Amy Lavere

Amy Lavere Filmography

movie 2014 A Fine Step
movie 2013 Only Child as Loretta
movie 2012 The Romance of Loneliness as Amanda
movie 2012 Tupelove as Vee
movie 2011 Woman's Picture as Loretta
movie 2008 Johnny Cash's America as Herself
movie 2008 The Martin as Jessica
movie 2006 Black Snake Moan as Jesse
movie 2006 Eat as Wendy #2
movie 2006 Night Comes Down as Amy
movie 2005 Orpheus as Band member #2
movie 2005 Walk the Line as Wanda

Amy Lavere on Youtube

Old man I hear they call you "rabbit" Hoppin' town to town And jumpin' on the trains Hey rabbit Can that train take me home too? Cuz I know I need to And I c...

"This Bridge" is Amy LaVere's dreamy and picturesque new digital single on Archer Records (July 2, 2013). The B-side features Amy's version of the classic po...

Recorded at the Levitt Shell in Memphis on June 8, 2014. This show celebrated the USA release of Amy LaVere's album, "Runaway's Diary" (Luther Dickinson, ...

Amy LaVere's story began in Louisiana, where traditional country music was part of her upbringing. After some formative years in Detroit, she ultimately land...