Alice Howell

Alice Howell Filmography

movie 2012 Pehchaan 3D
movie 1927 Society Architect
movie 1926 Madame Dynamite as Eddie's Mother-in-Law
movie 1925 A Nice Pickle
movie 1925 Black Gold Bricks
movie 1925 Papa's Pet
movie 1925 Sleeping Sickness
movie 1925 Tenting Out as Alice - the Wife
movie 1925 The Lost Cord as Alice - the Wife
movie 1925 The Pride of the Force as The Girl
movie 1925 Under a Spell as The Wife
movie 1924 Bluffing Bluffers as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Butterfly as Eccentric Dancer at Party
movie 1924 Fair and Windy as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Green Tees as The Wife
movie 1924 Horse Play
movie 1924 Marry When Young as Ned's Bride
movie 1924 Mind Your Doctor
movie 1924 One Wet Night as Nervy Ned's Wife
movie 1924 Patching Things Up as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Rest in Pieces as Billy's Wife
movie 1924 Should Poker Players Marry? as Nervy Ned's Wife
movie 1924 Spring of 1964 as Oscar's Wife
movie 1924 That's the Spirit as Mrs. Green
movie 1924 The Bishop of Hollywood
movie 1924 The Cream of Hollywood
movie 1924 The Game Hunter as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Way Up North
movie 1924 Why Be Jealous? as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Why Pay Your Rent? as Alice - the Wife
movie 1924 Women's Rights as Alice - the Wife
movie 1923 The Elite of Hollywood
movie 1923 Wandering Daughters as Bowden Servant
movie 1922 Love Is an Awful Thing as Superintendent's wife
movie 1921 Boulevard Profiteers
movie 1921 Who Chose Your Wife?
movie 1920 A Convict's Happy Bride
movie 1920 A Wooden Legacy
movie 1920 Cinderella Cinders as Cinderella
movie 1920 Distilled Love as The Milkmaid
movie 1920 Good Night, Nurse
movie 1920 Her Bargain Day
movie 1920 Her Lucky Day
movie 1920 Lunatics in Politics as Candidate for Chief of Police
movie 1920 Rubes and Romance
movie 1920 Squirrel Time
movie 1919 Beauty and the Boob
movie 1919 Behind the Front
movie 1919 Society Stuff
movie 1918 Bawled Out
movie 1918 Choo Choo Love
movie 1918 Cupid vs. Art
movie 1918 Her Unmarried Life
movie 1918 Hey, Doctor! as Rosie Rattle
movie 1918 Hoot Toot
movie 1918 In Dutch
movie 1918 Oh, Baby!
movie 1918 The Cabbage Queen
movie 1918 Untamed Ladies
movie 1918 What's the Matter with Father?
movie 1917 Automaniacs
movie 1917 Balloonatics
movie 1917 Her Bareback Career
movie 1917 Neptune's Naughty Daughter
movie 1917 She Did Her Bit
movie 1916 A Busted Honeymoon as Bride
movie 1916 Alice in Society
movie 1916 Dad's Dollars and Dirty Doings as Lonesome Lizzie - the Country Girl
movie 1916 Flirtation a la Carte as Alice - the Wife
movie 1916 Her Naughty Eyes as Alice
movie 1916 His Temper-Mental Mother-in-Law
movie 1916 How Stars Are Made
movie 1916 Lizzie's Lingering Love as Lizzie
movie 1916 Pirates of the Air
movie 1916 Tattle-Tale Alice
movie 1916 The Bankruptcy of Boggs and Schultz
movie 1916 The Double's Troubles
movie 1916 The Great Smash
movie 1916 Tillie's Terrible Tumbles as Tillie
movie 1916 Unhand Me, Villain!
movie 1915 A Stool Pigeon's Revenge
movie 1915 Blue Blood and Yellow Backs
movie 1915 Cupid and the Scrub Lady as Gwendoline - the Scrub Lady
movie 1915 Father Was a Loafer
movie 1915 From Beanery to Billions as Alice - the Waitress
movie 1915 Her Ups and Downs
movie 1915 In the Claw of the Law
movie 1915 Life and Moving Pictures
movie 1915 Lizzie's Shattered Dreams as Lizzie - the Country Girl
movie 1915 Mabel and Fatty's Married Life as Woman
movie 1915 Room and Board: A Dollar and a Half
movie 1915 Rough But Romantic
movie 1915 Silk Hose and High Pressure
movie 1915 Sin on the Sabbath as Louise's Mother
movie 1915 Tears and Sunshine as Mrs. Whosis - the Mother
movie 1915 The Curse of a Name
movie 1915 Their Last Haul
movie 1915 Under New Management as The Boss's Wife
movie 1914 A Coat's Tale
movie 1914 Bombs and Bangs
movie 1914 Caught in a Cabaret as Garden Party Guest
movie 1914 Caught in the Rain as Hotel Guest
movie 1914 Cursed by His Beauty as The Iceman's Wife
movie 1914 Fatty's Finish
movie 1914 He Loved the Ladies as The Diner
movie 1914 Hello, Mabel as Woman in Lobby
movie 1914 High Spots on Broadway
movie 1914 Laughing Gas as Mrs. Pain - the Dentist's Wife
movie 1914 Lover's Luck as Leader of Snoopy Neighbors
movie 1914 Mabel's Busy Day as Spectator
movie 1914 Mabel's Married Life as Neighbor
movie 1914 Shot in the Excitement as The Daughter
movie 1914 Stout Hearts But Weak Knees as Minor Role
movie 1914 The Great Toe Mystery as The Wife
movie 1914 The Knockout as Spectator
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Back Room Diner

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Alice Howell was a silent comedy star at Universal Pictures in the 1920's. Alice Howell appeared in vaudeville in New York and on the road before moving to C...

When Stan Laurel was asked to name the ten greatest comediennes of all time, one of the first on the list was Alice Howell ... Her films were sometimes adver...

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