Alma S. Grey

Alma S. Grey Filmography

movie 2014 Broken Gardenias as Jenni Madras
movie 2014 Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope as Cleopatra dead
movie 2013 Reflections of Maya Rose
movie 2012 The Boulevard
movie 2012 The Terrorist as Farrah
movie 2010 Get Him to the Greek as Nurse Daphne in Video
movie 2010 Spiral as Padma
movie 2009 Chad & The Alien Toupee as Heather
movie 2009 Closet as Julia
movie 2009 Don't Look Up as Crina
movie 2009 Fear of Attraction as Kiki
movie 2009 The Laundry as Natasha
movie 2008 A Darker Reality as Becca
video movie 2008 Diary of a Serial Killer as Karen
movie 2008 Float as Susannah
movie 2008 Karma: Crime. Passion. Reincarnation as Anna
video movie 2007 666: The Beast as Sydonai
movie 2007 Michel et Odette as Odette
movie Sherwood Horror as Marian

Alma S. Grey on Youtube

"The Dark Side" is featured on the Motion Picture Soundtrack of "Reflections Of Maya Rose" a film by Alexandra Wedenig with Alma S Grey, Kai Alexander, Jalet.