Alice Lake

Alice Lake (September 12, 1895 ? November 15, 1967) was an American film actress. She began her career during the silent film era and often appeared in comedy shorts opposite Roscoe Arbuckle. ... more on Wikipedia

Alice Lake Filmography

movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1935 Frisco Kid as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 Babes in Toyland as Townswoman
movie 1934 Broadway Bill
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Lucy Warmack
movie 1934 Glamour as Secretary
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Paige's Manicurist
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Woman in Museum
movie 1934 Wharf Angel as Saloon Girl
movie 1933 Skyway as Mazie
movie 1933 Stage Mother as Audience Member
movie 1931 Wicked as Prisoner
movie 1930 Young Desire as Sideshow Dancer
movie 1929 Circumstantial Evidence as Lucy Bishop
movie 1929 Frozen Justice as Little Casino
movie 1929 Twin Beds as Mrs. Treejohn
movie 1929 Untamed Justice as Ann
movie 1928 Obey Your Husband as Belle
movie 1928 Runaway Girls as Agnes Brady
movie 1928 Women Men Like
movie 1927 Roaring Fires as Sylvia Summers
movie 1927 Spider Webs as Flora Benham
movie 1927 The Angel of Broadway as Goldie
movie 1927 The Haunted Ship as Martha Gant
movie 1926 Broken Homes as Arline
movie 1926 The Hurricane as The Wife
movie 1926 The Truth About Men as Dora
movie 1926 The Wives of the Prophet as Judith
movie 1925 The Lost Chord as Countess Zara
movie 1925 The Overland Limited as Violet Colton
movie 1925 The Price of Success as Ellen Harden
movie 1924 Dancing Cheat as 'Poppy' Marie Andrews
movie 1924 The Law and the Lady as Marion Blake
movie 1924 The Virgin as Rosa Montez
movie 1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway as Bubbles Revere
movie 1923 Modern Matrimony as Patricia Waddington
movie 1923 Nobody's Bride as Mary Butler
movie 1923 Red Lights as Norah O'Neill
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Herself - Celebrity Actress
movie 1923 The Marriage Market as Lillian Piggott
movie 1923 The Spider and the Rose as Paula
movie 1923 The Unknown Purple as Jewel Marchmont
movie 1922 Environment as Sally 'Chicago Sal' Dolan
movie 1922 Hate as Babe Lennox
movie 1922 I Am the Law as Joan Cameron
movie 1922 Kisses as Betty Ellen Estabrook
movie 1922 More to Be Pitied Than Scorned as Viola Lorraine
movie 1922 The Golden Gift as Nita Gordon
movie 1921 Hole in the Wall as Jean Oliver
movie 1921 Over the Wire as Kathleen Dexter
movie 1921 The Greater Claim as Mary Smith
movie 1921 The Infamous Miss Revell as Julien Revell
movie 1921 Uncharted Seas as Lucretia Eastman
movie 1920 Body and Soul as Claire Martin
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 2 as Herself
movie 1920 Shore Acres as Helen Berry
movie 1920 The Garage as Undetermined Role
movie 1920 The Misfit Wife as Katie Malloy
movie 1919 A Desert Hero
movie 1919 Blackie's Redemption as Mary Dawson
movie 1919 Camping Out
movie 1919 Cupid's Day Off as Customer
movie 1919 East Lynne with Variations as The Prop Man's Wife
movie 1919 Full of Pep as Felicia Bocaz
movie 1919 Lombardi, Ltd. as Norah Blake
movie 1919 Rip & Stitch: Tailors as The Neighbor's Wife
movie 1919 Shades of Shakespeare
movie 1919 Should a Woman Tell? as Meta Maxon
movie 1919 The Lion's Den as Dorothy stedman
movie 1918 Good Night, Nurse! as Crazy Woman
movie 1918 Moonshine as Moonshiner's Daughter
movie 1918 Out West as Salvation Army Woman
movie 1918 The Bell Boy as Cutie Cuticle, manicurist
movie 1918 The Cook as Waitress
movie 1918 Whose Little Wife Are You? as The Manicurist
movie 1917 A Country Hero as Schoolteacher
movie 1917 A Finished Product
movie 1917 A Reckless Romeo as The Pretty Girl in the Park
movie 1917 Come Through as Velma Gay
movie 1917 Coney Island as Girl at Vanity Table
movie 1917 His Wedding Night
movie 1917 Oh Doctor! as Maid
movie 1917 The Butcher Boy
movie 1917 The Grab Bag Bride as The Girl
movie 1917 The Rough House as Mrs Rough
movie 1917 The Texas Sphinx as Elsie McGibbon
movie 1916 A Creampuff Romance
movie 1916 The Fifth Ace as The Banker's Daughter
movie 1916 The Moonshiners as The Mountain Girl
movie 1916 The Waiters' Ball as A Fair Customer
movie 1915 Insuring Cutey
movie 1915 Levy's Seven Daughters as Daughter
movie 1915 Love, Snow and Ice
movie 1915 Playing Dead as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Boarding House Feud
movie 1915 The Mystery of the Empty Room as The Slavey
movie 1915 The Ruling Power
movie 1915 Welcome to Bohemia
movie 1914 How to Do It and Why; or, Cutey at College as Rose Woods
movie 1914 Who's Who in Hogg Hollow
movie 1912 The Picture Idol

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