Alex Doduk

Alex Doduk is a voice actor who was the first voice of Lan Hikari for 14 episodes (1-5, 9-17) on the English version of Megaman NT Warrior. Doduk has appeared in other English versions of anime such as InuYasha and Escaflowne. He was also Jose on Cybersix. He is also the voice of Vega Obscura in the English version of Zoids: New Century Zero [2001]. And in 2000 Doduk was in Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer ... more on Wikipedia

Alex Doduk Filmography

tv movie 2003 Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular
tv series 2003 Master Keaton as Charlie Chapman
video movie 2001 Barbie in the Nutcracker as Tommy
movie 2001 Head Over Heels as Boy with Crutches
movie 2001 The Impossible Elephant as Trout
tv series 2001 Kijû shinseiki Zoid as Vega Obscura
tv series 2001 Rockman.exe as Lan Hikari
video movie 2000 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer as Jake
movie 2000 Kong
tv series 2000 Escaflowne as Prince Chid
video movie 1999 Merutiransâ as Rufus
tv series 1999 Mugen no rivaiasu as Charlie
tv series 1998 Brain Powerd as Yukio
tv movie 1997 Dog's Best Friend as Kid At School
tv movie 1996 Have You Seen My Son as Ace Pritcher
tv movie 1995 Brothers' Destiny as Martin
movie 1995 Dangerous Indiscretion as Matthew
tv series 1995 The New Adventures of Madeline as Additional Voices
tv movie 1993 Moment of Truth: A Child Too Many as Aaron Jr.

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Information about the movie on Animation / Comedy, Canada, 2003, 47 min. Directed ...

Gênero: Aventura / Longa-metragem / Colorido Diretor: Martin Wood Roteirista: Robert C. Cooper Elenco: Mia Sara, Nicholas Lea, Mark Rendall, Alex Doduk, ...

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