Alexi Wasser

Alexi Wasser Filmography

movie 2014 Return to Sender as April
movie 2013 All's Fair as Miranda
movie 2013 Gbff
movie 2012 Nesting as Rachel
movie 2012 The Golden Age as Amelia
movie 2011 0s & 1s as Becky
tv movie 2011 Mash Up as Actress
movie 2010 Audrey the Trainwreck as Stacy Ryan
movie 2010 Choose as Marni
movie 2010 Growth as Sarah
movie 2009 Boycrazy at the Drug Store as Alexi
movie 2009 Boycrazy Bikini Mishap as Alexi
movie 2009 Boycrazy Gets a Job as Alexi
movie 2009 Boycrazy in Bed as Alexi
movie 2009 Boycrazy Promo as Alexi
movie 2009 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever as Cassie
movie 2009 The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu as Nicole
movie 2008 Dark Streets as Claudia
movie 2007 Fun on Earth as Leia
tv movie 2007 Partners as Carrie
movie 2006 Art School Confidential as Female Student
movie 2006 Factory Girl as Lexa Spence
movie 2004 Soleado as Maxamilla
movie 2003 Baggage as Monica
movie 2003 Melvin Goes to Dinner as Chloe
tv movie 2002 Paranormal Girl

Alexi Wasser on Youtube

Alexi Wasser interviews neat people in the comfort & privacy of her own bedroom! Think of this as the slumber party you always wanted to be part of, but were...

alexi wasser visits oakwood high school in los angeles and talks to them about valuable life lessons not taught in the classroom. if you'd like alexi to spea...

Seven Couples. One Hotel Suite. Lots of Baggage. Lifetime miniseries about seven couples who fall in love and fall apart between the walls of a single hotel ...

Released in 2010 Starring: Mircea Monroe, Christopher Shand, Brian Krause, Nora Kirkpatrick, Alexi Wasser.