Alex Powers

Alex Powers Filmography

movie 2014 American Slasher as Billy Creed
movie 2014 Don't Touch That Dial as Lord Cockmastiff
movie 2013 Treasure Chest of Horrors II as Jake
movie 2013 Dysmorphia
movie 2012 Sadistic Eroticism as Student

Alex Powers on Youtube

Click here to view the official HD trailer in (BOOTLEG VISION) A steamy, raunchy, horror/comedy, in the style ...

The classic 1942 sci-fi thriller that started it all.

If you want to know the names of the powers, PLEASE have annotations on, thank you.** This video shows off all of Alex's powers that are on the power wheel...

here is the full opening cinimatic cutscean for prototype. this video shows the zombies, soldiers being cut in half, and alex's powers.