Allen Ginsberg

Irwin Allen Ginsberg (pronounced /???nzb?r?/; June 3, 1926 ? April 5, 1997) was an American poet who vigorously opposed militarism, materialism and sexual repression. In the 1950s, Ginsberg was a leading figure of the Beat Generation, an anarchic group of young men and women who combined poetry, song, sex, wine and illicit drugs with passionate political ideas that championed personal freedoms. Major literary works of the Beat Generation include the novels On The Road by Jack Kerouac a ... more on Wikipedia

Allen Ginsberg Filmography

movie 2014 Science Fiction Land as Himself
video movie 2012 America as Narrator
movie 2012 London - The Modern Babylon as Himself
movie 2011 Bagels, Borscht, and Brotherhood - Allen Ginsberg as Himself
movie 2011 Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
movie 2011 Magic Trip as Himself
movie 2011 Magic Trip: Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool Place as Himself
tv movie 2011 Rich Hall's Continental Drifters as Himself
movie 2011 Stage Left: A Story of Theater in San Francisco as Himself
movie 2011 The Real American - Joe McCarthy as Himself
movie 2010 Howl as Himself
movie 2010 Norman Mailer: The American
movie 2010 William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
movie 2009 Corso: The Last Beat
movie 2009 Ferlinghetti: A City Light as Himself
movie 2008 Tim Leary: The Art of Dying as Himself
movie 2008 Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell as Himself
video movie 2007 Bob Dylan: Music in Review
tv movie 2007 Speak Out
movie 2007 The Old, Weird America: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music as Himself
movie 2005 The Ballad of Greenwich Village as Himself
video movie 2004 Twenty to Life: The Life & Times of John Sinclair as Himself
movie 2003 Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man as Himself
video movie 2003 The Battle for 'I Am Curious-Yellow' as Himself
movie 2002 American Magus as Himself
movie 2002 Farewell to the Deuce as Himself
movie 2002 Jonas at the Ocean as Himself
movie 2002 The Cockettes as Himself
movie 2001 Chvála bláznivosti as Himself
movie 2001 Literárky - Zápas o mantinely as Himself
movie 2001 Sleep in a Nest of Flames as Himself
movie 2000 Condo Painting
tv movie 2000 Hendrix as Himself
movie 2000 My Generation as Himself
movie 2000 New York in the 50's as Himself
video movie 2000 Twister: A Musical Catastrophe as He Dead Too
movie 2000 Mushroom's Dam
movie 1999 Grass as Himself
movie 1998 Hustler for Life as Himself
movie 1998 Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles as Himself
movie 1997 Ballad of the Skeletons
movie 1997 Birth of a Nation as Himself
movie 1997 Ginsberg - Egy költö a Lower East Side-ról
movie 1997 Happy Birthday to John as Himself
tv movie 1997 No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg 1926-1997 as Himself
video movie 1997 Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit as Himself
tv movie 1997 U2: A Year in Pop as Himself
tv series 1997 The Fifties
movie 1996 The Coney Island of Lawrence Ferlinghetti
tv movie 1995 The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 6 as Himself
tv series 1995 Rock & Roll as Himself
tv series 1995 United States of Poetry as Himself
movie 1994 An Autumn Wind as Himself
movie 1994 ChickenHawk as Himself
movie 1994 Drug-Taking and the Arts as Himself
movie 1994 Jonas in the Desert as Himself
movie 1994 Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider as Himself - Poet
movie 1993 Road Scholar as Himself
movie 1990 Berkeley in the Sixties as Himself
movie 1990 Die Aids-Trilogie: Schweigen = Tod - Künstler in New York kämpfen gegen AIDS as Himself
movie 1990 Flashbacks as Interview Subject
video movie 1990 Flashing on the Sixties: A Tribal Document as Himself
movie 1989 Gang of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets as Himself
movie 1989 Heavy Petting as Himself
movie 1988 Growing Up in America as Himself
movie 1987 It Was 20 Years Ago Today as Himself
movie 1987 The Beat Generation: An American Dream as Himself
movie 1986 He Stands in the Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life as Himself
movie 1986 What Happened to Kerouac? as Himself
movie 1985 Kerouac, the Movie as Himself
movie 1984 Before Stonewall as Himself
movie 1984 It Don't Pay to Be an Honest Citizen
movie 1982 Poetry in Motion as Himself
movie 1982 Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections as Himself
movie 1981 Kopaszkutya as Himself
tv movie 1980 Castelporziano, ostia dei poeti as Himself
movie 1980 La marche gaie as Himself
movie 1980 Mahagonny as Himself
video movie 1980 The Beats: An Existential Comedy as Himself
movie 1979 Fried Shoes Cooked Diamonds as Himself
movie 1979 The War at Home as Himself - Activist
movie 1978 Renaldo and Clara as The Father
movie 1978 Thot-Fal'N
video movie 1973 Global Groove
movie 1973 Pickup's Tricks
movie 1972 Ciao Manhattan as Himself
movie 1971 Breathing Together: Revolution of the Electric Family as Himself
movie 1971 Dynamite Chicken as Himself
movie 1971 Johnny Minotaur
movie 1971 Ten for Two: The John Sinclair Freedom Rally as Himself
movie 1970 Prologue
movie 1969 Diaries Notes and Sketches as Himself
movie 1969 Me and My Brother as Himself
movie 1969 The Fall as Himself
movie 1968 Love Love Love
movie 1968 Yippie as Himself
movie 1967 Ah, Sunflower as Himself
tv movie 1967 Anatomy of Violence as Himself - Non-Violent Poet-Prophet
movie 1967 Be-In as Himself
movie 1967 Dont Look Back as Himself
movie 1967 Herostratus as Poet
movie 1967 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London as Himself
tv movie 1967 What's Happening? as Himself
movie 1966 Chappaqua as Messiah
movie 1966 Galaxie as Himself
movie 1965 Wholly Communion as Himself
movie 1964 Couch as Himself
movie 1959 Pull My Daisy as Allen
movie Smash the Control Machine as Himself

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