Alexander Scourby

Alexander Scourby (November 13, 1913 ? February 22, 1985) was an American film, television, and voice actor known for his deep and resonant voice. He is particularly well-remembered in the English-speaking world for his landmark recordings of the entire King James Version of the Bible, which have been released in numerous editions. ... more on Wikipedia

Alexander Scourby Filmography

movie 1985 The Stuff as Evans
movie 1985 Toscanini: The Maestro as Narrator
tv movie 1984 Among the Wild Chimpanzees as Narrator
tv movie 1984 Australia's Animal Mysteries as Narrator
movie 1984 Merton as Narrator
tv movie 1983 The Body Human: The Living Code as Himself - Narrator
movie 1981 Der gelbe Stern as Narrator
movie 1981 Strange But True
tv movie 1980 The Body Human: The Body Beautiful as Narrator
movie 1979 Jesus as Luke
tv movie 1979 The Body Human: The Magic Sense as Narrator
tv movie 1979 The Body Human: The Sexes as Narrator
movie 1979 The New Media Bible: Book of Genesis as Narrator
tv movie 1979 This Other Eden as Narrator
movie 1978 Sea Dream as Narrator
tv movie 1978 The Body Human: The Red River as Narrator
tv movie 1978 The Body Human: The Vital Connection as Narrator
tv series 1978 The Word as Narrator
tv movie 1977 The Body Human: The Miracle Months as Narrator
movie 1977 The Glory of Their Times as Narrator
tv series 1977 The Body Human as Narrator
tv movie 1976 The Hemingway Play as Ernest Hemingway
tv movie 1973 The Holy Land as Himself - Host
movie 1972 Bij de beesten af as Narrator
movie 1972 Keepers of Wildlife as Narrator
tv movie 1971 Montserrat
movie 1971 People of the Seal, Part 1: Eskimo Summer as Narrator
movie 1971 People of the Seal, Part 2: Eskimo Winter as Narrator
movie 1971 The Enchanted Years as Narrator
movie 1970 Atonement as Narrator
movie 1970 The Executioner as Prof. Parker
tv series 1970 All My Children as Nigel Fargate #2
movie 1967 Memorandum as Narrator
movie 1965 Autobiographical by A.M. Klein as Narrator
movie 1965 China as Narrator
movie 1965 Le gendarme à New York
tv movie 1965 The Incredible World of James Bond as Narrator
movie 1964 The General with the Cockeyed Id as Narrator
tv series 1964 Another World as Lowell Pendleton
tv movie 1963 The World of Benny Goodman as Narrator
movie 1962 The Wall as Narrator
movie 1961 The Devil at 4 O'Clock as The Governor
movie 1960 Man on a String as Colonel Vadja Kubelov
movie 1960 Seven Thieves as Raymond Le May
movie 1959 The Big Fisherman as David Ben-Zadok
movie 1959 The Shaggy Dog as Dr. Mikhail Andrassy
movie 1958 Me and the Colonel as Major Von Bergen
tv movie 1957 Back in the Thirties as Narrator
movie 1957 Venice: Themes and Variations as Narration
movie 1956 Giant as Old Polo
movie 1956 Ransom! as Dr. Paul Y. Gorman
tv movie 1956 The Twisted Cross as Narrator
movie 1954 Sign of the Pagan as Chrysaphius
tv movie 1954 The Shadow as Rollo Grimmbauer
movie 1954 The Silver Chalice as Luke
movie 1954 Victory at Sea as Narrator
tv series 1954 The Secret Storm as Dr. Ian Northcoate #2
movie 1953 The Big Heat as Mike Lagana
movie 1953 The Glory Brigade as Lt. Niklas
movie 1953 The Redhead from Wyoming as Reece Duncan
movie 1952 Affair in Trinidad as Max Fabian
movie 1952 Because of You as Dr. Breen
tv movie 1950 The Spirit of Christmas as Clement Moore
movie 1950 With These Hands as Doctor

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Audio Bible KJV by Alexander Scourby EZRA.swf.

Audio Bible KJV by Alexander Scourby Isaiah 33_66.swf.

Audio Bible KJV by ALexander Scourby Exodus 11-20.swf.

Audio BIble KJV by Alexander Scourby Psalms 31-60.swf.