Alan Beattie

Alan Beattie Filmography

tv movie 2004 Ude i naturen: Skovens tjenere
tv series 2003 Forureningens historie
tv series 2001 DR-Derude i 'Den kongelige have'
tv movie 2000 DR-Explorer: På verdens tag
tv series 1998 Derude med snøren

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Alan Beattie is the Billy Elliot of his generation and has been dancing for over 70 years. He now runs weekly classes for older people in Yorkshire.

Format: TV Spot Released: 1980 Director: Alan Beattie Distributor: New American Films.

False Economy by Alan Beattie I enjoyed the book, most of all the chapter comparing Argentina and the United States. I was struck by this bit: New York is th...