Albert H. Kelley

Albert H. Kelley Filmography

movie 1953 America for Me
movie 1948 Street Corner
movie 1948 Slippy McGee
movie 1943 Submarine Base
movie 1941 Double Cross
movie 1933 Jungle Bride
movie 1931 Backfield Play
movie 1931 Basketball Tactics and Plays
movie 1931 Carry On
movie 1931 Defensive Play
movie 1931 Developing a Football Team
movie 1931 Famous Plays
movie 1931 Football 40 Years Ago
movie 1931 Framed!
movie 1931 Fundamentals of Offense
movie 1931 Kane Meets Abel
movie 1931 Offensive System
movie 1931 One Day to Live
movie 1931 Soccer
movie 1931 Stay Out
movie 1931 The Champion
movie 1931 The Lady Killer
movie 1931 Trick Plays
movie 1931 Various Shifts
movie 1930 All for a Lady
movie 1930 Hammer and Tongs
movie 1930 Kid Roberts
movie 1930 The Comeback
movie 1930 The Knockout
movie 1930 The Leather Pushers
movie 1930 The Mardi Gras
movie 1930 The Woman Racket
movie 1929 Campus Knights
movie 1929 No More Children
movie 1928 Confessions of a Wife
movie 1928 Una nueva y gloriosa naciĆ³n
movie 1927 Stage Kisses
movie 1926 Dancing Days
movie 1926 His New York Wife
movie 1926 Shameful Behavior?
movie 1922 Deserted at the Altar
movie 1921 Home Stuff

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A gambling joint run by Fay Saunders is raided by the police. Fay grabs the pistol of her sweetheart, police officer Steved Bronson, and kills one of the rai...

Stars: Anita Page, Charles Starrett, Kenneth Thomson Directors: Harry O. Hoyt, Albert H. Kelley Writer: Leah Baird (story) A young woman believes that an act...

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