Amy Veness

Amy Veness (February 26, 1876 ? September 22, 1960) was a British film actress. She played the role of Grandma Huggett in The Huggetts Trilogy. ... more on Wikipedia

Amy Veness Filmography

movie 1955 The Woman for Joe as Landlady
movie 1954 Doctor in the House as Grandma Cooper
movie 1952 Angels One Five as Aunt Tabitha
movie 1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. as Mrs. McPhee
movie 1951 The Magic Box as Grandmother in Wedding Group
movie 1951 Tom Brown's Schooldays as Mrs. Wixie
movie 1950 Chance of a Lifetime as Lady Davis
movie 1950 Madeleine as Miss Aiken
movie 1950 Portrait of Clare as Lady In The Train
movie 1950 The Astonished Heart as Alice Smith
movie 1950 The Woman with No Name as Sophie
movie 1949 A Boy, a Girl and a Bike as Grandma Bates
movie 1949 The Huggetts Abroad as Grandma Huggett
movie 1949 Vote for Huggett as Grandma Huggett
movie 1948 Blanche Fury as Mrs. Winterbourne
movie 1948 Bond Street as Seamstress
movie 1948 Good-Time Girl as Mrs. Chalk
movie 1948 Here Come the Huggetts as Grandma Huggett
movie 1948 My Brother's Keeper as Mrs. Gully
movie 1948 Oliver Twist as Mrs. Bedwin
movie 1947 Master of Bankdam as Mrs. Pilling
movie 1947 The Turners of Prospect Road as Grandma
movie 1946 Carnival as Aunt Fanny
movie 1945 Don Chicago as Bowie Knife Bella
movie 1945 Madonna of the Seven Moons as Tessa
movie 1945 The World Owes Me a Living as Mrs. Waterman
movie 1945 They Were Sisters as Mrs. Purley
movie 1944 Don't Take It to Heart as Cook
movie 1944 Fanny by Gaslight as Mrs. Heaviside
movie 1944 This Happy Breed as Mrs. Flint
movie 1943 Millions Like Us as Mrs. Blythe
movie 1943 The Man in Grey as Mrs. Armstrong
movie 1943 The Saint Meets the Tiger as Mrs. Donald Jones
movie 1941 John Smith Wakes Up as Emily Smith
movie 1941 This England as Jenny
movie 1940 Just William as Mrs. Bott
tv movie 1939 A Cup of Happiness as Mrs. Bessie Veryard of Willowbrook
movie 1939 Flying Fifty-Five as Aunt Eliza
movie 1938 Thistledown as Mary Glenloch
movie 1938 Yellow Sands as Mary Varwell
movie 1937 Aren't Men Beasts! as Mrs. Flower
movie 1937 Our Island Nation as Susan Trent
movie 1937 The Angelus as Mrs. Grimes
movie 1937 The Mill on the Floss as Mrs. Deane
movie 1937 The Show Goes On as Mrs. Scowcroft, Sally's Mother
movie 1936 Black Roses as Annushka
movie 1936 Crime Over London
movie 1936 King of Hearts as Mrs. Ponsonby
movie 1936 Skylarks
movie 1936 The Beloved Vagabond as Cafe Owner
movie 1936 Windbag the Sailor as Emma Harbottle
movie 1935 Brewster's Millions as Mrs. Barry
movie 1935 Drake of England as Mother Moore
movie 1935 Joy Ride as Lady Clara Mutch-Twistleton
movie 1935 Play Up the Band as Lady Heckdyke
movie 1935 Royal Cavalcade as Suffragette
movie 1934 Lorna Doone as Betty Muxworthy
movie 1934 The Old Curiosity Shop as Mrs. Jarley
movie 1933 A Southern Maid as Donna Rosa
movie 1933 Hawley's of High Street as Mrs. Hawley
movie 1933 Red Wagon as Petal Schultze
movie 1933 The Love Nest as Ma
movie 1933 Their Night Out as Gertrude Bunting
movie 1932 Flat No. 9 as Mrs. Brandon Partridge
movie 1932 Let Me Explain, Dear as Aunt Fanny
movie 1932 Money for Nothing as Emma Bolt
movie 1932 Murder on the Second Floor
movie 1932 Pyjamas Preferred as Mme. Gautier
movie 1932 Self Made Lady as Old Sookey
movie 1932 The Marriage Bond as Mrs. Crust
movie 1932 Tonight's the Night: Pass It On as Emily Smithers
movie 1931 Hobson's Choice as Mrs. Hepworth
movie 1931 The Wife's Family as Arabella Nagg
movie 1919 The Brat as Mrs. Forrester
movie 1918 My Wife as Mrs. Hammond
movie 1917 Please Help Emily as Mrs. Lethbridge

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