Alf Collins

Alf Collins Filmography

movie 1912 Algie's Expensive Stick as Algie
movie 1912 A Maid of the Alps
movie 1910 The Coster's Phantom Fortune as Alf
movie 1910 Algy Goes on the Stage
movie 1910 Algy Tries for Physical Culture
movie 1910 Father Minds the Baby
movie 1910 The Sleep Breakers
movie 1910 The Travelling Stiltwalkers
movie 1910 Wait and See
movie 1910 Winning a Widow
movie 1909 From Servant Girl to Duchess
movie 1909 Quicksilver Pudding
movie 1909 The Boxing Waiter
movie 1909 The Four Tomboys
movie 1908 I Get Dizzy When I Do That Twostep
movie 1908 A Christmas Raffle
movie 1908 A Race for a Rose
movie 1908 A Stitch in Time
movie 1908 Harry Lauder in a Hurry
movie 1908 Honours Even
movie 1908 Moving In
movie 1908 Napoleon and the English Sailor
movie 1908 Only a Penny a Box
movie 1908 Put Papa Amongst the Girls
movie 1908 Sweet Liberty
movie 1908 The Burglar's Joke with the Automatic Doll
movie 1908 The Convict and the Dove
movie 1908 The Dancing Girl
movie 1908 The Drunkard's Dream
movie 1908 The Mechanical Legs
movie 1908 The Sloshton Quartette
movie 1908 The Woman Who Wasn't
movie 1908 Tommy and the Policeman's Whistle
movie 1908 Washing Day
movie 1907 This Little Girl and That Little Girl
movie 1907 Won't You Throw Me a Kiss
movie 1907 A Shilling Short of his Wages
movie 1907 All for Nothing
movie 1907 Catch the Kid
movie 1907 Cheap Beer
movie 1907 Father Buys a Lawn Roller
movie 1907 Ju-Jitsu
movie 1907 Oh That Cat!
movie 1907 Remember Remember the Fifth of November
movie 1907 Short-Sighted Jane
movie 1907 The Adventures of a Roll of Lino
movie 1907 The Bachelor's Piece of Wedding Cake
movie 1907 The Drunken Motorcyclist
movie 1907 The Ice Cream Jack
movie 1907 Tommy the Tinpot Hero
movie 1906 A Sailor's Courtship
movie 1906 All's Well That Ends Well
movie 1906 Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
movie 1906 Dinner Hour
movie 1906 Dolly Varden
movie 1906 Flypaper
movie 1906 Her Morning Dip
movie 1906 Hot Pie
movie 1906 In Our Alley
movie 1906 It's a Have
movie 1906 Jam Now in Season
movie 1906 Jane on the Warpath
movie 1906 Lodging House Comedy
movie 1906 Lost! A Leg of Mutton
movie 1906 My Wife's a Teetotaler
movie 1906 Nosey Parker
movie 1906 Not Detained at the Office
movie 1906 Rescued by Lifeboat
movie 1906 Saved by a Pillar Box
movie 1906 The Catch of the Season
movie 1906 The Convict's Daughter
movie 1906 The Four Hooligans
movie 1906 The Henpecked Husband
movie 1906 The Missing Legacy; or, The Story of a Brown Hat
movie 1906 The Postman's Christmas Box
movie 1906 The Puzzle Maniac
movie 1906 The Two Orphans
movie 1906 The Two Tomboys
movie 1906 This Side Up
movie 1906 Uncle George's Trip to London
movie 1906 Undergraduates
movie 1906 Wanted, a Husband
movie 1906 When Cripples Meet
movie 1906 Willie and Tim Get a Surprise
movie 1905 A Day with the Fresh Air Fiend
movie 1905 A False Alarm; or, The Masher's Ducking
movie 1905 A Macaroni Feast
movie 1905 A Motor Masquerade
movie 1905 A Motorbike Adventure
movie 1905 A Raid on a Canteen
movie 1905 An Artful Dodge
movie 1905 As Sparrows See Us
movie 1905 Auntie's Cycling Lesson
movie 1905 Darling Puggy
movie 1905 Eyes Right
movie 1905 Father in the Kitchen
movie 1905 Father Makes Love to the Pump
movie 1905 Grandpa and the Butterfly
movie 1905 Greedy Billy
movie 1905 How Brown Brought Home the Goose
movie 1905 How the Poor Help the Poor
movie 1905 Jack's Return
movie 1905 Keiro's Cat
movie 1905 Married Bliss
movie 1905 Mixed Bathing at Home
movie 1905 Mutiny on a Russian Battleship
movie 1905 Nobbler's Card Party
movie 1905 Robbery with Violence
movie 1905 Santa Claus' Mistake
movie 1905 Stump Speech
movie 1905 That Awful Baby
movie 1905 The Alien Question
movie 1905 The Awkward Horseman
movie 1905 The Birthday Umbrella
movie 1905 The Blind Man's Child
movie 1905 The Bobby's Nightmare
movie 1905 The Burglar Lover
movie 1905 The Burglar; or, The Hue and Cry
movie 1905 The Coster's Christening
movie 1905 The Electric Goose
movie 1905 The Gardener's Nap
movie 1905 The Gentleman Beggar
movie 1905 The Gipsy Fortune Teller
movie 1905 The Henpecked Hindoo
movie 1905 The Milkmaid
movie 1905 The Motor Competion
movie 1905 The New Woman
movie 1905 The Peashooter; or, A New Weapon for the Army
movie 1905 The Record Sneeze
movie 1905 The Scent Spray
movie 1905 The Tale of a Coat
movie 1905 The Terror of the House
movie 1905 The Three Tramps
movie 1905 The Ups and Downs of Murphy
movie 1905 The Young Ladies' Dormitory
movie 1905 Tommy's Experiments in Photography
movie 1905 W.Weary and T.Tired
movie 1905 When Extremes Meet
movie 1905 Who's That A-Calling?
movie 1905 Why the Lodger Left
movie 1905 Wig and Buttons
movie 1904 A Day at Brighton
movie 1904 A Smart Capture
movie 1904 All Through the Page Boy
movie 1904 Amorous Militiaman
movie 1904 An Affair of Honour
movie 1904 Artist and Musician
movie 1904 Bed and Breakfast Two Shillings
movie 1904 Behind the Scenes
movie 1904 Bill Bailey's Return
movie 1904 Brown's Pudding
movie 1904 Chased by Dogs
movie 1904 Cook's Lovers
movie 1904 Dr. Cut'emup
movie 1904 Father's Birthday Party
movie 1904 Fixing the Swing
movie 1904 Future Hackenschmidts
movie 1904 Hands Up!; or, Captured by Highwaymen
movie 1904 Inspector's Birthday
movie 1904 Jack's Rival
movie 1904 Lovers on the Sands
movie 1904 Military Tactics
movie 1904 Mixed Bathing
movie 1904 Mr. Mosenstein
movie 1904 My Mother-In-Law
movie 1904 Night Duty
movie 1904 No Room for Father
movie 1904 On Brighton Pier
movie 1904 Raid on a Coiner's Den
movie 1904 Rejected by Pa
movie 1904 Revenge!
movie 1904 Stewed Missionary
movie 1904 That Busy Bee
movie 1904 The Apple Woman
movie 1904 The Coster's Wedding
movie 1904 The Electric Shock
movie 1904 The Eviction
movie 1904 The Fatal Wig
movie 1904 The Fruits of Matrimony
movie 1904 The Haunted Houseboat
movie 1904 The Jealous Wife
movie 1904 The Lost Shuttlecock
movie 1904 The Masher's Dilemma
movie 1904 The Office Boy's Revenge
movie 1904 The Silver Tenor; or, The Song That Failed
movie 1904 The Sweep
movie 1904 The Tramp's Toilet
movie 1904 Two Deceived Old Maids
movie 1903 Little Nell and Burglar Bill
movie 1903 Murphy's Wake
movie 1903 Rip Van Winkle
movie 1903 The Mysterious Mechanical Toy as Man from Audience
movie 1903 Two Little Vagabonds; or, The Pugilistic Parson as The Parson
movie 1903 Welshed - A Derby Day Incident
movie 1903 A Lover's Troubles
movie 1903 A Photographic Episode
movie 1903 A Pleasant Breakfast
movie 1903 A Political Discussion
movie 1903 A Row in a Laundry
movie 1903 A Substantial Ghost
movie 1903 King of Coins
movie 1903 Mind the Wet Paint
movie 1903 Nicholas Nickleby
movie 1903 Notice to Quit
movie 1903 Our New Cook
movie 1903 Papa's Bath
movie 1903 Such Is Life; or, Mind Your Own Business(?)
movie 1903 That Naughty Girl
movie 1903 The Christmas Waits; or, High Life Below Stairs
movie 1903 The Double-Bedded Room
movie 1903 The Effects of Too Much Scotch
movie 1903 The Marvellous Syringe
movie 1903 The Pickpocket -- A Chase Through London
movie 1903 The Rivals
movie 1903 The Runaway Match, or Marriage by Motor
movie 1903 The Somnambulist
movie 1903 The Sportive Navvies
movie 1903 Tommy Atkins' Dream
movie 1902 A Policeman's Dream
movie 1902 A Resourceful Dentist
movie 1902 American Knockabouts
movie 1902 Baker and Boy
movie 1902 Boudoir Secrets
movie 1902 Clown, Pantaloon and Bobby
movie 1902 Serpentine Dancer
movie 1902 The Dead Cat
movie 1902 The Professor and the Butterfly
movie 1902 The Tramp's Surprise
movie 1902 Trained Dogs

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