Alexandra Boylan

Alexandra Boylan Filmography

movie 2013 Home Sweet Home as Gwen Stevens
movie 2013 Rabid Love as Kristen
movie 2013 Setback as Rachel
movie 2012 The Box as Merideth
movie 2011 Bellflower as Mad Dog's Waitress
video movie 2010 AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits Volume 2
movie 2010 Bringing It Up as Barbara
movie 2010 Out of Reach as Girl
movie 2010 Passion Play
movie 2010 The Joy Thief as Susan
movie 2009 The Audition as Moderator
video movie 2008 Chiseled as Torture Victim
video movie 2008 Nick Romero: One Good Sin as Karen Cunningham
movie 2007 The Hitchhiker as Jennifer
movie 2007 The Strain as Susan
video movie 2007 Transmorphers as Naeson
movie 2006 Night & Day as Janice
movie 2006 Pirates of Treasure Island as Sophie
movie 2006 Singles Night as Jessica
movie 2005 La Forme a L'Amour as She
movie 2003 The Job as Heroin Addict
movie 2001 My Dark Days as Nancy's friend #2
movie 2001 Nowheresville as Melanie Keaton
video movie 2000 Drainiac! as Lisa
movie 1999 Fidelis
movie 1999 The Good Man's Sin as Andrea
movie The Elijah Project as Jael

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Actress/Filmmaker Alexandra Boylan shares her new movie and App Store app with the Triton VTV crew.

The drunkards at Horribly Hooched sit down with Alexandra Boylan, star and producer of Home Sweet Home, and her husband John K.D Graham, director of ...

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Actress and Filmmaker Alexandra Boylan discusses the development of her team's new app game "Your Pizza Adventure" with the VTV crew.