Alexander Lindsay

Alexander Lindsay Filmography

movie 2010 Negative One as Sean
video movie 2005 The End of A. D. 2066 as Baby Earth
movie 2003 Capitalism vs. Marxism

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Filmmaker Jeff B. Harmon and cameraman Alexander Lindsay dodged bullets and kidnap to bring us the definitive 16mm coverage of the Soviet war from both ...

During the 1980s Russia fought a disastrous war in Afghanistan. Here we offer the definitive documentary on the war, and ask if there are any lessons to be l...

The Soviet army in Afghanistan in the 1980s From "The Trap" (2010), a British documentary with historical footage, by Jeff Harmon and Alexander Lindsay.

Under The Gun Review is excited to premiere the new music video from Stages & Stereos. Credits: Spark Branding House ( Directed by Michael ...