling Pines as Townsman at Hearing
movie 1949 That Midnight Kiss as Truck Driver
movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma as Coffeyville Citizen Outside Bank
movie 1949 The Younger Brothers as Deputy
movie 1949 Wha' Happen? as Thief
movie 1948 Best Man Wins as Creditor
movie 1948 Black Eagle as Townsman
movie 1948 Borrowed Trouble as Barfly
movie 1948 Fiddlers Three as King's Attendant
movie 1948 Fury at Furnace Creek as Waiter
movie 1948 Go Chase Yourself as Burgular
movie 1948 Ladies of the Chorus as Mae's Fan
movie 1948 My Dog Rusty as Townsman
movie 1948 Rusty Leads the Way as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1948 The Street with No Name as Hotel Clerk
movie 1948 The Wreck of the Hesperus as York
movie 1948 Words and Music as Waiter
movie 1947 All Gummed Up as Pen Customer
movie 1947 Blondie's Anniversary as Acme Loan Company Owner
movie 1947 Half-Wits Holiday as Mr. Toms
movie 1947 The Good Bad Egg as Florobelle's Father
movie 1946 Beer Barrel Polecats as Al--Police Photographer
movie 1946 G.I. Wanna Home as Hobo
movie 1946 Headin' for a Weddin'
movie 1946 Moron Than Off
movie 1946 Mr. Wright Goes Wrong
movie 1946 Our Hearts Were Growing Up as Minor Role
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Mug
movie 1946 The Runaround as Sign Painter
movie 1946 Three Little Pirates as Pirate
movie 1945 A Hit with a Miss as Ringside Spectator with Cigar
movie 1945 A Miner Affair as Short Bank Guard
movie 1945 Both Barrels Blazing as Poker-Playing Henchman
movie 1945 Idiots Deluxe as Courtroom Spectator
movie 1945 If a Body Meets a Body as Uncle Bob O. Link
movie 1945 Off Again, on Again as Photographer
movie 1944 Bachelor Daze as Dinner guest
movie 1944 Cry of the Werewolf as Sheep Rancher
movie 1944 Gold Is Where You Lose It as Bystander at end
movie 1944 Heather and Yon as Prisoner
movie 1944 Her Primitive Man as Explorer
movie 1944 His Tale Is Told as Inventor
movie 1944 In Society as Minor Role
movie 1944 Mopey Dope
movie 1944 Oh, Baby! as Man Reading Newspaper
movie 1944 Pick a Peck of Plumbers as A. Skinner - Plumbing Store Owner
movie 1944 She Snoops to Conquer as Parolee
movie 1944 The Merry Monahans as Tramp
movie 1944 The Soul of a Monster as Disabled Warehouseman
movie 1944 The Yoke's on Me as Sheriff
movie 1944 To Heir Is Human as Hurried Dental Patient
movie 1943 A Blitz on the Fritz as Spy Gang Member
movie 1943 A Gem of a Jam as Policeman
movie 1943 A Rookie's Cookie
movie 1943 Back from the Front as German Officer
movie 1943 Dizzy Pilots as Sky Aircraft Co. Representative
movie 1943 Garden of Eatin' as Salesman
movie 1943 Hi'ya, Sailor as Hotel Clerk
movie 1943 I Can Hardly Wait as Patient
movie 1943 I Spied for You
movie 1943 Pitchin' in the Kitchen
movie 1943 Quack Service
movie 1943 The Desperadoes as Townsman Shown Paper Money
movie 1943 Three Little Twirps as Ticket Window Clerk
movie 1943 Top Man as Guard
movie 1943 You Dear Boy as Cab Driver
movie 1942 Freckles Comes Home as Dance Floor Extra
movie 1942 How Spry I Am as Checkers Player
movie 1942 Loco Boy Makes Good as Dancing Partner
movie 1942 Olaf Laughs Last as Addled Man
movie 1942 Ride 'Em Cowboy as Napping Station Agent
movie 1942 The Forest Rangers as Lumberjack
movie 1942 What's the Matador? as Audience Member
movie 1941 Fresh as a Freshman
movie 1941 Holt of the Secret Service as Gambler
movie 1941 I'll Never Heil Again as Heilstone's Servant
movie 1941 In the Sweet Pie and Pie as Prison Warden
movie 1941 The Monster and the Girl as Juryman
movie 1941 Yankee Doodle Andy
movie 1940 A Chump at Oxford as Minor Role
movie 1940 A Plumbing We Will Go as Storekeeper
movie 1940 From Nurse to Worse as Orderly
movie 1940 King of the Royal Mounted as Paralytic #4 [Ch.4]
movie 1940 Sandy Is a Lady as Craneman
movie 1940 Saps at Sea
movie 1940 The Shadow as Henchman [Chs. 2, 10, 15]
movie 1940 You Nazty Spy! as Axis Minister
movie 1940 Young Tom Edison as Man at Station
movie 1939 A Star Is Shorn
movie 1939 Little Accident as Laundry Worker
movie 1939 Lucky Night as Bum
movie 1939 Saved by the Belle as Wagon Driver
movie 1939 Three Little Sew and Sews as Party Guest
movie 1939 Trouble Finds Andy Clyde
movie 1939 Zenobia as Townsman at Zeke's Recitation
movie 1938 Block-Heads as Sidewalk Fight Participant
movie 1938 Flat Foot Stooges as Volunteer
movie 1938 Prison Break as Party Waiter
movie 1938 Tarzan's Revenge as Sign Painter
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Townsman
movie 1938 Violent Is the Word for Curly as Professor Frankfurter
movie 1937 3 Dumb Clucks as Pop's Butler
movie 1937 Bank Alarm as Auto Camp Manager
movie 1937 Ditto
movie 1937 Dizzy Doctors as Second Surgeon
movie 1937 Knee Action as Man with Glasses at Washer Demo
movie 1937 New News as Agency Man
movie 1937 Sailor Maid
movie 1937 The Big Squirt as Gangster
movie 1936 Am I Having Fun! as Desk Clerk
movie 1936 Ants in the Pantry as Guest with moustache & glasses
movie 1936 Below the Deadline as Sparring Partner Al
movie 1936 Caught in the Act as Justice of the Peace
movie 1936 Disorder in the Court as Bailiff
movie 1936 Missing Girls as Joey
movie 1936 Mister Smarty as Floor Polisher
movie 1936 Oh, Duchess!
movie 1936 Share the Wealth as Telegraph Operator
movie 1936 The Peppery Salt as Al - Lunch Counter Customer
movie 1936 Under Two Flags as Chasseur Soldier
movie 1936 Whoops, I'm an Indian! as Deputy Sheriff
movie 1935 Adventurous Knights as Parkins - the Butler
movie 1935 Circumstantial Evidence as Mosher
movie 1935 False Pretenses as Avery - Restaurant Manager
movie 1935 Gum Shoes
movie 1935 Honeymoon Bridge
movie 1935 I Don't Remember
movie 1935 It Never Rains
movie 1935 Just My Luck as Worker in Montage
movie 1935 Oh, My Nerves
movie 1935 Pardon My Scotch as Jones
movie 1935 Pop Goes the Easel as Man in Car
movie 1935 Restless Knights as Henchman
movie 1935 Roaring Roads as Parkins
movie 1935 Tars and Stripes as Sailor
movie 1935 The Big Broadcast of 1936 as Servant
movie 1935 The Captain Hits the Ceiling as Cop
movie 1935 The Lady in Scarlet as Mr. Quigley
movie 1935 Tramp Tramp Tramp as Sleeping Tramp on Ironing Board
movie 1934 Back to the Soil
movie 1934 Get Along Little Hubby as Minor Role
movie 1934 Manhattan Melodrama as Street Spectator
movie 1934 Sons of Steel as Carson
movie 1934 The Gold Ghost as Miner
movie 1933 Sons of the Desert as Son of the Desert
movie 1933 The Druggist's Dilemma as Zeno Brother with Back Problem
movie 1933 Thundering Taxis as Traffic Cop
movie 1932 Westward Passage as Chauffeur
movie 1931 Beach Pajamas
movie 1931 Howdy Mate
movie 1931 Idle Roomers
movie 1931 That's My Line as Henchman
movie 1930 Oh Darling
movie 1930 Western Knights
movie 1929 Cold Shivers
movie 1929 Delicious and Refreshing
movie 1929 Hot Times
movie 1929 Howling Hollywood
movie 1929 Kitty, Kitty as The Cop
movie 1929 Only Her Husband as The Hotel Detective
movie 1929 Parlor Pests
movie 1929 Served Hot
movie 1929 Smart Steppers
movie 1929 Sole Support as Manager of the Country Store
movie 1929 The Crazy Nut
movie 1929 The Flying Fool as Mechanic
movie 1929 Those Two Boys
movie 1929 What a Day!
movie 1929 Whoopee Boys
movie 1928 All in Fun
movie 1928 Always a Gentleman
movie 1928 Between Jobs
movie 1928 Blazing Away
movie 1928 Cutie as The Uncle
movie 1928 Follow Teacher
movie 1928 Hot or Cold
movie 1928 Keep Smiling as Hardboiled Haggerty
movie 1928 Listen Children
movie 1928 Murder Will Out as 1st Doctor
movie 1928 Troubles Galore
movie 1927 At Ease
movie 1927 Breezing Along as Mr. De Spout
movie 1927 Eats for Two as 2nd Husband
movie 1927 Goose Flesh
movie 1927 Her Husky Hero
movie 1927 High Sea Blues
movie 1927 His Better Half
movie 1927 Hold That Bear
movie 1927 Kilties as Dorothy's Heartless Employer
movie 1927 Listen Lena
movie 1927 New Wrinkles
movie 1927 Night Owls
movie 1927 Papa's Boy
movie 1927 Plumb Dumb as The Sweetheart's Father
movie 1927 Somebody's Fault
movie 1927 The Draw-Back
movie 1927 The Little Rube
movie 1927 The Missing Link as Sailor
movie 1927 Up in Arms
movie 1926 The Better 'Ole as The Daughter in the Skit
movie 1924 Racing Luck as Member of Tony's gang
movie 1924 Trouble Brewing
movie 1923 Lightning Love as Father
movie 1923 The Barnyard
movie 1923 The Midnight Cabaret
movie 1922 Golf as The father
movie 1922 The Agent
movie 1922 The Counter Jumper as Bit Role
movie 1922 The Sawmill as The boss
movie 1922 The Show as Man who Smuggles Family In
movie 1921 The Bakery as Bit Part
movie 1921 The Bell Hop
movie 1921 The Fall Guy
movie 1921 The Hick
movie 1921 The Sportsman as The Tourist
movie 1920 The Stage Hand as The Show Manager
movie 1920 The Suitor as A Lizard
movie 1919 Dull Care
movie 1916 A Trunk an' Trouble
movie 1916 Dare-Devils and Danger

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