Allan Kolman

Allan Kolman Filmography

movie 2011 All Kids Count as Chess Veteran
movie 2011 Hidden 3D as Chester
movie 2009 Secrets of Life as Himself
movie 2008 David & Fatima as Benny Isaac
movie 2008 Necessary Evil as Dr. Logan
movie 2008 Relapse as Dr.Hassleback
tv movie 2007 Murder 101: College Can Be Murder as Valentin Rosovitch
movie 2004 Meet the Fockers as Harry Focker
movie 2003 Holes as Stanley The 1st
movie 2001 Crash Point Zero as Peter
movie 2001 Shadow Fury as Dr. Hiller
movie 2000 Agent Red as Ziggy
movie 2000 The American Nightmare as Himself
movie 2000 The Size of Watermelons as Vladimir
movie 1999 My Favorite Martian as Scientist
tv movie 1999 Pirates of Silicon Valley as Therapist
tv series 1999 Frat Ratz as Jean-Claude
tv movie 1998 CHiPs '99 as Russian Tourist
movie 1998 The Man in the Iron Mask as Priest
movie 1997 Air Force One as Kazakh Soldier
movie 1995 Forget Paris as French Waiter
video movie 1995 Scanner Cop II as County Doctor Tom Walton
movie 1995 Se7en as First Forensic Man in the Law Office
movie 1994 Amberwaves as Interior decorator
tv movie 1992 Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum'
movie 1990 Pump Up the Volume as Postal Clerk
movie 1988 Defense Play as Russian Radioman
tv movie 1984 Fatal Vision as Reporter
movie 1984 The Killers as Husband
movie 1984 The Lonely Guy as Lonely Ship Passenger
movie 1983 Romantic Comedy as Actor
movie 1981 The Hot Touch as Lincoln Simpson
movie 1979 A Man, a Woman and a Bank as Peter
movie 1979 The New Media Bible: Book of Genesis as Cain
tv movie 1978 Actor as Joseph Weisenfreund
tv series 1978 Loose Change as Larry
movie 1977 Twelve and a Half Cents
movie 1976 A Sweeter Song as Mark
movie 1975 My Pleasure Is My Business as Jack
movie 1975 Shivers as Nicholas Tudor
movie 1974 The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz as Irwin

Allan Kolman on Youtube

New Project 5.

Allan Kolman @ Cinema Wasteland fall 2008.

Allan Kolman Hollywood audition take 1.

David and Fatima 1st scene.