Alex Emanuel

Alex Emanuel Filmography

movie 2014 Broken Angels as Frank Saladin
movie 2013 Blowtorch as Bobby
movie 2013 Illness as Henry
movie 2013 Second Act as Peter
tv series 2013 The Eye of Horus as Tony
movie 2012 Archaeology of a Woman as Kate's Co-Worker
movie 2012 J-1 as Ralph
movie 2012 The Sketch Artist as Reid Freidman
tv series 2012 Gettin' By as Bobby Davenport
movie 2011 Alison's Problem with Women as Patrick
movie 2011 Conquest as Clarke Steele
movie 2011 Homestead as Greg
movie 2011 Outshot Ltd. as Mr. Martin
movie 2011 T. Haruo as Les
movie 2011 The Highly Observant Bill White as Mr. Peterson
movie 2011 Wmd as Sergeant
movie 2010 Audiciones as Photographer
movie 2010 Grand Slammed as Scout
movie 2010 Howl as Six Gallery Audience Member
movie 2010 Morning Light as Lloyd
movie 2010 Trooper as Mike Donovan
movie 2009 American Way as Christopher Cash
movie 2009 The Perfect Time as Rick
movie 2009 La horde
movie 2008 Buster as Scott
movie 2008 Definitely, Maybe as Clinton Campaign Worker
movie 2008 On Your Grave as Carl
movie 2007 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead as Bartender
movie 2007 Therapy as Bill
tv series 2007 The Whitest Kids U'Know as Police Interrogator
movie 2006 Killing Killian as Peter
movie 2006 Together as Steven
movie 2004 Everyday People as East Village Man
movie 2004 Some Mournful Bird as Charley Malloy
movie 2003 Anger Management as Bar Patron
movie 2002 2wks, 1yr as Steve
movie 2002 The Perfect You as Party Goer
movie 2000 Brat 2 as Ukrainian Cop
movie 1999 Tarpaulin
movie 1998 Celebrity as Elaine's Book Party Guest
video movie 1993 It Came! as Henry Cathlock
movie 1991 Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown
movie Asockalypse! as Nervous Blahnonian
movie Shankman's as McClusky

Alex Emanuel on Youtube

Alex Emanuel 3 Minute Reel. Includes a few clips of Alex Emanuel from film and TV roles btw the years 2009-2011, plus a few select earlier clips as well.

Trailer from mindOvermatter Productions 2005 film 'Heart to Heart'

One Minute Trailer for Mind Over Matter Productions' latest short 'Congratulations' - a black comedy that will be touring the film festival circuit in 2008. ...

All of this was filmed in 20min, except for 2 clips. Also featuring Rod, Jason, and Cole Miller.