Alex Monty Canawati

Alex Monty Canawati Filmography

movie 2014 Citizens as Gordon
movie 2014 Deep in the Heart
movie 2013 Return to Babylon as Rudolph Valentino
movie 2001 Birth of Babylon
movie 1999 All About Alfred
movie 1994 Driftwood as Kid
movie 1994 Inevitable Grace

Alex Monty Canawati on Youtube

CITIZENS is a feature film that follows the life of two los angeles-based artists that are wild, reckless, and self-absorbed. the film reunites cinema legend...

Trailer that I cut for Alex Monty Canawati's film "Return to Babylon" due for release in 2008.

"Return to Babylon" is a new black and white silent film that reveals the scandals and decadent lives of the 1920's greatest movie stars. Director Alex Monty...

Alex Monty Canawati's Speech at the Premiere of his movie "RETURN TO BABYLON". Cicada Club, Los Angeles, CA. Sunday, August 11th 2013.