Amnon Fisher

Amnon Fisher Filmography

movie 2011 Mostar Haloch Vashov
movie 2010 Oferet Yetzuka as Arie
movie 2004 Tahara
movie 2000 Reshimat Ahava as Himself
movie 1998 Trempistim
movie 1996 Leneged Einayim Ma'araviyot as Actor
movie 1995 Smicha Hashmalit Ushma Moshe
movie 1992 Ha-Chayim Al-Pi Agfa as Shimi
video movie 1990 Ba Li Balon

Amnon Fisher on Youtube

לפרויקט באתר הדסטארט - אושר (happy-ness) - הפרוייקט של פישר כולל ספר שירים + דיסק הפרוייקט סיים לגייס בהצלחה ...

A successful author, Liz, searches for her daughter, Rachel, in the Sinai Desert. Although her daughter objects, Liz remains at the beach and meets a Bedouin...