Alex Beh

Alex Beh Filmography

movie 2014 10 Cent Pistol as Randall
movie 2014 Backgammon as Gerald
movie 2014 Warren as Warren Cavanee
movie 2014 Lunches with Mel
movie 2013 Casual as Eli
movie 2013 Coffee: Good Morning as The Guy
movie 2013 Le Café as Guy
movie 2012 Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks as Gunner Smith
movie 2012 Coffees as Mikey
movie 2012 Lost Angeles as Film Director
movie 2012 The Flip Side (Bar)
movie 2011 Diversion as John
movie 2011 Peach Plum Pear as Will Hayes-Peters
movie 2010 Andy Crumb as Parrot
movie 2010 Babe as Mikey
movie 2010 Bus Stop as Guy Running
movie 2010 Campus Cops as Sabastian
movie 2010 Message in a Bottle
movie 2010 Stages of Emily as Scott
video movie 2010 The Indies as Casey
movie 2009 Chloe and Keith's Wedding as Toby
movie 2009 Table Manners as Mike Green
movie 2009 The Indies as Casey
movie 2009 The Laundry as Chuck
movie 2009 Ice Cream
movie 2008 Anatomy of a Socially Awkward Situation as Jay
tv movie 2008 Family Practice as Guy in Hot Dog Line
movie 2008 Sugar. as Joe
movie 2008 The Janitor's Closet as mike Todd
movie 2007 Two Days Notice as Jokester
movie 2006 Bodega

Alex Beh on Youtube

Director Alex Beh and producer Mark Hannah attend the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival for the premiere of their dramatic comedy, "Warren." The ...

Alex Beh has a meltdown while directing an unnamed Commercial in Chicago.

See the trailer, buy the book. Director: Alex Beh Shot/edited: Otto Arsenault.