Alan Bloom

Alan Herbert Vauser Bloom (19 November 1906 ? 31 March 2005) was a British Horticulturist and steam engine enthusiast. During his life he created over 170 new varieties of hardy perennial plants. These and Alpine plants were his specialities. He wrote some 30 books and appeared on radio and television. He was the founder of Bressingham Steam and Gardens. ... more on Wikipedia

Alan Bloom Filmography

movie 2012 Falling Up
movie 2011 Stay
movie 2010 Join the Club
movie 1999 Digital Hollywood
movie 1998 Computer Illusions
movie 1998 Apprenticeship
movie 1998 T.I.P.P.
movie 1996 Cupid and Psycho
movie 1995 Good Things
movie 1994 Beestung
movie 1994 One
movie 1993 Health Care
movie 1993 Summer Single
movie 1992 Kill the Messenger
movie 1991 Computer Visions
movie 1991 World
movie 1990 Teaching: Imagine It
movie 1990 Scared of Guns
movie 1989 Let the Bells Ring
movie 1988 Computer Dreams
movie 1987 Opportunity
movie 1986 All You Can Dream
movie 1984 Starring... the Actors
movie 1981 Moving
movie 1980 Devices as Ambulance Driver
movie 1975 Virginia

Alan Bloom on Youtube

'Kansas City" (By Leiber and Stoller) Performed by "Byrd n Bloom" (Jeffrey Alan Byrd and Jonathan Alan Bloom)

"Cab" (By Train) Performed By Byrd n Bloom (Jeffery Alan Byrd and Jonathan Alan Bloom)

Distance Star (By Jeffrey Alan Byrd) Performed by "Byrd n Bloom" (Jeffrey Alan Byrd and Jonathan Alan Bloom)

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