Alfredo Campoli

Alfredo Campoli (20 October 1906 ? 27 March 1991) was an Italian-born English violinist. He was noted for the beauty of the tone he produced from the violin. ... more on Wikipedia

Alfredo Campoli Filmography

movie 1946 A Musical Masquerade as Himself
movie 1945 Dreaming
movie 1943 Old Mother Riley Detective as Solo Violinist
movie 1941 A Musical Cocktail
movie 1940 Love on Leave as Cafe Musician
movie 1938 Stepping Toes
movie 1935 His Majesty and Co as Leader, Tzigane Orchestra

Alfredo Campoli on Youtube

Alfredo Campoli - La parade du mostique Love the humming of the mozzies throughout! Don't particularly like mozzies Wiki: Campoli was born in Rome in ...

Alfredo Campoli plays Sir Arthur Bliss piano concerto part 3 of 5.

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