Aleks Paunovic

Aleks Paunovic Filmography

movie 2014 Badge of Honor as Samuel
tv movie 2014 Far from Home as Dale Cottonwood
movie 2014 Feed the Gods as Pete
movie 2014 Untitled Eadweard Muybridge Project as Blacksmith
movie 2014 What an Idiot as Caleb
tv movie 2013 #SaveBCFilm PSA
tv movie 2013 Christmas Bounty as Manucci
tv movie 2013 Chupacabra vs. the Alamo as Agent Perez
movie 2013 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as Cyclops #2
video movie 2013 The Marine 3: Homefront as Gabriel
movie 2012 Charlie as Earnest
tv movie 2012 The Christmas Consultant as Boris Tartakov
movie 2012 The First Days
movie 2012 This Means War as Karate Dad
movie 2011 Crazy Dracula Spring Break Weekend as Frankenstein
movie 2011 In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds as Allard
movie 2010 Blood: A Butcher's Tale as Tony
movie 2010 Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido as Hubs Cappa
tv movie 2010 Riverworld as Bernardo
movie 2010 The Charlie Da Clown Show as Michael Goomba
movie 2010 The Hostage as The Hostage
movie 2010 Transparency as Linder
tv series 2010 Gotta Grudge?
video movie 2009 Driven to Kill as Tony
tv movie 2009 Fireball as Draven
movie 2009 Personal Effects as Tom
movie 2008 Heart of a Dragon as Tim
movie 2008 The Brute as Stan aka The Brute
tv movie 2007 Maneater as Sargent Winshiser
movie 2007 Taming Tammy as Sy
movie 2007 Zero Hour as Stranger
movie 2006 Ducks as Friend #2
tv movie 2006 Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep as Ike
movie 2006 The Hitchhiker as Hitchhiker - Martin
tv movie 2005 Chasing Christmas as Vincent
tv movie 2005 Painkiller Jane as Sergeant Frizelle
movie 2005 Sandra Gets Dumped as Rob
movie 2005 Twice Removed as Matt
movie 2004 Seven Times Lucky as Sacco
tv movie 2004 The Life as Male Cop #1
tv movie 2003 Picking Up & Dropping Off as Joey
tv movie 2003 The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron as Lazarri
movie 2002 Apt. 310 as Trent
tv movie 2002 Christmas Rush as Petrovich
movie 2002 I Spy as Bob
video movie 2002 Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled as Brick
tv movie 2002 Framed
tv movie 2000 Children of My Heart as Fireman 1
movie 2000 Nostradamus as Male Mabus
tv movie 1999 Roswell: The Aliens Attack as Soldier #4
tv series 1998 Destinations Manitoba as Co-Host
tv movie 1994 Heads as Roderick

Aleks Paunovic on Youtube

From Arctic Air actor Aleks Paunovic stops by to talk about a few of his newest projects and talk shop about the big GSP fight happening in Montreal.

If i see actors that i shoot have a guitar....its part of the deal that they sing for me! Fortunately people like Aleks are insanely multi-talented Filmed in...

Agam Darshi and Aleks Paunovic are the two first Champions of We Canada. They signed up to champion this initiative right from the bat, and they helped us ge.

Aleks Paunovic and Tahmoh Penikett talk about their new film " The Hostage" at C2E2 "The Hostage" Starring Tahmoh Penikett and Aleks Paunovic Written and ...